Hong Kong – Effective food waste solution

Effective food waste solution


     To encourage residents to practise separating their food waste at home so that it can be properly collected and recycled, the Environmental Protection Department has introduced smart recycling bins that have resulted in multiple green benefits, such as reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, while creating an opportunity for citizens to redeem points for gifts.

     News.gov.hk spoke with officers of the department to learn more about the smart recycling bins and how the strategy is helping the Government with its goal of raising awareness of the benefits of food waste recycling.
     The story is available at www.news.gov.hk/eng/feature today (July 9) in text and video format.

With this Toolkit, You Can Be a ‘Waste Hater’ Too


In honor of the most wonderful, delicious and giving time of the year, we’re dedicating this month’s Waste Hater to all our business partners who work to reduce waste by donating their surplus food to organizations in the community.

How much of an impact are they making?


We partnered with Great Forest to break down the impacts of treating food as waste, and conversely, the benefits of rethinking your system in this simple, albeit comprehensive guide. The zine includes business opportunities, case studies and good ol’ data.

Companies who audit waste patterns, work towards source reduction and redirect food to nonprofits generate cost savings along with environmental and social good.

And there are a lot of creative ways businesses’ have approached the mission!

Have a look at the benefits in our super cool toolkit, and start being a Waste Hater today. #jointheclub

Learn more about Great Forest on their website.

And find out about Replate here!

Platform Waste Solutions Restoring Service Quality to Former Red River Customers


Throughout the drawn-out Red River bankruptcy we were working quietly behind the scenes to understand all the underlying service issues and to formulate a sound action plan that would allow us to hit the ground running.”

Platform Waste Solutions, LLC has acquired the assets of Red River Waste Solutions via Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Platform Waste Solutions is a portfolio company of Denver-based Platform Capital. Municipality contracts with Union City, KY, Nashville, TN, Del Rio, TX and Huntsville, AL were among the assets acquired, expanding Platform Waste’s operational footprint throughout IL, TN, KY, TX and AL.

“This transaction was stuck in court much longer than anyone expected, but once the acquisition was finalized in August, we wasted no time restoring consistent, quality customer service to former Red River customers,” stated Jake Walker, a Platform Capital partner and business turnaround specialist. “Throughout the drawn-out Red River bankruptcy we were working quietly behind the scenes to understand all the underlying service issues and to formulate a sound action plan that would allow us to hit the ground running.”

Walker credits Platform Waste Solutions’ strength of capital, leveraging of talent acquisition strategies and contract negotiation skills as contributing to immediate and measurable improvements in customer satisfaction. Continued improvements will come from capital investments in the fleet, management information systems and daily communication standards that address service issues in real time, he said.

“We are grateful to all parties involved for giving Platform Waste Solutions the opportunity to welcome and serve these communities in the manner they deserve,” stated Chris Bix, CEO. “We are a company that keeps its promises and we look forward to building good will through good service and relationship building.”

Use of Plastic Waste in Iron and Steel Industries will Generate Wealth from the Waste; Union Steel Minister Ram Chandra Prasad Singh

 Union Minister of Steel, Shri Ram Chandra Prasad Singh has said that Iron and Steel Industry will play a vital role towards making this planet pollution free .   He was addressing the inaugural session of the Plastic Recycling Conference ,Asia 2.0 at Gurugram today. The Minister added that  together we must ensure the healthy quality  of air, water and food.  He said that  working on developing clean and green steel ,decarbonisation and carbon neutral with a planned manner will be beneficial for our future .

Shri Singh further said that the use  of plastic waste in place of coking and non coking coal will  be helpful to reduce  pollution and convert the waste in to  wealth .It will be in the interest of all the people associated with it and everyone will win. Recycling plastic will reduce pollution, help steel industry reduce coking coal imports and create new employment opportunities.”



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Hong Kong – Turning food waste into energy

Turning food waste into energy


     O.PARK1, the first organic resources recovery centre in Hong Kong which converts food waste into electricity, opened its visitor centre to the public in March by offering guided tours to promote a food wise and waste less culture and encourage food waste reduction at source.

     News.gov.hk spoke to representatives of the Environmental Protection Department and the visitor centre to learn about the tour’s activities and O.PARK1’s operations.

     The story is available at www.news.gov.hk/eng/feature today (September 12) in text and video format.