CIMdata to Host Free Webinar on Meeting Sustainability & Green Energy Objectives

This free educational webinar will share findings from recent primary research undertaken by CIMdata.

CIMdata webinar on green energy & sustainability

CIMdata webinar on green energy & sustainability

ANN ARBOR, Mich.March 15, 2023PRLog — CIMdata, Inc., the leading global PLM strategic management consulting and research firm, announces an upcoming free educational webinar, “Meeting Sustainability and Green Energy Transition Objectives: The industrial Perspective.” The webinar will take place on Thursday, April 27, 2023, at 11:00 a.m. (EDT) and last for one hour.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is critical to accelerating the Green Energy transition. It enables companies to reduce their product carbon footprint (PCF) and design sustainability into their products, plants, and assets from the outset. This allows them to embed sustainability into their product lifecycle, thus eliminating waste and decarbonizing their products and services. Companies have a unique opportunity to embrace the transition with more sustainable circular processes that bring value to their customers, their bottom line, and the future of our planet, which, in turn, will benefit generations to come.

In this webinar, CIMdata will review the Green Energy Transition and Sustainability 2023 Survey results and present its view on how companies can reduce their PCF and use PLM to design more sustainable products to help organizations make their sustainability goals and net-zero commitments a reality.

This webinar will help attendees:

  • Learn about and understand CIMdata’s recent Green Energy Transition and Sustainability Survey results.
  • Understand the current state of the planet—GHG emissions, global warming, and why organizations are pursuing a transition to sustainability and a green economy.
  • Understand the importance of embedding sustainability within a PLM strategy.
  • Understand the importance of sustainable design and circularity.
  • Understand what a PCF is and why it is critical to companies transitioning to green.

According to CIMdata’s Sustainability & Green Energy Practice Director, Mark Reisig, “Many organizations that CIMdata works with have made ambitious “net-zero” commitments. However, they often lack a clear understanding of how to reduce their carbon footprint and offer more sustainable products. Sustainability should be embedded in your product data and your PLM strategy.”

Mark Reisig has over 40 years of experience in digital transformation, information technology, and engineering in the energy, aerospace, defense, automotive, industrial, shipbuilding, high-tech electronics, medical devices, and food & beverage industries. He has led digital initiatives in PLM, plant design, computer-aided design, and master data management for global businesses. Mark comes to CIMdata after an extensive career in PLM with GE, Federation, Oracle, Auto-trol Technology, Kraft-Heinz, Catalytic, Day & Zimmermann, and most recently, Aras, where he was the Vice President of Product Marketing.

This webinar will be helpful to anyone going through a green energy transition, including those in companies building or executing plans to reduce their GHG emissions and their product’s carbon footprint. Attendees can come from every part of the organization as sustainable products with reduced carbon footprints impact many areas, including product design, manufacturing, sourcing, logistics, service, operations, and supply.

During the webinar, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions about the topics discussed. To learn more, visit: To register for this webinar, please visit

CIMdata to Host a Free Webinar on the value potential of a multi-view BOM approach

This webinar will explain how to derive business value from a multi-view approach to lifecycle product structures management.

CIMdata webinar: Multi-view BOMs

CIMdata webinar: Multi-view BOMs

ANN ARBOR, Mich.June 21, 2022PRLog — CIMdata, Inc., the leading global product lifecycle management strategic management consulting and research firm, announces a free educational webinar, “Business Value of the Multi-view Approach to Lifecycle Product Structures Management.” The webinar will take place on Thursday, July 28, at 11:00 a.m. (EDT) and last for one hour.

In the Multi-view Approach to Lifecycle Product Structures Management, referred to by some as the “multi-view BOM approach,” a consolidated information resource contains all the information and maintains all the relationships between data elements that are needed to support the perspectives of multiple communities within Product Engineering, Manufacturing, and Service. The basis of value with this approach is automated reconciliation and synchronization across domain views that can be created and managed with optimal autonomy.

CIMdata’s research and industrial consulting activities have revealed that commercial PLM solutions have advanced within the last five years to enable this approach. In response, leaders in many industries are starting to implement multi-view solutions. With the newness and complexity of this application, there is little experience to draw from to identify and predict value. This webinar will describe several case studies and the expected business value identified by those making these investments.

This webinar will help attendees:

  • Understand the interrelated concepts of Digital Thread, lifecycle product structure, and the connection between the four principal product structure configurations.
  • Understand the purpose of eBOMs, mBOMs, and sBOMs and the unique strategic benefits of the multi-view BOM approach.
  • Comprehend the state of maturity of multi-view BOM capability available in commercial software and maturity of industrial implementations.
  • Appreciate the challenges, successes, and value objectives of industry leaders implementing multi-view BOM solutions.

