Food waste smart recycling services resumed at around 2.30pm


     ​The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) announced that partial failure of the server of the food waste smart recycling platform was found at 12.30pm today (June 23), causing connection issues that temporarily disrupted the operation of some food waste smart recycling bins (FWSRBs) in public rental housing (PRH) estates and private housing premises.

     The EPD immediately instructed the contractor to switch the smart recycling platform to a backup server, and the service was resumed normal at 2.22pm.

     The EPD also contacted the relevant management offices of PRH estates and private housing premises to place traditional food waste collection bins next to the FWSRBs during the server failure such that residents can continue recycling food waste.

     An EPD spokesman said, “In response to this incident, the EPD has requested the contractors to submit an incident report within seven days and ensure that similar problems do not recur. We thank for the support of residents in participating in food waste recycling and apologise to all affected users.”