Smart Gladiator Named 2022 Top Tech Startup by Food Logistics, Supply & Demand Chain Executive

This award spotlights top software and technology startups in the supply chain and logistics space.

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ATLANTADec. 23, 2022PRLogFood Logistics, the only publication exclusively covering the movement of product through the global cold food supply chain, and Supply & Demand Chain Executive, the only publication covering the entire global supply chain, selected Smart Gladiator LoadProof as one of this year’s Top Tech Startup, which spotlights top software and technology startups in the supply chain and logistics space.

This year’s winners play in a variety of different market sectors, however AI-powered automation and real-time transportation visibility make up a majority of the winners (35% and 33%, respectively) and bring in $1 million to $20 million-plus in revenue per year.

“From seed funding rounds to launching new solutions, many of today’s tech startups are poised to disrupt the supply chain space. They’re introducing new innovations, improving user experiences, and striving for that safer, smarter, more efficient supply chain,” says Marina Mayer, editor-in-chief of Food Logistics and Supply & Demand Chain Executive. “The future of the supply chain industry is directly impacted by the development of these new technologies, and I’m very excited to see what’s next for these winners.”

Three of the overall winners have been selected to present on Manifest’s Innovation Stage (, scheduled for Jan. 31-Feb. 2, 2023, and a number of the other winners will be featured in the Education Program. Recipients of this year’s award will also be profiled on and Go to to view the full list of Top Tech Startup winners.

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About Smart Gladiator Loadproof

SG LoadProof is a patent pending Centralized Enterprise Photo/Video Doc System on Cloud for Supply Chain. SG LP is built on the fact that photos & videos are vital docs as important as POs/SOs/Legal Contracts/Fulfillment Orders that reside in ERP/WMS/TMS systems, that serve as compelling, conclusive, unequivocal proof of crucial, critical, vital operations performed in Supply Chain within/across orgs when fulfilling customer orders as well as meeting contractual obligations between orgs as merchandise is transferred across different parties that partake in Supply Chain functions & operations. These photos/videos data should not be stored in someone’s Smartphone or Email Inbox or in their personal/work Computer, but should be stored in a Centralized Enterprise system, where such data can be pushed into super-fast, stored securely, accessible to all stake holders (CFO/Sales Reps/Customer Support/AR/AP), as well as facilitates super-fast retrieval/sharing. LP is an Enterprise System of record for Photo/Video docs & is as important as an ERP which is an enterprise system of record for POs, SOs, Legal Contracts between parties etc. that have huge legal ramifications, also as important as a WMS (Warehouse Management System) that hold indispensable shipment & fulfillment data on orders. LoadProof is an Enterprise system that holds photos/videos to serve as compelling, conclusive, unequivocal & indisputable proof that can be presented even in the court of law, when there is a dispute between parties while they perform many facets of the Supply Chain functions & operations. Click for a demo –

FLS – Fast Lean Smart UK Welcomes German Ambassador

 FLS – Fast Lean Smart UK welcomed The German Ambassador, Miguel Berger for a visit to its Northern Office at Sci-Tech Daresbury. The visit included a tour of the National Science and Innovation Campus, a specialist development for the ‘open innovation’ model of work across the commercial STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) sector.

FLS was introduced as a leading developer of AI and Machine Learning technology and FLS UK’s Senior Leadership Team discussed their progress since bringing the unique PowerOpt algorithm to the UK market in 2012.

“This was of particular interest to His Excellency,” said Jeremy Squire, Managing Director of FLS – FAST LEAN SMART UK. “PowerOpt began life in Cologne, Germany and continues as the bedrock of Europe’s leading field service scheduling and route planning software, FLS VISITOUR.

“FLS continues to grow and international collaboration maximises our ability to produce next generation, real-time solutions for the world stage. It was an honour to present our success with ‘open innovation’ and particularly fitting as we celebrate FLS’ 30th anniversary this year.”

His Excellency Miguel Berger commented, “An impressive visit to Sci-Tech Daresbury. Great to see how companies receive technological support by SCFT in order to further develop their products.”

FLS VISITOUR recently gained a listing on the UK Government’s G-Cloud framework and continues to win awards for innovation and supporting the transformation of its customers’ field operations, including Technology Innovation of the Year at the 2022 European Field Service Awards.


FAST LEAN SMART provides world-leading AI-powered technology across many sectors including housing, engineering, and manufacturing. Deploying its software FLS VISITOUR enables the intelligent optimisation of schedules and resources in real time, delivering more flexibility, route planning ability, and enormous cost savings.