According to webinar host James Roche, CIMdata’s Aerospace & Defense Practice Director, “Within the last 3 to 5 years, commercial PLM solutions have advanced to enable the Multi-view Approach to managing bills of materials and other lifecycle product structures, including domain-specific structures for mechanical, electrical, and software. In this approach, a consolidated information resource contains all the information and maintains all the relationships between data elements needed to support the perspectives of multiple communities within Product Engineering, Manufacturing, and Service. And the sufficiency of these capabilities for complex products was validated through benchmarking in 2020. This is a big deal. But it is complicated, and it is new. Two reasons why learning from the experience of industry leaders and teaming with solution experts is so important.”

Jim Roche has 35+ years of experience in transformation and IT enablement of product development and manufacturing processes. Before joining CIMdata, he was a PLM Practice Manager at CSC Consulting and A.T. Kearney. He was also at EDS, serving as the chief architect for General Motors’ global engineering systems and as the head technical negotiator for strategic supplier contracts.

Anyone with responsibility or interest in product program integration, systems engineering, PLM program planning, digitalization, or the digital thread will find this presentation interesting.

To find out more, visit: To register for this webinar, please visit

Live Webinar by Pronix Inc: “Automate App Deployments Using Azure Kubernetes and DevOps” April 15, 2022

 As customers address larger, more sophisticated forms of cloud adoption, their journey to the cloud becomes more complex.

This webinar series combines technical and non-technical considerations required to automate apps using Kubernetes and devops.

Best practices will be discussed in order to help accelerate the journey into Kubernetes and devops frameworks.

Live Webinar by Pronix Inc – Automate App Deployments Using Azure Kubernetes and DevOps Webinar

Pronix certified professionals will help companies better understand many topics in this live webinar:


Introduction to the modern application platform

Quick Overview about Kubernetes

Quick Introduction to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

End-to-End CI/CD for Kubernetes on Azure


Create Azure DevOps project with a sample web app

Configure Azure Release Pipelines to deploy DB and docker image to AKS

Run the build and release pipelines and examine the web app

Navigate to Kubernetes web dashboard for Kubernetes clusters

This webinar is only for:

IT Managers, Software Developers, DevOps and Cloud Inftrastructure Support.

About Pronix

Pronix is an IT solutions firm based in US that provides Digital Transformation Consulting, Product Engineering, Application Management, IT Infrastructure Management, Cloud Services, QA & DevOps, Big Data Analytics, IT Consulting & Staffing, And Business Process Outsourcing and Tech Support.

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Swachh Bharat Mission-Urban 2.0 launches peer learning webinar series “SwachhTalks” with flagship webinar on SafaiMitra Suraksha

“Our sanitation workers, our brothers and sisters, who broom the roads every day while tolerating the stench of the garbage are the heroes of this campaign in the true sense.”

  • Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

Under Swachh Bharat Mission – Urban 2.0, capacity building of all stakeholders is a  priority area of focus, which saw the recent launch of the ‘National Capacity Building Framework for Garbage Free Cities’. An equally critical focus area of the Government of India is the safety and welfare of SafaiMitras – sanitation workers who are engaged in keeping our cities and neighborhoods clean. In response, MoHUA had run a year-long competition – the Safaimitra Suraksha Challenge, among 246 Municipal Corporations and capitals, in an effort to encourage cities to mechanise their sewer and septic cleaning tank operations, to minimize the need for human entry for such cleaning activities, and to ensure safety of workers through use of PPE and safety kits, in case manual entry is inevitable. The Challenge also helped identify 100 “Lighthouse cities” from across States/ UTs who have done good work in mechanizing their cleaning operations and ensuring safety and welfare of their SafaiMitras.

On 25th March 2022, as part of its targeted capacity building initiatives, the SBM-Urban Mission directorate of MOHUA organized the first-of-its-kind “SwachhTalks” as part of its peer-learning webinar series for States/ UTs and ULBs, with the theme “SafaiMitra Suraksha in 100 lighthouse cities”. The objective of the webinar was to accelerate the progress of these 100 cities towards complete ‘manhole to machinehole’ transformation to ensure safety and security of SafaiMitras. The top 6 cities in  the Challenge: Indore and Navi Mumbai in population category of >10 lakhs, Nellore and Jamshedpur in population category of 3-10 lakhs, and Dewas and Karimnagar in population category of <3 lakhs, presented their good practices in SafaiMitra Suraksha. Urban Management Centre, a MoHUA sector partner also made a comprehensive presentation on good practices in SafaiMitra Suraksha adopted by the SSC participant cities.

The webinar also saw presentations made by YK Pathak, additional CEO GeM, who put light on their Self Sustaining and User-Friendly procurement platform. The platform ensures adequate & economical availability of equipment for desludging septic tanks & sewers as key to the mechanization of this sector. Apart from this, six champion cities showcased their milestones achievements over time, prioritizing the safety and social security of SafaiMitras.

During the SwachhTalks Webinar, Mr. Abhijit Sudhakar Bangar, Commissioner, Navi Mumbai, showcased the city’s advanced sanitation infrastructure developed to tackle a high-competitive future by incorporating a comprehensive contract for toilet maintenance, and a well-planned underground sewage network focusing on the relevance of safeguarding SafaiMitra.

