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With a customer-centric focus and a zero-waste policy, LKM aims to make car disposal as easy and sustainable as possible.

[SITTINGBOURNE, 22/3/2018] – As one of the United Kingdom’s leading waste management companies, LKM Recycling aims to make scrapping old vehicles easier for its customers.

Efficient, Helpful Service

Often, the difficulty of disposing of old cars lies in transporting them to the scrapyard, as they either do not work or are prone to malfunction. LKM relieves the owners of this burden by purchasing the cars and picking them up. Customers contact LKM and inform them of their requirements before the process begins.

All customers need to do is fill up a form on the website. They can expect an email from the team asking to arrange an appointment. Pick-ups are arranged within five working days, and the collection itself takes around 30 minutes. Drivers will also accomplish all paperwork on-site.

Fair Prices

LKM believes in giving customers value for their purchase. Quotes are based on current scrap market values. LKM has partnered up with Car Take Back, one of the foremost scrap car websites in the UK, to ensure price accuracy. Prices may change daily, so customers may contact LKM for a free, no obligation quote.

Zero Waste Commitment

LKM aims to become a zero-waste company, and constantly seeks new ways to reduce its carbon footprint. Some of the steps LKM is currently taking to achieve this goal include:

● Ensuring that zero waste reaches landfills
● Turning waste streams into recycling materials
● Fueling production lines with waste material to make the most out of every product
● Segregating waste at the customer’s premises to eliminate the need for landfill

The ultimate goal is to help the environment by creating a ‘circular economy’ in which waste materials are always recovered for their energy content, recycled and reused.

About LKM

LKM Recycling is a Kent-based waste management solutions company that has provided swift and efficient service for 35 years. With a dedicated, skilled, customer-centric team, LKM aims to make disposal and recycling as simple as possible for its customers.

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