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They say that packing light is somewhat kind of art form and it’s an asset to us because we’re always on the go. These days, people are always up and about, but along the way they begin to understand that living a simple life allows them to go around easily. If you’re one of those people who’s about to enter the traveling lifestyle, give yourself a no baggage challenge by practicing on how to pack light by having an overnight stay in a simple archetypal hotel in Makati. Check yourself in at the Mini Suites Eton Tower Makati and begin your quest in becoming the minimalist traveler of the city.


Instead of combining an outfit of varying layouts, bring anything that you can wear to what you absolutely need for an overnight stay. Most people would bring a two of everything: one to wear until it’s dirty and another change into. You can even bring an extra outfit for standby. Some clothing that with neutral colors for a simple combination can do the trick.


Since it’s an overnight stay, you only need enough toiletries to keep yourself relatively clean and fresh. The hotel has already provided the basic necessities, but what about the other stuff? It’s really up to you as long as you feel look comfortable and confident about yourself the next day.

Food and Electronics

Your cell phone may already be an indulgence on a minimalist packing list, but their usefulness and versatility can outweigh the added baggage to your list. No doubt that food is accessible since hotels are usually near convenience stores, so no harm is done to your wallet when it comes to finding a bite to eat.

Having this kind of packing tip helps you become a minimalist in the but keep in mind, it can also apply to your other travels as well. You can still have a few things and still look great. So whether you’re on a business trip or simply having a staycation in the city, The Mini Suites Eton Tower Makati is the hotel is the place for a suite life in Manila.

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