FLS continues to grow throughout the UK, working with Amey Secure Infrastructure, Your Housing Group, Axis Europe PLC, T Brown Group, JLA Group and HomeServe, providing best-of-breed scheduling solutions.

A recent customer satisfaction survey ranked FLS among the highest rated field force scheduling on the market with a 9.6 out of 10 rating.

For more about FLS, visit:


James Alex Waldron

+44 1183 800189



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SAP Smart Air Purifiers Teams Up with NBDair to Attend IFA 2022 with All-In-One Smart Air Quality Systems Aimed at Minimizing Infection/COVID-19 While Saving Energy

 SAP Smart Air Purifiers and NBDAir are excited to introduce, at IFA 2022, Berlin, the AQ Air Quality Economizer for Schools and Meeting Spaces system. The system provides a means by which to closely monitor air quality through one simple-to-manage dashboard, to provide good air quality in classrooms and meeting spaces while saving energy substantially and minimizing infection risks (including COVID). SAP Smart Air Purifiers is a leading indoor air quality monitoring and control systems and solutions provider for classrooms and meeting spaces in schools, colleges, universities and buses. NBDAir is a leader in innovative and smart indoor air technology and products that allow customers and partners to create, operate, monitor, experience, manage, and connect safe and healthy indoor spaces with generated awareness and guided healthy behavior.

At IFA 2022, SAP Smart Air Purifiers will present the system with some of their equipment suppliers on the IFA 2022 show floor (Hall 25 – Booth 25-101-69A and Hall 9 – Booth 145A) and in their demo showroom just by the IFA Berlin Messe entrance. To schedule a visit at their showroom, call them at +49-151-23591785 or +1-818-825-8167.

Elements of the system include:

– The Economizer – Using AI (artificial intelligence) technology

– IOT Air Quality Controllers

– IOT Smart Air Purifiers Including the Aura Air

– IOT Smart Air/Heat Exchangers

– IOT Smart Signs

– IOT Smart Window Openers and Vents

– IOT Duct Air Sterilizer (COVID-19)

– The Enterprise AQ monitoring, control, and management remote center

– IOT School BMS

For more details, visit SAP Smart Air Purifiers’ website at

There are many ways to achieve good air quality and reduced infection rates, including COVID-19, while reducing energy usage. To review these options and how they actually affect good air quality, minimizing infection risk (including COVID-19) and increasing energy savings, visit–save-energy-monitoirng.html.

“We are happy to collaborate with NBDair, a leader in innovative and smart indoor air technology and products, utilizing their unique AI (artificial intelligence), among other things, to analyze indoor air health parameters,” says Tommy Orpaz, President of SAP Smart Air Purifiers. Mr. Orpaz further states that AQI (air quality index), ACH (air change rate per hour) and IRI (infection risk index) together make the indoor air health condition measurable, visible, actionable, and allow school facility executives and school district officials to monitor, from their dashboards, the air quality in each of their classrooms in real-time, in a reliable way.

“We are happy to work with SAP Smart Air Purifiers, a leading provider of technology solutions to schools,” says Yi Yan, CEO of NBDair, with many school installations nationwide. NBDAir’s multilevel smart class and smart space system has features such as central monitoring, control, optimization, analyzation, and management capability. NBDair’s welSPACE, in real-time, measures the indoor air health by all three parameters, AQI (air quality index), ACH (air change rate per hour), and IRI (infection risk index), together; and it uses AIoT for seamless integration with AI to drive self-learning, self-adaptation, and self-optimization. It is available for facility teams to monitor, analyze, control, and manage indoor air health at the enterprise level.

About SAP Smart Air Purifiers

Since 2007, Green Edge Systems (DBA: SAP Smart Air Purifiers), has been providing thousands of schools, colleges, universities and hospitals nationwide, with various innovative products and technology solutions, such as:

– Smart IoT Air Purifiers in Classrooms, Buses, RTO, Day Care, Retirement Facilities and Medical Practices (including COVID and Flu Sterilization)

– Air Duct IoT Air Conditioning Sterilization/Purification add-ons

– Air Purifier Filters

​- IoT Air Quality Monitoring and Energy Savings

– IoT Demand Control Ventilation (DCV)

– Energy Cost Savings Solutions for School Classrooms and Medical Practices

– IoT Heat Recovery Ventilation

About NBDair, Inc.

NBDair is an innovative and smart indoor air technology company, based in Boulder, Colorado, committed to providing smart and highly effective indoor air health and safety solutions that prevent coronavirus and various pandemic-level, infectious, and chronic diseases. NBDair’s welSPACE is a healthy space as service (HSPaaS) platform that provides customers and partners with solutions, products, and tools to create, operate, monitor, experience, manage, and connect safe, healthy, and comfortable indoor spaces. welSPACE innovates the indoor air experience while improving businesses and giving guests and employees peace of mind. welSPACE is a RESET Accredited Data Provider for RESET Projects and optionally allows RESET accreditation and certification for buildings and user spaces.


