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Killeen, TX/2018: Art is the language of soul. It gives a child an opportunity to unfurl the wings of their imagination. Killeen Independent School District is organizing a week long kid’s art show. KISD believes in giving every child a fair chance of expressing his or her talent. The art show aims to give kids an opportunity to showcase their artistic creations on a public platform. Kids from different schools will get together for this fest.

About Killeen Independent School District

The school district is committed to providing the best educational opportunities and exposure to its students. It aims to help each child become a successful & confident individual. They focus on providing equal learning opportunities to all the students irrespective of their race, color, gender, disability etc.

Details Of The Fest

The Art Show is being organized at the Killeen Civic and Conference Centre.
It will be a free family event.
Artwork of students from 15 KISD middle, high and some elementary schools will be on display.
It shall provide budding young artists a platform to display their unique art work and learn from the creations of others.
The art fest will be held in the last week of February. It will commence on February 26 and go on till March 3.
An official reception will be held on February 26 at 6 P.M.
Viewing timings will be 8 am to 3 pm on all days of the fest except on Wednesday when it will be from 1 to 8 pm.

Activities To Look Forward At The Art Fest

Display of colorful eye grabbing 3- dimensional animal papier- mâché sculptures, made and painted by kids, some of which have taken up to 6 weeks to make.
Face painting
Balloon art
Free expression art based on the students sheer imagination
Drawing and painting
Exhibition of model tiny houses built by students of the STEM Academy in their architectural design project.
Jewelry creation and display.

For more information on the Art Fest, feel free to call on (254) 336-0000. You can also log on to or pay a visit at 200 N. WS Young Dr. Killeen, TX, 76543-4025.