Funcastic- Audio news and Magazine app.

Today when there is so much content available on the world wide web, apps these days are facing the issue of curation. In the middle of it all another content serving application Funcastic Podcast surfaced in the second quarter of 2015. Over almost a year down it shows over 10,000+ users on Google Play, rating 4.7 stars. Funcastic claims to be featuring only branded content across various genres.
It is a vernacular platform and a portable podcasting application that is tying up with national brands to push their content in audio form. This empowers the listeners to choose their favourite “podcasts “on demand” while driving to work, exercising or at leisure.

The app’s value statement boldly states that it serves quality content in the audio form and currently seems to be featuring brands like Hindustan Times, Pioneer, India TV, Asian News International, Brahma Kumaris, etc.

It is not a very visual based application and maybe rightly so as it is supposed to be an audio platform trying to add value to people when they are unable to look at their mobile screens.
News is served in both Hindi and English however doesn’t seem to be focusing on breaking news or something like a News in Shorts format but rather longish articles with details backing the story.

Streaming of the audio is fairly smooth over Wifi/4g/3g however the initial load time on a 2g network is a little slower.
From the first look of the application, you can see different classifications running from politics, business and economics, Bollywood, lifestyle and spirituality.

The application allows you to download an audio and hear it out later. It is accessible for Android Mobile Phones on Google Play for free.

Over all it can be said that it’s yet another app trying to address a problem of content consumption but on a different medium. So will this audio only application stick around or not, guess only time will tell.

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