Focusing on Sustainable solutions Ms. Prathiba Pal, Municipal Commissioner, Indore, presented the innovative techniques of the city in ensuring safety to our saviors by innovations of machines built by IMC. Financial & social schemes are underway to focus on the education of SafaiMitra’s families.

Taking ahead the webinar, Mr. K. Dinesh Kumar, Commissioner, Nellore, put forward the impactful practices undertaken in the city to assure the lives of the frontline force. Nellore enforced a ban on manual scavenging & included private players in the campaign to strengthen the mission.

Representing Jamshedpur, Mr. Krishna Kumar shared the remarkable efforts undertaken, from training programs to regular health checkups, several initiatives emerged as a route map for other cities.

Representatives from Dewas, Mr. Vishal Singh, Municipal Commissioner, shared the benchmarks set by the city by formulating an advanced sanitation structure. Functional STPs, desludging vehicles, emergency response management, IEC protocol, were all the highlights showcased during the webinar.

Karimnagar also put light on the efforts made towards the safety of SafaiMitras. Mr. Seva Eslavath, Municipal Commissioner, Karimnagar, showed the practices of sanitation mechanization in the city. During the webinar, the city introduced welfare schemes launched to battle the social vulnerabilities and occupational challenges of Sanitation workers.

The virtual event was attended by representatives of the 100 lighthouse cities, Senior officials from State and UTs, and sector partners. The webinar marks the beginning of a paradigm shift in the Mission’s capacity building initiatives, with more such thematic webinars planned on a monthly basis, to complement the already ongoing efforts in capacitating the country’s workforce to make India “Garbage Free”.

Applications for the Swachhata Start-Up Challenge are open on

For regular updates, please follow the Swachh Bharat Mission’s official website and social media properties:

Facebook:Swachh Bharat Mission – Urban | Twitter: @SwachhBharatGov  |

YouTube: Swachh Bharat Mission-Urban     |   Instagram:sbm_urban



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Hong Kong – FEHD holds webinar to allay concerns of funeral business frontline staff on handling of dead bodies and actively follows up on coffin shortage

FEHD holds webinar to allay concerns of funeral business frontline staff on handling of dead bodies and actively follows up on coffin shortage


     In addition to taking the lead to hold two webinars for the funeral business sectors in early March, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) organised the third webinar today (March 16), during which experts explained to frontline staff of the trade on medical information and responding to their enquiries, with a view to allaying their concerns on handling of dead bodies with COVID-19 infection. A total of over 50 organisations / individuals participating in the webinar. Separately, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has co-ordinated with relevant Mainland authorities regarding the quota on cross-boundary goods vehicle trips for supply of coffins to Hong Kong, thus assisting the trade in resolving their prevailing difficulties regarding coffin transportation via land.

     In the first webinar in March, the FEHD has, in collaboration with representatives from the Centre for Health Protection, provided a refresher briefing for the funeral business on the Precautions for Handling and Disposal of Dead Bodies promulgated in 2020.  At today’s webinar, the FEHD invited Specialist in clinical microbiology and infection, Dr David Lung, to elaborate to frontline staff of the funeral business on the precautionary measures and reminders on handling of dead bodies, as well as answering queries from the trade on-site about risk management measures, support provided by hospitals, mortuaries and funeral parlours, personal protective equipment and operational processes that prevent infection of practitioners etc. Active responses were received from the participants. The video recording and the powerpoint slides of the webinar will be uploaded onto FEHD’s webpage for reference. 

     On the other hand, the funeral trade and representatives from relevant government departments and organisations exchanged candid views last week on issues such as rationalising the workflow and shortening the time required for the handling of after-death arrangements. Earlier on, videos of the webinars have been uploaded onto the FEHD’s webpage ( In response to the views given by the trade, following proactive follow-up actions by the Hospital Authority and the Government, positive responses have been made in various segments of the process.  The FEHD has presented the progress made and the measures proposed by the Hospital Authority, the Department of Health and the FEHD. The FEHD will set out the details in a written reply to be uploaded onto FEHD’s webpage for reference. The FEHD will continue to co-ordinate different public organisations and the government departments with a view to assisting the funeral business sectors and bereaved families in the early handling of after-death arrangements.

     Local coffin suppliers have experienced difficulties in getting coffins delivered due to the epidemic on the two sides. After relaying this to relevant Mainland authorities by the Food and Health Bureau and the FEHD, 360 coffins have arrived Hong Kong smoothly via land and sea respectively over the past three days. It is expected that a new batch of around 730 coffins will also arrive by sea on Friday. At the same time, the Governments of the two sides have co-ordinated on the quota on cross-boundary goods vehicle trips for supply of coffins to Hong Kong, which is believed to be of help to the trade in their delivery of coffins. The FEHD expressed profound gratitude for the prompt response and support from the Mainland, and will maintain close liaison with the trade in providing all practical assistance when necessary.