CertBlaster’s LPIC-1 V4.0 Practice Test Enhances Linux Proficiency

The Utah-based company’s updated, comprehensive practice test for Linux certification aims to help professionals vie for plum positions in top companies.

[PARK CITY, 1/23/2018] – Proficiency in Linux is an advantage for IT professionals in today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape. For IT professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills, CertBlaster provides LPIC-1 V4.0 practice tests that prepare examinees for the LPIC-101 and LPIC 102 V4.0 exams.

A Comprehensive Practice Test Package

CertBlaster’s Linux LPIC-1 practice tests integrate every aspect of the actual LPIC-101 and 102 exams into its interface. This includes performance-based and in-simulator “fill-in-the-blank” questions for commands that determine syntax accuracy.

Six full A+ exam simulations also come with the company’s practice tests. The company explains, “Same number of questions and same timer as the actual exam – Like taking the exam in the comfort of your home!” The tests also come with three user modes: Assessment, Study, and Certification.

The company’s practice tests go above just providing examinees with the knowledge they need; the tests also come with 10 focus drills, which help them determine the areas where they need additional guidance. The company adds, “Each Drill corresponds to one of the 10 LPI Main Exam Objectives for these exams – So you can focus on the areas you need to work the most on.”

The License for a Lucrative Career Path

CertBlaster’s 380-item practice tests equip examinees with the essential knowledge to secure LPIC-1 certification. This allows certified professionals to assume many job roles that offer good pay and incentives.

A few of these possible careers include:

• Linux Administrator
• Network and Systems Administrator
• Web Administrator
• Linux Database Administrator

In addition, LPIC-1 certified professionals can take their expertise to companies, known for their innovation, and even certain branches of the government. Dell, Boeing, IBM, Google, and the U.S. Department of Defense are just some of the possible destinations for certified professionals.

Certblaster adds, “Those who obtain LPI certification will be very attractive to any company at which the Internet is of importance i.e. essentially all the companies, this is why an LPI practice test is so crucial in preparing yourself for the actual exam.”

About CertBlaster

Since 2001, CertBlaster has helped more than a million IT professionals, students, and individuals who have changed careers obtain their certification. The comprehensive practice tests produced by CertBlaster feature exam-like questions with focus drills, detailed scores that allow examinees to determine areas of improvement, and an option for custom tests that focus on weak points.

Visit https://www.certblaster.com today for further information.

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