This free educational webinar will share findings from recent primary research undertaken by CIMdata.

CIMdata webinar on green energy & sustainability

CIMdata webinar on green energy & sustainability

ANN ARBOR, Mich.March 15, 2023PRLog — CIMdata, Inc., the leading global PLM strategic management consulting and research firm, announces an upcoming free educational webinar, “Meeting Sustainability and Green Energy Transition Objectives: The industrial Perspective.” The webinar will take place on Thursday, April 27, 2023, at 11:00 a.m. (EDT) and last for one hour.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is critical to accelerating the Green Energy transition. It enables companies to reduce their product carbon footprint (PCF) and design sustainability into their products, plants, and assets from the outset. This allows them to embed sustainability into their product lifecycle, thus eliminating waste and decarbonizing their products and services. Companies have a unique opportunity to embrace the transition with more sustainable circular processes that bring value to their customers, their bottom line, and the future of our planet, which, in turn, will benefit generations to come.

In this webinar, CIMdata will review the Green Energy Transition and Sustainability 2023 Survey results and present its view on how companies can reduce their PCF and use PLM to design more sustainable products to help organizations make their sustainability goals and net-zero commitments a reality.

This webinar will help attendees:

  • Learn about and understand CIMdata’s recent Green Energy Transition and Sustainability Survey results.
  • Understand the current state of the planet—GHG emissions, global warming, and why organizations are pursuing a transition to sustainability and a green economy.
  • Understand the importance of embedding sustainability within a PLM strategy.
  • Understand the importance of sustainable design and circularity.
  • Understand what a PCF is and why it is critical to companies transitioning to green.

According to CIMdata’s Sustainability & Green Energy Practice Director, Mark Reisig, “Many organizations that CIMdata works with have made ambitious “net-zero” commitments. However, they often lack a clear understanding of how to reduce their carbon footprint and offer more sustainable products. Sustainability should be embedded in your product data and your PLM strategy.”

Mark Reisig has over 40 years of experience in digital transformation, information technology, and engineering in the energy, aerospace, defense, automotive, industrial, shipbuilding, high-tech electronics, medical devices, and food & beverage industries. He has led digital initiatives in PLM, plant design, computer-aided design, and master data management for global businesses. Mark comes to CIMdata after an extensive career in PLM with GE, Federation, Oracle, Auto-trol Technology, Kraft-Heinz, Catalytic, Day & Zimmermann, and most recently, Aras, where he was the Vice President of Product Marketing.

This webinar will be helpful to anyone going through a green energy transition, including those in companies building or executing plans to reduce their GHG emissions and their product’s carbon footprint. Attendees can come from every part of the organization as sustainable products with reduced carbon footprints impact many areas, including product design, manufacturing, sourcing, logistics, service, operations, and supply.

During the webinar, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions about the topics discussed. To learn more, visit: To register for this webinar, please visit