Use of Plastic Waste in Iron and Steel Industries will Generate Wealth from the Waste; Union Steel Minister Ram Chandra Prasad Singh

 Union Minister of Steel, Shri Ram Chandra Prasad Singh has said that Iron and Steel Industry will play a vital role towards making this planet pollution free .   He was addressing the inaugural session of the Plastic Recycling Conference ,Asia 2.0 at Gurugram today. The Minister added that  together we must ensure the healthy quality  of air, water and food.  He said that  working on developing clean and green steel ,decarbonisation and carbon neutral with a planned manner will be beneficial for our future .

Shri Singh further said that the use  of plastic waste in place of coking and non coking coal will  be helpful to reduce  pollution and convert the waste in to  wealth .It will be in the interest of all the people associated with it and everyone will win. Recycling plastic will reduce pollution, help steel industry reduce coking coal imports and create new employment opportunities.”



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Hong Kong – Turning food waste into energy

Turning food waste into energy


     O.PARK1, the first organic resources recovery centre in Hong Kong which converts food waste into electricity, opened its visitor centre to the public in March by offering guided tours to promote a food wise and waste less culture and encourage food waste reduction at source. spoke to representatives of the Environmental Protection Department and the visitor centre to learn about the tour’s activities and O.PARK1’s operations.

     The story is available at today (September 12) in text and video format.

Hong Kong – LegCo to consider Waste Disposal (Charging for Municipal Solid Waste) (Amendment) Bill 2018

LegCo to consider Waste Disposal (Charging for Municipal Solid Waste) (Amendment) Bill 2018


The following is issued on behalf of the Legislative Council Secretariat:

     The Legislative Council (LegCo) will hold a meeting on Wednesday (August 25) at 11am in the Chamber of the LegCo Complex. During the meeting, the Second Reading debate on the Waste Disposal (Charging for Municipal Solid Waste) (Amendment) Bill 2018 will resume. If the Bill is supported by Members and receives its Second Reading, it will stand committed to the committee of the whole Council. After the committee of the whole Council has completed consideration of the Bill and its report is adopted by the Council, the Bill will be set down for the Third Reading.

     The Legal Practitioners (Amendment) Bill 2021 and the Ocean Park Corporation (Amendment) Bill 2021 will also resume. If the Bills are supported by Members and receive their Second Reading, they will stand committed to the committee of the whole Council. After the committee of the whole Council has completed consideration of the Bills and their reports are adopted by the Council, the Bills will be set down for the Third Reading.

     On Members’ motions, Mr Luk Chung-hung will move a motion on protecting the rights and interests of platform workers. The motion is set out in Appendix 1. Mr Kwok Wai-keung and Mr Poon Siu-ping will move separate amendments to Mr Luk’s motion.

     Mr Paul Tse will move a motion on responding decisively to foreign countries’ interference in Hong Kong’s affairs. The motion is set out in Appendix 2.

     Meanwhile, Members will ask the Government 22 questions on various policy areas, six of which require oral replies.

     The agenda of the above meeting can be obtained via the LegCo Website ( Members of the public can watch or listen to the meeting via the Webcast system on the LegCo Website. To observe the proceedings of the meeting at the LegCo Complex, members of the public may call 3919 3399 during office hours to reserve seats.

Reduce Your Waste and Carbon Footprint by Washing Your Dishes with Solide!

Solide! offers practical, ecological, economical and sustainable solutions. 100% Natural Origin, 100% Biodegradable and 100% Vegan.

BRISTOL, U.K.June 2, 2021PRLog — Consumers concerned with reducing their impact on the environment and taking care of their health will be happy to discover the one of a kind Solide! Washing-up Cake – a solid form, plastic-free replacement for traditional washing-up liquid with ECOCERT certified ingredients. Free from preservatives and chemicals, the Solide! Washing-up Cake is much less harmful to fauna and flora. Just as effective, or even more so, than a classic product, the Solide! Washing-up Cake allows you to effectively clean, degrease, and make your dishes shine without leaving any traces. Super-efficient, long-lasting, distributed without packaging, and more aesthetic than a plastic bottle – Solide! has it all.

“It’s the first truly ecological and efficient washing-up product, made in an eco-responsible way from organic ingredients only.” Say Donatien and Simon (The Solide! Founders).

Solide! aims to work for the future of people and the planet, with the ambition of helping everyone make more sustainable choices in their everyday lives, and eliminating waste created by washing up. All of the products are eco-responsible alternatives to traditional products and are made with organic certified materials. By choosing a Solide! product you are choosing to do good for our planet, your wallet and your health.

The Solide! adventure began in June 2020 in Brittany (France). Two determined Bretons were aware of the environmental emergency and were motivated to make a change. Solide! has become a great success. The brand currently has around fifty partner stores across France which market their simple, ecological, economical, easily accessible, and sustainable solutions.

The Solide! story continues to the UK with Tiphaine, the sister of Donatien, who has been living in the UK for 8 years. As an ambitious International Business Management graduate and entrepreneur, she wants to use the skills she has developed to positively impact the world. She is passionate about finding solutions to save the planet and its oceans from plastic pollution. Determined to make a positive difference for the environment, she has been working hard to launch Solide! The Zero Waste Life here in the UK.

“When my brother told me about the idea for Solide! with a mission of creating sustainable solutions, I knew I had to jump on board.” Says Tiphaine enthusiastically.

Solide! truly revolutionises washing-up; as well as the Washing-up Cake, Solide! have also designed durable and zero-waste accessories to replace traditional sponges and cleaning cloths. All of the accessories are made from certified materials including wood certified FSC/PEFC, organic cotton certified GOTS, and recycled fabrics. The young company wishes to replicate the French business model here in the UK. Making the solutions readily available to everyone, everywhere, in bulk, without any packaging… and at the best price!

You can support Solide! today and help make this exciting project a reality by contributing to the rewards-based crowdfunding campaign which is up and running for 5 weeks, ending on Monday 21st of June. You will also do your bit for the planet by no longer purchasing single-use plastic washing-up bottles. Be an eco-conscious consumer and do good for the planet with Solide!

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