bummer summer Is Spotify’s New Playlist for Gen Z Listeners To Tap Into Their Feels


Lana Del Reys Summertime Sadness stuck in your head? Youre not alone. On Spotify this summer, sad songs are getting us in our feels, thanks to our listeners who are unapologetically expressing their emotions. Sad is the most-searched term for Gen Z listeners on Spotify globally, and theyre tuning into our sad playlistsincluding pop-infused sad hour, R&B-inspired All The Feels, rap-heavy tear drop, sad sierreo, sad girl country, and sad girl starter packmore than any other age group.

To match the vibe in the U.S. and Canada, we launched bummer summer, the ultimate lineup of moody jams and soul-filling songs. Complete with tracks from d4vd, Frank Ocean, Phoebe Bridgers, Lana Del Rey, Big Thief, and Billie Eilish, the playlist echoes the honesty and transparency that Gen Zs emulate in their lives and listeningand harnesses the ability of emotive, lyrical music to enhance any mood.

Theres something really unique about this generation, says Krista Scozzari, Spotify North American Marketing Lead. They embrace their feelings so much. Theyre really flipping the stigma of vulnerability. Gen Z has brought a raw, authentic new reality to expressing their emotions, and were seeing that in how they listen. We wanted to celebrate this powerful thing theyre doing.

Gen Z listeners are seeking tracks that evoke feelings of nostalgia, wistfulness, and wantingsongs that feel like a warm embrace. Its important to note that not everything sounds like Billie Eilishs What Was I made For? says Lizzy Szabo, Spotify Senior Editor for Indie Music. Though that was one of the breakout sad songs of the summerprobably the biggestand was given a lot of extra context from being in the Barbie movie. It really took this feeling of nostalgia and met it with current issues and feelings.

Lizzy notes that subgenres like indie pop, sad rap, and sad sierreo have all boomed in the past year, with standout artists including Phoebe Bridgers (bonus points for her work with boygenius), Joji, Alex G, Haley Heynderickx, Ivan Cornejo, and Junior H. Shes also seeing a rise in catalog listening for the broody sounds of Cigarettes After Sex, TV Girl, Lana Del Rey, Mitski, and Radiohead. Artists have a way of putting things better than we ever could, so its a way for people to lean in and just fully embrace their emotions and the experiences theyre going through, she says.

Sad music can help us to release, express, channel, or purge our emotions, says Dr. Michael Bonshor, PhD, music psychology expert. It often has slower speeds, which slows down our breathing and heart rate when we listen so that we feel more relaxed and tranquil. In addition to hearing slower speeds, hearing music with sad lyrics creates a sense of personal connection with the artists who wrote themit validates that our human experiences are shared.

Bringing bummer summer to life

Were also bringing the bummer summer playlist to life through social media and IRL experiences. With this campaign, we really wanted to celebrate how sharing sad music helps us feel more connected, says Krista. Our listeners want to feel seen and heard, and to help normalize their feelings and humanity, hopefully helps them feel all that.

The team paid special attention to the look of the campaign, trying to capture the messiness of that feeling after youve had a good cry. They landed on a scrapbook-looking approach that puts a sad twist on iconic summer visualsthink tears filling the kiddie pool, or a scoop of ice cream falling off your cone and onto the pavement.

In Houston, Texas, we created a fountain of tears shaped like d4vd, the artist behind some of Gen Zs favorite angsty music. Starting August 21, fans can visit Buffalo Bayou Park in the singer-songwriters hometown for the ultimate homage to sad songs that have the power to make us feel good.

When Im making music, I try to keep in mind that our current generation is often misunderstood and that people dont always know where they fit in, says singer-songwriter David Burke, the voice behind d4vd. I dont think music is just about changing the listeners mood anymore, I think its a way to share a mood or feelings with the artist. I try to give my listeners the most intimate feelings that Im going through and see who else is feeling the same way. I want to make sure that people are feeling less alone in the world, because they have me and my music to relate to. Thats what were hoping that all of the songs on the playlist will do.

d4vd is one of the most notable artists of the year, says Lizzy. From his breakout hit late last year to here with me, he has melodic, very downtempo lo-fi pop songs. They have mega-relatable lyrics.

