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Bernd Marquardt, Rene Rinck, Peter Schiele and Gianfranco Sinistra are responsible for product sales at Rehm Thermal Systems and are thus the first customer contacts for dispensing, coating, vapour phase soldering, contact soldering and special systems. They all have years of experience and expertise in the field of electronics manufacturing and thermal system solutions. Reinforcing the product sales team allows faster and more effective processing of customer inquiries and the best possible exploitation of new market potentials.

“We always want to be as close as possible to our customers and quickly offer them technically flexible and economically attractive solutions for various areas of application. This makes it essential to have experienced global contacts, especially in areas such as coating, dispensing and vapour phase soldering,” emphasises Michael Hanke, Chief Sales Officer at Rehm Thermal Systems. Special system engineering also enables customers to design and implement optimal systems that are best suited to their respective production requirements.

Bernd Marquardt and Gianfranco Sinistra provide support to customers that require dispensing and coating, while Rene Rinck and Peter Schiele support customers in need of vapour phase soldering systems and special system engineering.

Bernd Marquardt, Product Sales for Dispensing | Coating
Having worked in the electronics industry for more than 35 years, Bernd Marquardt can draw on many years of experience and in-depth expertise with all aspects of system engineering in electronics manufacturing. He carried out his professional activities in the field of assembly and handling systems as well as solder paste printers. Getting his start at Rehm in 2005 with the sales of reflow and vapour phase systems as well as special systems, Bernd Marquardt is now responsible for worldwide sales of dispensing and selective conformal coating systems in combination with IR convection and UV drying systems. “These systems require comprehensive process consulting and adaptation to customer-specific requirements. Only individual project support as well as fast and competent implementation of requirements make this possible. Our global customers can have individual tests carried out with customer assemblies and coating materials at any time on our demo system lines in our specially equipped Technology Centre.”

Bernd Marquardt
Tel.: +49 7344 9606 810
Mobile: +49 175 4171566

Gianfranco Sinistra, Product Sales for Dispensing | Coating
Gianfranco Sinistra has been working in the field of dispensing and conformal coating and thus in the field of protecting electronics for about 15 years. He had his first encounter with Rehm during a cooperative project in 2014. Since 2017, he has been responsible for global product sales of the ProtectoX series” conformal coating and dispensing systems at Rehm Thermal Systems. Before that, he worked on the future-looking development of applications to protect components, including fully automatic immersion systems with viscosity regulation and drying. Gianfranco Sinistra is also a competent contact for the material selection of lacquers and adhesives in innovative production lines. “Finding the optimal dispensing and coatings solutions for our customers in cooperation with them is an exhilarating process. I enjoy assisting our customers with this – from the initial concept to commissioning the system and beyond.”

Gianfranco Sinistra
Tel.: +49 7344 9606 435
Mobile: +49 160 94511385

Rene Rinck, Product Sales for CondensoX | Special Systems
Since the beginning of the year, Rene Rinck has been responsible for worldwide product sales of the CondensoX series” vapour phase soldering systems and for global product sales of special equipment. Rene Rinck has already been working at Rehm Thermal Systems for almost 10 years and was providing our customers support worldwide as a service technician until the end of 2018. He sees his new product sales position at Rehm Thermal Systems above all as an exciting challenge. “It”s always quite a challenge and a real pleasure to develop and offer a suitable process solution for each customer-specific inquiry. It”s great to see how an initial concept on paper turns into a new machine that never existed in quite that way before.” Rene Rinck works closely with the research and development, design, application and software departments to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Rene Rinck
Mobile: +49 171 2406661

Peter Schiele, Product Sales for CondensoX | Nexus | Securo
Peter Schiele has been the contact person for vapour phase soldering systems sales in the DACH (German speaking) region as well as for global sales of the Nexus contact soldering system and the Securo Plus and Securo Minus test systems since mid-2017. Prior to this, he worked for several years as sales manager and key account manager for renowned automotive industry customers, gaining extensive experience in technical sales. He was also actively involved in the further development of system components and vapour phase soldering. “Personal contact with the customer is very important to me in order to jointly develop and configure systems that meet their expectations while being technically feasible. I”m looking forward to realising many innovative projects in cooperation with our customers.”

Peter Schiele
Mobile: +49 171 2462440