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India is a country where more than 70-75% people don’t know their status out of total people living with HIV (PLHIV). To fill this gap, spreading the awareness of HIV testing should be a priority among ‘core/High-risk groups’ for the government of the country. However, many roadblocks restrict the country from enhancing HIV testing uptake. Breach of privacy and the fear of consequences of how to get tested for HIV are the most common ones.

What Is The Solution For The Problem?

Many private organizations have already working on providing support to the government’s HIV prevention initiatives. LINKAGES through Yes4Me aims at helping the governments and organizations to reach to the high-risk people and reduce HIV transmission among key and bridge populations and their sexual partners. They are also focused on implementing the services that could help PHLIV to extend their lives.

Yes4Me has already gained popularity in Maharashtra (Thane and Mumbai) and continues spreading its wings in other 15 cities of the country to help the population to have access to all HIV related services. They keep putting the efforts to encourage the Health Resource Groups (HRGs) to seek regular testing.

If you are seeking the answer to your query “how to get tested for HIV,” you should visit to clear all your questions related to the virus testing and its related services.

Reaching Yes4Me Will Help You in Many Ways

Yes4Me includes a considerable team of ORW and counselors who are ready to guide you on all the aspects related to HIV testing services. Meeting with their professionals, you will know that the HIV test is just like the standard tests. They provide you with complete information on when or how you will get tested for HIV.

Lots of myths and fears around testing will surely be cleared with a short meeting with a trained professional of Yes4Me. Your perception towards HIV testing will be changed for sure, and, you will also learn how to check HIV test and a lot more that will also help make your life easier even when you are living with HIV.

Advantages of Booking an HIV Test Appointment with Yes4Me
You will be given for the privacy and confidentiality of your data. So, you can disclose your details with their professionals while taking your risk assessment test. Check out a massive list of certified clinics and choose the one that is near to you.

Here is How to Book Your Appointment For HIV Test At Yes4Me:
• Go through the Risk Assessment and book an appointment
• Get ready to attend the Pre-test counseling.
• Give your blood samples.
• You will get your report through email or collect it from their lab.
• Go through post-test counseling.
• Have safe sex and get you tested regularly

Give Yes4Me a try to learn quickly when or how to test for HIV !