Hey foodies! Rewari sweets, with this proud feeling of having 50 years completed in the food & sweets industry, would like to thank all our customers who bestowed their trust on us and constantly helped us enhance the quality of our food with their genuine feedback. This New Year, Rewari Sweets is celebrating 50 years of excellence and moving ahead with new recipes, yummier sweets and newer plans to mark our presence across all parts of Delhi.

Rewari Sweets was founded in 1968 by our respected Grand Father, late Shri. Banarsi Das Sharma, with a dream to spread sweetness in the lives of people. Mr. Banarsi Das was born and brought up in Rewari city located at south-west Haryana. The sweets from Rewari have always been quite famous. Long time back, people from across the country used to visit Rewari city especially to gobble up the sweets. Looking at this craze of people, Shri Banarsi Das made a vision to bring this taste and sweetness at every part of the country; and while giving an action to his his vision, Shri Banarasi Das chose the capital city, Delhi to begin with. In 1968, when Rewari sweets came into existence, it was wholeheartedly welcome by the people of the city, and gradually Rewari Sweets became a name known by all for its taste, natural ingredients and flavor of Desi Ghee.
Now the business is being handled by his son Mr. Mahinder Bhardwaj and his grandson Mr. Kshtij Bhardwaj. With special cuisines and sweets, Rewari Sweets has been serving and catering our customers since past 50 years, and now, while acknowledging our responsibility to keep our customers happy and contented, we would like our customers to write their reviews, help us know what they liked in us the most; as this genuine feedback always helps us grow and keep the dream of our grandfather alive forever.
Do not eat to just live, rather live to eat; and that’s the craziness we all should have to make this life more interesting!

Indian People and food have some real strong connection, and why not! After all, we have big hearts and tummy too ;). Our festivals and all celebrations are incomplete without sweets, so let’s add some more sweetness into our lives. Get home your favorite sweets this new year and with 20% discounted price in the entire month of January; a small gesture of ours to show our gratitude towards our wonderful customers.
To all who, just in case, are not aware about where we are present currently, let us inform you all. We have our main Rewari Sweets outlet at Lajwanti Garden, New Delhi since 1968 and another branch at Dwarka, Sector 12; and we are in the verge of getting more outlets across the city.

Our special thanks to our regular customers who always bestowed their trust on us; Mr. Jagdish Mukhi, Governor of Assam and member of BJP. And yes, while mentioning the name of our regular customers, how can we miss to mention Shri Raj Kumar Sharma here, who is the coach of our wonderful cricketer Virat Kohli. Our yummiest sugary sweet rewari burfi, pista Rabdi, gajar pak, gond laddoo, malai burfi, till bigga would surely be great treat to have on this New Year with your wonderful family and friends.

To know more about our specialties, log on to our website – www.rewarisweets.com or call us @ 9871316344.
Thank You once again to support us at every step, we hope to get same support and love in future too; and we promise to keep serving you with newer dishes, enhanced quality, and sweets with a pinch of love from the Rewari Sweets Family.