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Casey Dentists, a dental practice in Townsville, offers dental implants for missing teeth. The team handles dental issues and ensures the highest level of care across all its procedures.

[AITKENVALE, 10/09/2018] — Casey Dentists, a trusted dental practice in Townsville, offers dental implants for patients with missing or damaged teeth. The team upholds the highest level of standards in their various treatments and has established itself as one of the most reputable practices in Townsville.

Dental Implants

Casey Dentists provides dental implants as high-techs solutions for patients. Dental implants are a solution for gaps between teeth; dentists do not need to sacrifice adjacent teeth as they can use support prosthesis such as bridges. The implants feature a bespoke design made of pure titanium, which will replace the root or a portion of missing teeth. Casey Dentists’ implants provide long-term solutions and are the sturdiest of any tooth replacement solution.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Patients visit Casey Dentists for permanent solutions to their dental problems. According to the team, the benefits of dental implants include:

• Absolute restoration of missing tooth space
• The aesthetic quality of porcelain crowns
• Patients are given the ability to eat food they once enjoyed
• The preservation of the underlying jaw bone

Requirements for Dental Implants

The team at Casey Dentists has plenty of experience in addressing patients’ dental issues. Undergoing dental implant treatments will initiate the remodeling and preservation of the bone space. Implant treatments cannot be conducted when the patient has insufficient bone to place an implant.

About Casey Dentists

Casey Dentists is a team of Townsville dental practitioners who are trained in a wide range of dental services. With their commitment to holistic dental care, the team aims to have a complete understanding of the dental concerns of their patients.

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