Relatability is a key element across not only our bummer summer campaign, but Spotifys year-round brand identity as a whole. Krista notes that for bummer summer, the tongue-in-cheek tone and low-key vibe help emphasize the impact behind sad songs to fans and prospective users.

When I think about bummer summer, I recognize that its not just about listening to sad music when youre sad, but listening to sad music when youre feeling any sort of emotion, says Krista. Sad music is something that feels better than anything else sometimes. Theres this really powerful way that the lyrics and the tempo of the music just allow you to really reflect, to feel your feelings. Its powerful for people no matter what mood theyre in.

Summer Celebrations at Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

Toronto, Canada – WEBWIRE

No matter the time of year, Toronto has something to offer everyone, but many argue that summertime is unparalleled. Situated in the heart of Yorkville, Four Seasons Hotel Toronto invites travellers near and far to immerse themselves in the energy and vibrancy of the flagships surrounding city.

In the centre of Torontos historic Yorkville neighbourhood, Hotel guests, residents, and locals alike can look forward to savouring the taste of summer at the Hotels seasonal dining outlets, relaxing afternoons with a treatment at the propertys Five Star rated Spa or stepping out and exploring Canadas largest city.

Toronto is known for being home to diverse cultures, neighbourhoods, and entertainment that create a metropolis sparking a sense of wonder, says Patrick Pollak, General Manager, Four Seasons Hotel Toronto. This summer, we invite guests and locals to immerse themselves in the soul of our city as they experience it through our teams curated luxury lens.

Whether our guests are looking to explore the sights, sounds and flavours of the city or take advantage of the many amenities, offerings and comforts of our Hotel, our team is excited to create the perfect itinerary for their well-spent time in Toronto, says Harry Hollywood, Chef Concierge. What does a quintessential weekend in Toronto look like? Cheer for the Blue Jays on Friday, eat your way through dynamic neighbourhoods on Saturday and, of course, unwind with a treatment at our world-class Spa on Sunday.

Dine al Fresco at d|azur

Paying homage to the French Riviera and the Mediterranean coastline, d|bars outdoor dining destination, d|azur, sets the stage for days spent dining beneath the sun with a fresh menu and its annual mural installation captivating the spirit of the South of France. Designed to transport guests to the Cte dAzur, the mural Its Nice in Nice by Victoria Sequeira sparks a visual journey for guests while they indulge in coastal-inspired cuisine. Menu highlights include, but are certainly not limited to, Seafood Towers, Tostada Borracha and Lobster Rolls, alongside four seasonal thirst-quenching cocktails, the Fleur Royal, Apricot Sour Sorbet, Cucumber Punch and the Sandia.

d|azur is open Sunday through Wednesday from 11:00 am to 10:30 pm and Thursday through Saturday from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm (walk-ins only, weather permitting).

A Summer of Self Care

Whether guests are looking to pamper themselves and get warm weather ready with a mani-pedi or blowout at the Salon or relax and unwind with numerous treatments and services, the Spa at Four Seasons Toronto is a must-visit. From full-service hair styling sessions and a range of manicures, pedicures and scrubs to facials, massages and body treatments, relax and rejuvenate while taking a break from the summer heat with a getaway to the spa.

Further elevating its bespoke treatments, the Spas state-of-the-art Wellness & Bio Bar has introduced a new selection of offerings just in time for a summer of self-care. The Wellness & Bio Bar, short for biohacking, is focused on improving guests health, well-being and quality of life through strategic therapies. The new services include the Sports Recovery LPG Treatment, the Lymphatic Drainage LPG Treatment, the Age Defying LPG Facial and the 3-in-1 Facial with Light Therapy.

Click here to learn more about available treatments and services. To arrange a personalized Spa experience, call +1 416 964 0411 or click here.

