In honor of the most wonderful, delicious and giving time of the year, we’re dedicating this month’s Waste Hater to all our business partners who work to reduce waste by donating their surplus food to organizations in the community.

How much of an impact are they making?


We partnered with Great Forest to break down the impacts of treating food as waste, and conversely, the benefits of rethinking your system in this simple, albeit comprehensive guide. The zine includes business opportunities, case studies and good ol’ data.

Companies who audit waste patterns, work towards source reduction and redirect food to nonprofits generate cost savings along with environmental and social good.

And there are a lot of creative ways businesses’ have approached the mission!

Have a look at the benefits in our super cool toolkit, and start being a Waste Hater today. #jointheclub

Learn more about Great Forest on their website.

And find out about Replate here!