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Origen Cacao is one of the famous Chocolate Factory in Barbosa, Colombia that provides Cacao Farm tour in their factory. It is one of the very few chocolate factories who manufacture organic Cacao bean to Chocolate bar in Barbosa. They choose their cacao beans from the regions like Tumaco, Rio Carare, Santander and the Sierra Nevada regions. Along with this Chocolate factory they also have an Eco Resort in their factory premises to stay. The main specialty is they process the chocolates in the Small Batch process to retain the flavor of the Colombian cacao beans in their products.

Cacao Farm Tour

The Cacao Farm tour at Origen Cacao is a Fun and Educational one where the participants can know about all the things related to the Cacao beans and Chocolates. The tour is conducted twice in a week – every Tuesdays and Fridays at Origen EcoResort. It is a 2 ½ long tour where the participants in the tour will visit the farm and see the projects in the factory. The tour is led in both English and Spanish in preference of the participant. The tour is organized in the group of people around 20- 25 people and also they arrange private and custom tour offers for the group of 4 or more with prior reservation.

Educational Part in the Tour – The participants in the tour will get to know about the history of the Cacao tree and beans along with it they can see how the cacao trees are harvested and grows in every stage. They will see the machinery and processes used to create the chocolate in our factory.

Fun Part in the Tour – While going through the tour, the participants will have several kinds of fun elements to enjoy the tour. One can taste chocolates from different regions and flavor and also get a chance to create some own some chocolates on their own or get make a customized chocolate flavor to try some of the Cacao Farm tours. Besides this, the partaker can get to view beautiful nature around the factory, watch birds and animals and feed them.

About Origen Cacao

Origen Cacao is Colombia’s only organic bean to Bar Chocolate maker who also offers Cacao Farm tour in their chocolate factory to the interested visitors and tourist in Medellin. Their Cacao Farm Tour is one of the fun and educational tour where the participants can know all things about cacao beans and chocolates. And also they provide various other services like Medellin tour, chocolate tour, Ceremonial Cacao and more. They also have Eco hotel to offer resort services to stay in their factory premises and enjoy the nature. For more information, visit

Carrera 64a #39-16, Vereda la Cuesta, Barbosa

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+57 300-451-8467 / +57 313-620-9251
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