“Healthy Living, Happy Life,” an Amazon Best-Selling Book is Free for One More Day (until 06/03/2022) –

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Best Seller Publishing announces the release of Denise Stegall’s new #1 international best-selling book, “Healthy Living, Happy Life: A Practical Path to Finding the Healthy Lifestyle That Works For You.” It will be available for free download in the Amazon Kindle Store until the end of the day, June 3rd.

“Healthy Living, Happy Life” introduces unique concepts and makes the simple yet elusive goal of happy, healthy living REAL and attainable. In a sea of health and nutrition books, this one is a clear and practical approach to applying healthy lifestyle principles to our lives that are adaptable for a personalized path that is right for you.

“Healthy Living, Happy Life” by Denise Stegall will be free and available for download on Amazon for one more day (06/03/2022) at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B1L5LS4W

“Healthy Living, Happy Life” has a 5.0-star rating on Amazon.com. Here’s what some people are saying:

“Healthy Living Happy Life by Denise Stegall is a must-read book!

It’s a delightful, entertaining, educational, and easy read that provides valuable insights about happiness, healthy eating, goal setting, fun, and mindfulness. Accepting our best rather than expecting perfection. Denise introduces the – Traffic Lite Bites – easy to remember and apply daily. My rating is 5 stars for sure!” -Cheryl T.

“From the very first page, you get so much more than a book. You get access to an inspiring journal and a high-quality online course to help you implement as you go through the book. If you feel like it’s time for a change, this is the place to start.” -Cyndi L.

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About the author:

Denise Stegall is a Health Coach in Rochester, Minnesota. Her goal is to enable her clients to achieve a sustainable, healthy lifestyle based on real food. She has wide experience in cooking and nutrition which has provided her with a unique perspective on what works (and doesn’t work) for most people. With just a little planning and a little discipline, anyone can live a truly healthy life.

Living Advantage, Inc. Hosts “Mixer That Matters” for Foster Youth with Celebrity Guests in Beverly Hills

 LA, Inc. will be hosting a fundraiser, “The Mixer that Matters” on May 26th in honor of Foster Youth Month to specifically celebrate the resilient young people in the Foster Care system, hosted by Chad L. Coleman, actor on the award-winning series The Walking Dead. Representatives and supporters of LA, Inc., will come together for The Mixer that Matters in a fundraising effort for the national support needed for Foster Youth – to help LA, Inc. become the preeminent – Moms and Dads of Foster Youth. Many know the Red Cross for being the international disaster organization, as LA, Inc. will be known by donors as the national Foster Youth supporter for youth. LA, Inc. feels that the strength and perseverance of the Foster Youth of America are more than worthy of praise. The event will feature representatives from their sponsors USC, US Bank, and NUA of Beverly Hills.

Of the over 670,000 children spent time in U.S. Foster Care system, 90% will end up incarcerated and less than 50% will complete high school. LA, Inc., firmly believes that one does not cease to be a Foster Youth simply because the system relinquishes responsibility for their aid and welfare. LA, Inc. provides in-person and virtual (hybrid) services, mentoring, tutoring, access to higher education, life skills support, and after-school activities such as STEM workshops. LA Inc. works tirelessly to provide support to those transitional-aged Foster Youth who may need assistance finding jobs as well as housing. They have collaborated with actors, architects and community advocates such as Chad Coleman, Tiffany Haddish, and Nadine Ellis to provide resources and inspiration to all of the Foster Youth of Living Advantage.

Invited Celebrity Guests include Tiffany Haddish, Jasmine Sander, Sean Blakemore, Dawn Fantau, Kimberly Johnson, Gloria Kisel, Andre Pitre, Meagan Good, May Wang, Daniel Griffith, Ice-T, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, Danny Glover, Elton John, Tyrese Gibson, Harrison Forbes, Yoyo, Will.I,Am, Nicole Kidman.

Living Advantage, Inc.

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“Living Behind The Mask” – Encouraging Spiritual Growth From Its Readers


With how the world is today with the pandemic raging on in different parts of the world, people would be hard-pressed to find ways to keep their sanity and check and avoid going over the metaphorical edge of one’s mind, as the pandemic can both be a blessing in disguise for some as through the isolation and the quarantines people can develop their bonds with family members and lovers.

Tammie Williams’s “Living Behind the Mask,” a retelling of her experiences in the year 2020, was one such case of this incident being a blessing. She relates each encounter not in chronological order, but rather in an order that shows its impact on her life.

Reading about the author’s experiences, and her revelation of God’s guidance in her life, fills hearts with warmth and excitement, as it symbolizes that even when the world is in chaos, God will always be there to guide us towards our destined paths in life, making this one of the more enjoyable reading experiences.