Visit the Cloud 9 Oasis

Following a well-deserved Spa experience, soak up the sun and indulge in healthy bites and beverages at the Spas terrace, the Cloud 9 Oasis. This year, the culinary experts at Four Seasons Hotel Toronto have worked closely with the worlds leading nutritionists to curate the Live Well menu that highlights delicious and well-balanced dishes focusing on plant-forward recipes with produce from trusted local suppliers. Inspired by Four Seasons passion for culinary artistry, the Live Well program was designed to support a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Exclusive to spa guests, Hotel guests and residents, the terrace is the perfect place to conclude every relaxation journey.

The Cloud 9 Oasis is open daily from 11:00 am to 6:30 pm (weather permitting).

Torontos Summer Sports

As one of North Americas best sports cities, get the full Toronto experience by joining fans at one of Torontos cant-miss professional sporting events. Catch a baseball game and cheer on the Toronto Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre, or the Toronto Argonauts or Toronto FC at BMO Field. The Hotels dedicated multilingual Concierge team will happily help arrange the ultimate afternoon of revelry and excitement.

Family Fun with Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

For those looking for a fun-filled family getaway in the city, the Concierge team at Four Seasons Hotel Toronto will tailor a personalized itinerary catering to everyones ages and interests. On rainy summer days, make use of board games, a PlayStation 4 or a Nintendo Switch. Come nighttime, enjoy a movie night and popcorn for the entire family to enjoy while lounging in plush bathrobes.

Experience More

Spend more time experiencing the very best of Toronto its on the team. To receive a complimentary night with every two consecutive paid nights at the legendary flagship Hotel, book the Stay Longer – Third Night Free package to continue exploring the city.

To learn more about all available packages, offers and amenities at Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, call +1 416 964 0411 or follow the propertys official Instagram page here.

– Long summer nights in Sweden: On the road with the MINI Cooper S Convertible.

Summertime in Sweden is magical. During the day, the sun shines relentlessly, and then the days turn into long, softly glowing nights. The carefree open-air driving pleasure of MINI Cooper S Convertible perfectly matches the distinctive atmosphere at this time of year.

Stockholm – WEBWIRE

Days that never end what sounds like pure stress in everyday urban life takes on an entirely different twist amid the vast landscape of the archipelago. Around midsummer, in the middle of June, hours of sunshine and seemingly endless bright nights provide plenty of time to relax outdoors. The MINI Cooper S Convertible offers open-top driving fun for an extended summer adventure along the Swedish Baltic coast. From Stockholm, a short drive on the E18 towards sthamra is all it takes to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the big city. From here, routes 276 and 278 lead south-east on small country roads through a picturesque natural setting and on to the coast.

Island feeling.
The archipelago north-east of Stockholm is characterised by the deep cuts made by the Baltic Sea to create a rugged coastline. Numerous small islands and an vast expanse of water give a sense of endless space. As soon as you lower the top of the MINI Cooper S Convertible (fuel consumption combined: 6.6-6.2 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 151-141 g/km according to WLTP), this impression is reinforced, revealing a view of the numerous wooden houses along the shore painted in typical Swedish red. This matte yet vibrant colour has its origins in the Swedish mines, where iron hydroxide is extracted as a byproduct. When exposed to air, it becomes iron oxide in other words rust. This is what creates the unique and typical colouring of the Swedish wooden huts the bathing houses and excursion restaurants that are a typical feature of the landscape along the Baltic Sea.

Lots of sunshine through the open roof and the constant view of the water intensify the desire to jump into the cool water. Before heading deeper into the archipelago, a stop at Solbadet is a good idea. From the water, the MINI Cooper S Convertible with its body in Melting Silver III and comfortable leather seats in Chester Malt Brown fits perfectly into the scenery on the shore and makes you want to drive on.

After the swim, a short detour leads north. Crossing a small bridge, we reach the island of Marholmen, where the decorated maypole already stands on the festival meadow of this small islet. As in the whole country, the longest day of the year is celebrated here by singing and dancing together. Midsummer in Sweden is a time of community festivities. Laughter, music and happy get-togethers are the stuff of summer memories, making them unforgettable.

