LA, Inc. will be hosting a fundraiser, “The Mixer that Matters” on May 26th in honor of Foster Youth Month to specifically celebrate the resilient young people in the Foster Care system, hosted by Chad L. Coleman, actor on the award-winning series The Walking Dead. Representatives and supporters of LA, Inc., will come together for The Mixer that Matters in a fundraising effort for the national support needed for Foster Youth – to help LA, Inc. become the preeminent – Moms and Dads of Foster Youth. Many know the Red Cross for being the international disaster organization, as LA, Inc. will be known by donors as the national Foster Youth supporter for youth. LA, Inc. feels that the strength and perseverance of the Foster Youth of America are more than worthy of praise. The event will feature representatives from their sponsors USC, US Bank, and NUA of Beverly Hills.

Of the over 670,000 children spent time in U.S. Foster Care system, 90% will end up incarcerated and less than 50% will complete high school. LA, Inc., firmly believes that one does not cease to be a Foster Youth simply because the system relinquishes responsibility for their aid and welfare. LA, Inc. provides in-person and virtual (hybrid) services, mentoring, tutoring, access to higher education, life skills support, and after-school activities such as STEM workshops. LA Inc. works tirelessly to provide support to those transitional-aged Foster Youth who may need assistance finding jobs as well as housing. They have collaborated with actors, architects and community advocates such as Chad Coleman, Tiffany Haddish, and Nadine Ellis to provide resources and inspiration to all of the Foster Youth of Living Advantage.

Invited Celebrity Guests include Tiffany Haddish, Jasmine Sander, Sean Blakemore, Dawn Fantau, Kimberly Johnson, Gloria Kisel, Andre Pitre, Meagan Good, May Wang, Daniel Griffith, Ice-T, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, Danny Glover, Elton John, Tyrese Gibson, Harrison Forbes, Yoyo, Will.I,Am, Nicole Kidman.

Living Advantage, Inc.

Pamela R. Clay



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