Which Metal is Best For Engagement Ring: White Gold Versus Platinum Rings

Birmingham, United Kingdom, 2017-Sep-26 — The most perplexing question that modern couples often find themselves grappling with is: should they go for the traditional gold or contemporary platinum to forge their relationship into rings? The confusion emanates from the fact that most soon-to-be-engaged couples are ignorant about the distinguishing properties, other than the look, of the engagement ring metal, which may help them reach a decision.

With the objective to help the consumers make an informed decision, here we discuss a multitude of characteristics of white gold engagement rings and platinum rings.

A Brief Introduction

Both platinum and white gold may look same at first—and offer similar aesthetic element—however, they are different in many ways, ranging from composition to density, to hardness and structural properties. Gold naturally is a little reddish yellow in colour, and thus, white gold is created artificially by adding white metal or alloy, either nickel, manganese, or palladium. The white gold jewellery often, especially, rings are often plated with a metal, rhodium, that offers excellent white lustre and mechanical strength to withstand the daily wear and tear. On the contrary, platinum is a naturally occurring grey-white metal, which does not need additions to make it look shinier or stronger.

  • Fineness

With same properties as yellow gold rings, white gold rings come in 18-karat and 12-karats. An 18-karat ring has 75% of the pure gold in it, whereas the other 6 parts, which account for 25% of the entire ring, is made from other white metal, important for structural and morphological properties. A 12-karat ring has 50% pure gold, while other 50% of the rings is made either from silver, palladium, nickel, or manganese. Platinum is cast with 85% to 99.9% purity, based on the preference of a consumer.

  • Specific Gravity

The specific gravity of gold is 19.3, and thus, platinum is heavier, stronger, and denser than the gold with a specific gravity of 21.4. And that is why platinum rings feel heavier on finger than white gold engagement rings.

  • Allergic property

White gold poses almost no risk of allergy, just like gold; being hypo-allergic, people rarely get allergic reaction because of white gold. However, platinum, which often is mixed, though in small proportion, with Ruthenium, Iridium, or Cobalt can induce an allergic reaction.

  • Luster and durability

White gold rings are incredibly reflective, and thus, its lustre is much whiter and brighter. Relatively, platinum lacks lustre, and with time, its shine wears off. When it comes to durability, platinum rings, being more dense and stronger, withstands wear and tear a lot better. White gold is not resistant to scratches—it loses a small amount of gold when the rings get scratched—whereas, platinum does not lose metal, it only displaces. However, over time develop platina, just like copper, which gives dull look.

There is a small difference between the cost of platinum and white gold engagement rings.  However, platinum rings are marginally expensive given its rarity, denser property, and difficulty in crafting.

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