Endless days for exploring.
Looking out over the water glittering in the light, the numerous bays and islands overgrown with small forests, you forget the passing of time especially around the time of the Midsummer Festival. This is because it is bright at any time of day. But your appetite for the Nordic cuisine with its fresh fish and crisp vegetables reminds you in time that it is getting late. With acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.9 seconds and the dynamic Steptronic sports automatic transmission, the journey to the eastern end of the archipelago continues swiftly, offering typical MINI driving pleasure. How fortunate that a restaurant is still open on Furusund: it instantly feels like home with its family atmosphere and freshly caught food.

As we eat, the spectacle of different hues on the horizon unfolds, typical of this time of year. It may be approaching midnight now, but instead of being shrouded in deep dark black, the sky glows in a fascinating mix of different colours including blue, purple, orange and pink. In this unique atmosphere, the top of the MINI Cooper S Convertible naturally remains open late at night. The distinctive blend of freedom and driving pleasure is a perfect match for the Swedish highlight of the summer season and on the return journey to Stockholm provides special moments that are just as memorable as the surreal light above the winding archipelago.

Free Summer Meals for Kids and Teens

 Summer 2023 Meal Site Location List

Antelope Valley YMCA
41820 N. 50th W, Quartz Hill, CA 93536
Program Dates 6/6 – 7/29/23
Closed Days 6/2/23, 6/19/23, 7/4/23
Meal Times 8:00A &11:00A

Children Mending Hearts
9900 Grape St., Los Angeles, CA 90002
Program Dates 6/12 – 8/4/23
Closed Date July 4
Meal Times 9:00A & 12:00P

City of La Mirada – Frontier Park
13212 Marquardt Ave., La Mirada, CA 90638
Program Dates 6/5 – 8/4/23
Closed Date July 4
Meal time 12:00P

City of La Mirada – Gardenhill
14435 Gardenhill Drive, La Mirada, CA 90638
Program Dates 6/5 – 8/4/23
Program Closed July 4
Meal Time 12:00P

City of La Mirada – Windmere
15261 Cheshire Street, La Mirada, CA 90638
Program Dates 6/5 – 8/4/23
Program Closed July 4
Meal Time 12:00P

Crenshaw Family YMCA
3820 Santa Rosalia Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90008
Program Dates 6/15 – 8/15/23
Meal Time 12:30P

Gardena-Carson Family YMCA
1000 Artesia Blvd., Gardena, CA 90248
Program Dates 6/12 – 8/11/23
Program Closed July 4
Meal Times 8:00A & 11:00A

Grant AME Church
10435 S Central Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90002
Program dates 6/19 – 7/21/23
Program Closed July 3-7, 2023
Meal times 8:00A, 12:30P, and 4:00P

St. Elizabeth School
1516 33rd Ave., Oakland, CA 94601
Program Dates 6/20 – 8/4/23
Program Closed July 3 – 4
Meal Times 8:00A & 12:00P

Personal Involvement Center
8220 S. San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, CA
Program Dates 6/19 – 8/11/23
Program Closed July 4
Meal Times 8:00A & 12:00P

Ranch Hills YMCA
2 Trabuco Pl., Pomona, CA 91766
Program Dates 6/2 – 8/9/23
Program Closed July 4th
Meal Times 9:00A, 12:00P & 3:30P

Salesian Family Youth Center
2228 E. 4th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033
Program Dates 6/19 – 8/4/23
Program Closed July 4
Meal Times 9:00A & 1:00P

San Pedro & Peninsula YMCA
301 S. Bandini St., San Pedro, CA 90731
Program Dates 6/12 – 8/11/23
Program Closed 7/4, Tentative. 7/3
Meal Time 12:00P

Santa Anita Family YMCA
501 Mountain Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016
Program Dates 6/12 – 8/11/23
Program Closed July 4
Meal Time 12:00P

SCDC – Southeast Community
6423 Florence Pl., Ste. 103, Bell Gardens, CA
Program Dates 6/20 – 8/4/23
Program Closed July 4 – July 8
Meal Times 9:00A & 12:00P

