The food and beverage industry contains online sales of packages and fresh foods (not baby food), delicacies, and beverages. It includes the sale of vegetables, fruit, snacks, pasta, refrigerated products, soft drinks, frozen food, alcoholic drinks, etc. Online shops, large supermarkets, and warehouse stores are the most significant channel for the online sale of food and beverage.

Food & Beverage is the second largest industry in Canada when it comes to production value. It is more than 16% of total manufacturing sales, contributing 2% of the national GDP. In the USA, the food and beverage industry has been projected to reach US$18,702m in 2020.

Regulatory Project Specialist, Kalpna Mistry, at Quality Smart Solutions said this regarding why getting products compliant for sale can be difficult: “Ensuring your food products are compliant with applicable regulations can be tricky. Not only do you need to have compliant and bilingual product labels in Canada, but there are specific requirements for importing as well.”

In this upcoming free webinar, Quality Smart Solutions will be answering the following questions:

What are the labeling requirements to sell food in Canada? (General overview so this doesn’t become a training tool on how to do their own label compliance work).

What are supplemented foods? What is a TMAL? The transition from this program to one that does not require a TMAL.

What are the requirements to export foods to Canada?

What are the labeling requirements to sell food in the USA?

How do you register my food facility with the FDA? What is a U.S Agent?

What is an FSVP Agent? What are their responsibilities?

How can QSS and QIS help me accomplish my goal to have a compliant food label to export to Canada and USA?

This free event will feature Quality Smart Solutions regulatory experts Mitch Kiernan and Dhreeti Kapoor.

Andrew Parshad President of Quality Smart Solutions said, “The demand for a variety of international foods increases with a diversified, multi-ethnic population, oversight by US and Canadian authorities has subsequently increased. The pathway to produce and import a food into North America has never been more complex with elevated monitoring and enforcement from government agencies. It is critical to ensure early planning and partnering with an experienced regulatory partner ensures there are no delays or costly detentions when entering these markets.”

About QSS:

Quality Smart Solutions is a Health Canada and FDA compliance solutions provider, having served over 1,400 clients and completed over 100,000 services over the past 16 years. Their compliance solutions cover dietary supplements, natural health products (NHPs), homeopathic, veterinary health products, supplemented and conventional foods, cosmetics, OTC drugs, medical devices, cannabis, and psychedelics.

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