Technology aided Endodontic Care in Webster, TX

Webster, TX/2017: In case you have an aching tooth, consult the endodontic experts at Clear Lake Endodontics. The Webster, TX based clinic provides specialized treatment using advanced technology to ensure an unparalleled experience for their clients.

About Clear Lake Endodontics –

Clear Lake Endodontics is an ultra-modern clinic in Webster offering complete endodontic care using latest technologies. Dr. Qamar at the clinic is an active member of organized dentistry, including the American Association of Endodontist, the American Dental Association, the Houston Academy of Endodontist, the Greater Houston Dental Society and the Ninth District Dental Society. He aims at providing endodontic care at the forefront of technology.

Technology aided Care –

State- of- art technology being used by Clear Lake Endodontics for endodontic treatment includes –

Operating Microscope –The clinic is equipped with surgical microscopes that are designed to perform microsurgery with great precision. Operating optical microscope are used for endodontic treatments as they allow enhanced magnification of the tooth structure.

Ultrasonics – This technology is used for the removal of intra canal obstructions, finding calcified canals and removal of attached pulp stones. It has given an entirely new perspective to dental treatment.

Digital Radiography – It is a type of X-ray imaging used to produce digital images of teeth, gums and other oral structures. Dental professionals are increasingly using this technology for diagnosing and treating oral dental conditions. This technology allows significant reduction of the patient’s exposure to radiation.

Electronic Apex Locater – Electronic Apex Locator is an electronic device that aids endodontic treatment and is used for determining root canal space.

For more information, visit Clear Lake Endodontics at 1560 Live Oak, Suite C, Webster, TX 77598 or call at (281) 316 – 2411. You can also log on to

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