Sap Smart Air Purifiers

Woodland Hills, CA 91364

+1 818-825-8167


Boulder, Co

+1 303-800-4852

SAP Smart Air Purifiers

Tommy Orpaz

+1 818-825-8167


Air Quality, Infection Minimization and Energy Saving - GA/TX

Air Quality, Infection Minimization and Energy Saving - CO


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Hong Kong – LCQ13: Developing ”Smart Prison”

LCQ13: Developing ”Smart Prison”


     Following is a question by the Hon Elizabeth Quat and a written reply by the Secretary for Security, Mr Tang Ping-keung, in the Legislative Council today (June 15):


     It is learnt that currently more than half of the 29 correctional facilities managed by the Correctional Services Department (CSD) are over 40 years old, and the CSD has sought funding approval from this Council for many times to carry out improvement works for such facilities. Moreover, the CSD has started developing since 2019 a “Smart Prison” system which makes use of innovation and technology strategies to improve correctional facilities and process innovation. However, there are comments pointing out that the works for changing the existing obsolete facilities into smart prisons involve exorbitantly huge expenditure, and they are unable to solve the staff turnover and recruitment problems which are attributable to the remote locations and traditional supervision mode of the institutions. Therefore, the Government should resume the plan for a large-scale prison complex that has been shelved for many years, with a view to developing smart prison at a faster pace and lower costs, thereby enhancing management efficiency and retaining talents, as well as releasing the precious lands originally occupied by prisons for other purposes. In this connection, will the Government inform this Council:

(1) of the CSD’s plan to implement improvement and redevelopment works for the relevant institutions to address the ageing problem of existing correctional facilities;

(2) whether it has assessed (i) the expenditure to be incurred in converting the aforesaid 29 correctional facilities into smart prisons, and (ii) the expenditure to be incurred in building a large-scale smart prison complex, and if such a prison will boost management efficiency and ease the staff turnover problem; if so, of the details; if not, the reasons for that; and

(3) in order to resolve the problem of correctional officers having to go to work in remote areas, improve their working environment, reduce the maintenance expenses arising from ageing correctional facilities, and release the lands originally occupied for prisons for other purposes, whether the CSD will consider constructing under its redevelopment plan a full-fledged smart prison, instead of adding some smart elements to individual institutions; if so, of the details; if not, the reasons for that?



     In consultation with the Correctional Services Department (CSD), a consolidated reply to the Hon Quat’s question is as follows:

     The CSD is committed to providing a secure, safe, humane, decent and healthy custodial environment for persons in custody (PICs). The department has also been proactively developing “Smart Prison” through the implementation of innovation and technology strategies to modernise, informatise and humanise the management mode and process innovation of correctional institutions.

     Since some of the correctional facilities have been in operation for years, the CSD has been implementing various measures to improve those facilities to meet the needs of custodial and rehabilitation work, including installing electric locks security systems, upgrading the closed-circuit television systems, and promoting the development of “Smart Prison” by implementing innovation and technology projects in correctional institutions by phases. Drawing on the experience gained from the trial implementation of various technology projects, the CSD commenced renovation works at Tai Tam Gap Correctional Institution in 2019 in order to convert it into the first “Smart Prison” in Hong Kong, which has come into in operation since May 2021. Depending on its actual needs, the CSD will devise and implement improvement and redevelopment plans for the correctional facilities. At the same time, the CSD will proactively evaluate the experience and effectiveness of various “Smart Prison” projects in the past, and continue to introduce smart elements into various institutions by seizing the opportunities of facility improvement works, so as to modernise the operations of correctional facilities, with a view to enhancing the efficiency and security of prison management. Taking into account the effectiveness of different systems, and subject to factors such as feasibility and resources availability, the department will roll out innovation and technology projects in the short, medium and long term according to priorities. Therefore, the expenditure involved for the development of “Smart Prison” for all the 29 correctional facilities is currently unable to be estimated.

