Ranakah – Tribal Couture – Designs from Royalty of Yore!

Gurgaon: Rayehani Marketing Pvt. Ltd. owned by Ayesha Dahra, has launched the label रणक: – Ranakah, for silver jewellery which has been curated from remote regions of India and customised to suit the sensibility of the contemporary Indian woman. In ancient times, in the Sanskrit language, the word Ranakah (pronounced with an emphasis on ‘h’) was used to address the King of the tribe and the tribal warriors, hence the designs of the jewellery capture that essence of royalty with which the women of the royal household adorned themselves.

Ayesha Dahra, a senior corporate professional by occupation and imbued with the sensibilities of a designer has always been passionate about the Indian heritage and culture. Appreciative and proud of the centuries of tradition of Indian design and its exquisite craftsmanship she has over the years developed a determination to create a thriving platform for the art and crafts of the Indian artisan.

Across the world, jewellery is connected to feelings and emotions. It is that piece of adornment which creates an emotional connect in relationships and signifies affection and warmth. The moment a piece of jewellery is passed on from mother to daughter and granddaughter it acquires a deep emotional connect and by the sheer beauty of its design, as well as the significance of gesture, acquires the status of an heirloom. The Indian artisan has painstakingly created such a vast treasure house of designs that any woman would be spoilt for choice to become a proud owner of them. Speaking on the occasion Ayesha said, “Silver jewellery and its beautiful designs have always held a fascination for me. Since long I have had a desire to nurture our beautiful Indian workmanship and present designs for the Indian woman who would take pride in wearing them. Curating and customising these designs for रणक: – Ranakah has been a pleasure and I hope that my customers also take delight in shopping with us”.

Silver jewellery dates back to thousands of years and indeed has found a mention in ancient
texts. Silver metal was discovered 5000 years ago and also helped ancient civilisations across Europe and Asia flourish in their trade. Jewellery of this lustrous metal was worn by women whose status was defined by the amount of silver ornaments adorning their bodies. Over the centuries through a steady mingling of various cultures and traditions from countries like Greece, Crete, Turkey, Persia and Mesopotamia, exquisite designs in silver flourished and have been created by generations of craftsmen, with the art of crafting a fine design in jewellery being handed down from older generations to the young of a family.

For the label रणक: – Ranakah, Ayesha has curated these elegant pieces of silver jewellery and tribal jewellery in metal alloy from different regions of India where generations of craftsmen are engaged forging jewellery. The pure silver jewellery pieces are in 92.5 fine

Silver metal and recreate that elusive aura of royalty with the finesse of their designs. Their antique finish lends them a sophistication which the contemporary Indian woman aspires for. The tribal designs capture the beauty of the nomadic tribes with their distinctive design sensibilities and are perfect for the woman who is sensual and carefree. रणक: – Ranakah,
jewellery is meant for the woman who takes pride in her appearance and likes to make a statement with her style. The label aims to create moments in a woman’s life which are precious and memorable; pieces of jewellery that she would like to hand over to her daughter and granddaughter with pride and affection as a token of cherishing love. रणक: – Ranakah, jewellery is available on www.ranakah.com. We hope you will enjoy shopping with us as much as we enjoyed putting the collection together.

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