SCDC – Tech Center
4357 Gage Ave., Bell, CA 90201
Program Dates 6/19 – 8/4/23
Program Closed July 4 to July 8
Meal Times 9:00A & 12:00P

St. Anthony’s School
1500 E. 15th Street, Oakland, CA 94606
Program Dates 6/19 – 8/4/23
Program Closed July 3 – 4
Meal Times 7:30A & 12:00P

VSEDC South LA Best Buy Teen
6109 S. Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90047
Program Dates 7/5 – 8/10/23
Meal Times 1:00P

Weingart East Los Angeles
2900 Whittier Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90023
Program Dates 6/19 – 8/11/23
Closed Date 7/5/2023
Meal Times 9:15A & 12:00P

YMCA Wilmington YMCA
1127 N Avalon Blvd., Wilmington, CA 90744
Program Dates 6/19 – 8/10/23
Closed Dates July 4
Meal Times 8:00A & 11:45A

Thru Guidance Ministries Inc.
Kendal Troutman
Khiya Pervis at khiya@thruguidance.org



  • Children & Youth
  • Education
  • Food & Beverage
  • K-12 Education
  • Society

Sky Kids kicks-off summer holidays with new series of Let’s Game and so much more


With the summer holidays soon to be in full swing, Sky Kids has announced that Let’s Game is back with a brand-new series. And the fun doesn’t stop there, with plenty more brilliant shows in store to help keep the kids entertained and inspire creativity.

After the success of series 1, Let’s Game is back on screens and this time there’s even more gamers involved. YouTube stars Ruby Rube and The Kabs Family will join series 2, alongside DanTDM, Ethan Gamer, BlackPanthaa and Yammy, who return for more gaming fun. With a whopping combined subscriber’s base of 37.9 million on YouTube, kids will be able to see their favourite gamers take on epic challenges and journey through a series of adventures, as they play family-friendly titles including LEGO and Sonic, all in a safe space that parents can trust.

What’s more, Sky Kids is home to shows covering everything from gaming and music to arts and crafts and making and doing, providing the perfect summer camp all in one place.

There’s a huge variety of shows loved by children aged from 1-10. Kids (5+) can get dancing and singing along to the beat of KIDZ BOP, with 6 brand new episodes dropping on 9 August, while Tom Gates Makes and Draw With Will are on hand to help create a splash of colourful arts and crafts, teaching new arty skills this summer season. For the little ones (pre-school), The Makery is brilliant for exploring imagination, with episodes full of fantastic making and doing.

For families eager to get a bit messy in the kitchen, Ultimate Food Fun is just the show to inspire the invention of some incredibly edible creations to share with each other.

Lucy Murphy, Director of Sky Kids, said:“Summer holidays are a great opportunity to kick back, try new things and have fun as a family. We’re delighted to offer a summer line-up that will encourage creativity as well as providing brilliant entertainment for kids of all ages”.

Notes to Editors

  • Stills for Let’s Game s2, KIDZ BOP, Tom Gate Makes, Draw With Will and Ultimate Food Fun can be found on SEAC here
  • More content can be viewed on the Sky Kids YouTube channel here

About Sky Kids

  • Sky Kids is the home of award-winning original and exclusive shows and games, including The Brilliant World of Tom Gates, Moominvalley and Pip and Posy. The platform offers families eight dedicated kids’ channels, with favourite shows like PAW Patrol, Scooby Doo and Teen Titans Go!, as well as over 10,000 episodes of kids’ content on demand.  
  • Sky Kids content aims to entertain, educate and inspire children aged 1-10 and is available to watch on Sky Q, the Sky Kids app, Sky Glass, Sky Go and streaming service NOW.
  • Sky offers safe, child-friendly environments for kids to watch their favourite shows and play games. Through the Sky Kids app, parents can create personalised age profiles for their children, alongside a ‘sleep mode’ to moderate screen time. This is complemented by the pin protected Safe Mode on Sky Q, so there’s no danger of children straying into any areas of content that are not right for them”