     In 2003, the CSD proposed to construct a “prison complex” at Hei Ling Chau. The proposal was eventually shelved in view of the public’s objection to the proposal and call for exploring alternative development plans to address the problem of prison overcrowding at that time. The CSD has no plan to construct a “prison complex” for the time being. As the expenditure involved in such proposal will be affected by various factors such as the selected site, scope of works, technical issues, the need for associated facilities, project plan and cost, it is difficult to provide an estimated expenditure at this stage. However, the Government is willing to listen to the views of the community on the idea of developing a “prison complex”. In fact, the planning and construction of every correctional institution is a substantial social investment. Any proposals to consolidate the existing correctional facilities should be carefully considered. Regarding the future prison development plan, institutional security will remain the first and foremost priority. Taking into account the actual needs and circumstances, the CSD will make a comprehensive assessment in considering feasible redevelopment and improvement works, thereby meeting the operational needs of the department. At this stage, as mentioned above, the CSD will proactively evaluate the experience and effectiveness of various “Smart Prison” projects in the past, and continue to introduce more suitable and innovative “Smart Prison” projects into various correctional institutions.

     On human resource planning, the CSD has adopted various staff retention measures, including enhancing custodial efficiency and institutional security through the application of technology and review of workflow, with a view to protecting correctional officers in safely carrying out law enforcement duties and the personal safety of PICs. The development of “Smart Prison” could optimise the current working environment, thereby ensuring a more humanised and safer environment for correctional officers to perform law enforcement duties. As some of the correctional institutions are located in remote areas and where public transport services are inadequate, the CSD provides transport for its staff between designated locations and the relevant correctional institutions, thereby reducing their commute time. Vessels are also arranged to transport staff working at institutions in Hei Ling Chau at nighttime. In addition, the CSD has enhanced staff training and arranged for their enrolment in various learning programmes. This would help enhance the professionalism of correctional staff, and staff members in the Assistant Officer grade may have greater chance of internal promotion and even apply for vacancies of the Officer grade. Moreover, the department has implemented year-round recruitment for the post of Assistant Officer II since February 2018 to replenish vacancies in a timelier and regular manner. The time required for each recruitment exercise has been significantly shortened from around nine months in the past to three months. On average, there are new recruits joining the CSD every month who will be arranged to undergo recruit training.

     The CSD will continue to implement measures on various fronts to enhance the overall standard of correctional services.

Quality Smart Solutions Announces a Free Webinar on the FDA and Health Canada (CFIA) Requirements to Sell Foods in North America

 The food and beverage industry contains online sales of packages and fresh foods (not baby food), delicacies, and beverages. It includes the sale of vegetables, fruit, snacks, pasta, refrigerated products, soft drinks, frozen food, alcoholic drinks, etc. Online shops, large supermarkets, and warehouse stores are the most significant channel for the online sale of food and beverage.

Food & Beverage is the second largest industry in Canada when it comes to production value. It is more than 16% of total manufacturing sales, contributing 2% of the national GDP. In the USA, the food and beverage industry has been projected to reach US$18,702m in 2020.

Regulatory Project Specialist, Kalpna Mistry, at Quality Smart Solutions said this regarding why getting products compliant for sale can be difficult: “Ensuring your food products are compliant with applicable regulations can be tricky. Not only do you need to have compliant and bilingual product labels in Canada, but there are specific requirements for importing as well.”

In this upcoming free webinar, Quality Smart Solutions will be answering the following questions:

What are the labeling requirements to sell food in Canada? (General overview so this doesn’t become a training tool on how to do their own label compliance work).

What are supplemented foods? What is a TMAL? The transition from this program to one that does not require a TMAL.

What are the requirements to export foods to Canada?

What are the labeling requirements to sell food in the USA?

How do you register my food facility with the FDA? What is a U.S Agent?

What is an FSVP Agent? What are their responsibilities?

How can QSS and QIS help me accomplish my goal to have a compliant food label to export to Canada and USA?

This free event will feature Quality Smart Solutions regulatory experts Mitch Kiernan and Dhreeti Kapoor.

Andrew Parshad President of Quality Smart Solutions said, “The demand for a variety of international foods increases with a diversified, multi-ethnic population, oversight by US and Canadian authorities has subsequently increased. The pathway to produce and import a food into North America has never been more complex with elevated monitoring and enforcement from government agencies. It is critical to ensure early planning and partnering with an experienced regulatory partner ensures there are no delays or costly detentions when entering these markets.”

About QSS:

Quality Smart Solutions is a Health Canada and FDA compliance solutions provider, having served over 1,400 clients and completed over 100,000 services over the past 16 years. Their compliance solutions cover dietary supplements, natural health products (NHPs), homeopathic, veterinary health products, supplemented and conventional foods, cosmetics, OTC drugs, medical devices, cannabis, and psychedelics.

Quality Smart Solutions is headquartered near Toronto, Ontario. For more information, visit


Phone Number: 1-800-396-5144

Quality Smart Solutions

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