Living Behind The Mask: 2020 a Year Like No Other

Written by: Tammie R Williams

Kindle: $2.99

Paperback: $5.00

Grab a copy of a book that offers the tale of one woman’s life-changing experience whilst in the beginning stages of the pandemic of the modern era, learn of her experiences by purchasing a said copy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and GoToPublish.

About the Author

Tammie Williams, the author, met her Lord and Savior when she was eight years old while watching a Billy Graham Crusade on television. Ted, her spouse, has been her husband for 37 years. They have three beautiful daughters Bridget, Andrea, and Kara. She has seven grandchildren and two sons-in-law who share life with her. Tammie has also been a teacher of math for 39 years.

Living Life with Faith by Removing Sin


Every person’s objective has always been to live a flawless life, because who wouldn’t want to live a life devoid of cares and concerns? The reality is that no one is flawless, and there will always be times when they fall short. And, as the phrase goes, living is more than merely existing at some point in time; it must be an experience that one never regrets because each person has only one life.

“The Secret to Perfect Living” is essential for living a worry-free life since it is a guidebook that follows God’s teachings, giving its readers the knowledge that there must be a method to live a perfect life as the son of God did in the past. The book itself contains teachings that will help to shape one’s character and fortify one’s spirit to be worthy of such a great life.

Readers of this educational book will have no other expression other than gratitude to the author for his efforts in providing a means for his fellow believers of the faith to live a tranquil life free of sin and temptations.


The Secret to Perfect Living

Written by: Kofi B. Dwira

Paperback: $11.96

E-Book: $2.99

This passionate book has copies available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, GoToPublish, and other online book publishers. Grab a copy of this book now and discover the teachings to how Jesus’ achieved a life free of sin.


About the Author

Kofi B. Dwira is a Ghanaian who studied accounting for a living, but his favorite subject to study in his free time is the Bible. Kofi Dwira believes that because Jesus came to Earth to live as a man amid sin and lived perfectly, there must be a way to live a perfect life as Jesus did.


Hong Kong – Low-Carbon Living Online Quiz prize presentation ceremony held today (Photos)

Low-Carbon Living Online Quiz prize presentation ceremony held today (Photos)


The following is issued on behalf of the Council for Sustainable Development:    


     The prize presentation ceremony of the Low-Carbon Living Online Quiz (Quiz) was held today (December 22) in order to recognise students’ active participation and promotion of the messages of sustainable development and low-carbon living in the community.


     To encourage students to enhance the use of information technology for self-directed learning, and to promote a low-carbon lifestyle to students, the Council for Sustainable Development (SDC), the Environment Bureau and the Education Bureau jointly developed an E-Learning Platform on Decarbonisation in April 2021 which has attracted over 31 000 online visitors to date. The Quiz was launched on the Platform in July 2021 with three awards comprising: “Highest Participation Rate School Award”, “Best Performance School Award” and “Highest Community Engagement Rate School Award”. A total of 138 secondary schools had participated, involving more than 10 000 students and members of the public. The list of the winning schools is at the Annex.


     The Chairman of SDC, Dr Lam Ching-choi, said, “Climate change has induced extreme weather which is imminent. The whole community must work together to put low-carbon living into practice, actively participate in energy saving and waste reduction, and embark on a new era of carbon neutrality. To ride on the digital trend, students are encouraged to nurture self-directed learning capacities through the use of information technology. In this Quiz, the participating students not only performed very well, but also successfully promoted low-carbon living to the general public, which is surely commendable.” A participating student also noted that she realised that the importance of practising a low-carbon lifestyle through the Quiz, with everyone pitching in more, could help mitigate extreme weather changes and achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.


     In today’s ceremony, an online quiz with the SDC Chairman, members of the SDC and students, as well as an interactive drama performance, were arranged to spread the messages of reducing the use of single-use plastics, supporting carbon neutrality and practising a low-carbon lifestyle.


     Moeover, the SDC launched the public interaction phase of the public engagement on control of single-use plastics on September 30, 2021. The public engagement aims to provide members of the public with information on the subject of single-use plastics and initiate discussions on relevant issues with a view to exploring ways to gradually control non-essential and hard-to-recycle single-use plastic items so that the SDC can make recommendations to the Government.


     The public interaction phase of the public engagement will run until December 29, 2021. The public engagement document can be downloaded from the SDC’s dedicated website (www.susdev.org.hk). Members of the public are invited to submit the views collection forms in the document to the SDC Secretariat via email (comments@susdev.org.hk), mail (21/F, High Block, Queensway Government Offices, 66 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong) or fax (3150 8168).