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Canada 02.08.2019. Autoflowering strains of marijuana seeds are growingly popular among a large group of population because these seeds once sown properly grow and mature automatically to yield excellent produce of female plants and this production does not depend upon the time of darkness or light they receive while growing. Unlike other strains of marijuana seeds which have to be given a lot of attention while they are grown, autoflowering seeds do not require the same attention and care. It means that while growing autoflowering seeds, the grower does not control the temperature and lighting conditions for the plants. The plants adjust themselves and mature accordingly.

Talking of feminized seeds, they are the strains which produce only female strains of marijuana seeds. Through several genetic breeding, the seeds are produced in such a way that they do not have any male chromosomes in it. Since feminized seeds produce only female strains, it is advantageous because the potency of the plants is not destroyed due to the male chromosomes. Feminized seeds have a lot of other advantages-

• They produce a high yield.
• Female plants, if not required can be transformed into male plants by pruning.
• Feminized seeds grow with a uniformity compared to other kinds of marijuana seeds.
Seeds Empire produces some of the awesome and strong qualities of autoflowering seeds and feminized seeds which have an appropriate quantity of THC content which leaves a person into a state of relaxation and serenity. Also, these strains of seeds help in reducing stress, anxiety and depression and relieve pain. These plants can be grown both indoors or in greenhouses and outdoors with proper nourishment and under optimum conditions.

There several employees with proper training in methods of growing marijuana plants and seeds and they grow plants with utmost care. We grow all the seeds in our farms and try to supply only the best and selected strains to our customers. To know more about us, visit: