The Future of Finance: Jason Simon Explores How FinTech is Redefining the Industry

Explore the future of finance with Jason Simon as he navigates the innovative impacts of FinTech on the global financial industry.

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The financial sector stands at the precipice of an unprecedented revolution, with FinTech innovations steering the direction toward a future where finance is not merely a transaction but an integrated experience. Jason Simon, a notable expert in the FinTech realm, unravels the myriad of ways in which technology is reshaping the global financial landscape, ensuring that businesses and individuals alike are aptly navigating through the modernized financial epoch.

FinTech: The Financial Vanguard

With a robust amalgamation of finance and technology, FinTech endeavors to enhance financial activities through advanced applications, processes, products, or business models. Simon, with profound expertise in the domain, distills complex FinTech architectures into tangible, comprehensible insights. He asserts, FinTech is not merely a technological advancement but a financial evolution, curating a future where financial efficacy and technological efficiency are indistinguishable.

Pillars of FinTech Evolution:

1. Democratization of Finance: Bridging gaps and enhancing accessibility across various financial strata.

2. Integrated Financial Experience: Forging a seamless interaction between diverse financial facets.

3. Enhanced Security Protocols: Fortifying financial dealings through advanced cybersecurity measures.

4. Intelligent Financial Solutions: Harnessing AI, blockchain, and data analytics to inform financial decisions and strategies.

In the Throes of Financial Renaissance with Simon

In an era where technology dictates the pulse and direction of industries, Simon demystifies the enigmatic world of FinTech through:

a. Insightful Discourses: Comprehensive analyses of FinTech innovations, impacts, and trajectories.

b. Interactive Webinars: Engaging sessions that navigate through the FinTech landscape, ensuring informed adaptation.

c. Consultative Guidance: Tailoring FinTech integrations to align with specific business paradigms and objectives.

Jason Simon: Charting Financial Frontiers

Through a lens that seamlessly blends financial acumen with technological expertise, Simon decodes, demystifies, and delineates a path that ensures businesses are not mere spectators but active participants in the FinTech evolution.

About Jason Simon

Jason Simon is a FinTech and digital payments specialist passionate about cryptocurrencies, having engaged with them since their inception. He avidly follows developments in the ever-evolving financial landscape, mainly digital currencies potential for transforming global commerce.

Brand Finance makes major new hire: Mike Rocha joins as Chief Commercial Officer


Brand Finance, the worlds leading brand valuation consultancy, today announced the appointment of Mike Rocha as Chief Commercial Officer. In this newly created role, Rocha will be responsible for spearheading Brand Finances continued growth across its Research, Valuation and Strategy consulting practices.

Rocha brings over 20 years of experience in brand valuation and strategic brand management. He specialises in assignments that require brand-led growth, brand-related cost savings, brand-based negotiations and transactions, and expert witness work for disputes.

Rocha originally cut his teeth at Brand Finance, where he spent 10 years as a senior director, and re-joins from Interbrand, where he was Managing Director of Brand Economics.

Mike is a highly experienced and respected leader, who Im delighted is returning to join our leadership team, said Richard Haigh, Group Managing Director. He has a proven track record of success in growing brands and delivering results for clients. His depth of experience will be invaluable as we continue to deepen and expand our client relationships and global footprint.

Rocha said he is excited to join Brand Finance to support its next phase of growth. Brand Finance is the leading brand valuation consultancy, he said. Im very excited about the opportunity to build on its success, helping clients around the world unlock the full value of their brands.

Brand Finances brand valuation database is unrivalled, which, together with data from its Global Brand Equity Monitor research, will give me unique and powerful data to share with clients and generate insights and recommendations that we can be confident will enhance brand and business value, said Rocha.

About Brand Finance

Brand Finance is the worlds leading brand valuation consultancy. Bridging the gap between marketing and finance for more than 25 years, Brand Finance evaluates the strength of brands and quantifies their financial value to help organizations of all kinds make strategic decisions.

Headquartered in London, Brand Finance has offices in over 20 countries, offering services on all continents. Every year, Brand Finance conducts more than 5,000 brand valuations, supported by original market research, and publishes over 100 reports which rank brands across all sectors and countries.

Brand Finance also operates the Global Brand Equity Monitor, conducting original market research annually on over 5,000 brands, surveying more than 150,000 respondents across 38 countries and 31 industry sectors. Combining perceptual data from the Global Brand Equity Monitor with data from its valuation database enables Brand Finance to arm brand leaders with the data and analytics they need to enhance brand and business value.

Brand Finance is a regulated accountancy firm, leading the standardization of the brand valuation industry. Brand Finance was the first to be certified by independent auditors as compliant with both ISO 10668 and ISO 20671 and has received the official endorsement of the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB) in the United States.

Hong Kong – Ministry of Finance issues Renminbi Sovereign Bonds through Central Moneymarkets Unit of Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Ministry of Finance issues Renminbi Sovereign Bonds through Central Moneymarkets Unit of Hong Kong Monetary Authority


The following is issued on behalf of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority:
     The Ministry of Finance will issue Renminbi Sovereign Bonds through the Central Moneymarkets Unit of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA). Please find attached the tender notice and the tender information memorandum of the Renminbi Sovereign Bonds to be issued by the Ministry of Finance. Please also find attached the tender-related information provided by the Issuing and Lodging Agent through the HKMA.

1st Finance & Central Bank Deputies Meeting under the G20 Presidency of India scheduled in Bengaluru on Tuesday

The first G20 Finance and Central Bank Deputies (FCBD) meeting is scheduled to be held during 13-15 December 2022 in Bengaluru. This meeting, which will mark the start of discussions on the Finance Track agenda under the Indian G20 Presidency, will be hosted jointly by the Ministry of Finance and the Reserve Bank of India.

The G20 Finance Track, led by Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors of G20 countries, focuses on economic and financial issues. It provides an effective forum for global economic discourse and policy coordination. The First Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting will be held during 23-25 February 2023 in Bengaluru.

Hon’ble Prime Minister said in his address at the Bali G20 Summit that the need today is that the benefits of development are universal and all-inclusive. Ministry of Finance has imbibed this idea in the  G20 Finance Track agenda. He has also given us a vision that India will strive to ensure that the G20 acts as a global “prime mover” to envision new ideas and accelerate collective action over the next one year.

The upcoming meeting of G20 Finance and Central Bank Deputies will be co-chaired by Mr Ajay Seth, Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs and Dr Michael D. Patra, Deputy Governor of RBI. Their counterparts from G20 member countries, and from several other countries and international organisations invited by India, will participate in the two-day meeting.

The G20 Finance Track discusses key issues of relevance for the global economy, encompassing the global economic outlook, the international financial architecture, infrastructure development and financing, sustainable finance, global health, international taxation and financial sector issues, including financial inclusion.

In the Bengaluru meeting, discussions will focus on the agenda for the Finance Track under the Indian G20 Presidency. This includes reorienting international financial institutions to meet the shared global challenges of the 21st century, financing cities of tomorrow, managing global debt vulnerabilities, advancing financial inclusion and productivity gains, financing for climate action and SDGs, a globally coordinated approach to unbacked crypto assets and advancing the international taxation agenda.

On the sidelines of the meeting, a panel discussion will be held on ‘Strengthening Multilateral Development Banks to Address Shared Global Challenges of the 21st Century’. A seminar on the ‘Role of Central Banks in Green Financing’ will also be held.

The Indian G20 Presidency’s theme of ‘One Earth One Family, One Future’ will guide the G0 Finance Track discussions. Approximately 40 meetings of the Finance Track will be held in several locations in India, which include meetings of G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors. The discussions in the G20 Finance Track will ultimately be reflected in the G20 Leaders’ Declaration.

India has assumed the G20 Presidency at a time of multiple challenges, which include scarring from the COVID-19 pandemic, sharpened geopolitical tensions, rising food and energy security concerns, growing debt distress, inflationary pressures, and monetary tightening, among others. A key role of the G20 is to provide guidance in dealing with such challenges.

During India’s G20 Presidency, supporting the countries most in need and reflecting the concerns and aspirations of developing countries will be at the forefront of the G20’s efforts. The Ministry of Finance and the Reserve Bank of India will steer the G20 Finance Track agenda in an inclusive manner aimed at addressing the global economic needs of today as well as preparing for a better tomorrow.



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Access to Finance in partnership with Barclays: an overview of the three events


During November and the start of this month, Ukie teamed up with Barclays to deliver three Access to Finance sessions, bringing together financial experts and games businesses to think about their investments, access to funding and resilience for the upcoming year.

Our first session hosted online was simply – access to finance. For many games businesses, especially those early in their growth, it can be difficult to know where funding can be accessed and how to apply. Barclays explained how to access VGTR while Harbottle & Lewis discussed Angel, Venture Capital and governmental funding. We then had a fantastic panel of three studios – Arrogant Pixel, Glitchers and Sketchbook Games who discussed their journey with business funding, which by they end they ended up helping each other in addition to the audience! Certainly one of the most entertaining panels you’ll probably find on the internet about business funding for games.

Check out the full webinar here:

Our second session hosted in Barclays Moorgate London, focussed on long-term investments. We had talks from the London Stock Exchange about floating on the stock exchange, Barclays and Harbottle & Lewis discussed one of the biggest topics in the industry – mergers and acquisitions. Our session finished with a cosy chat with Nick Button-Brown from Laughing Pig.

If you couldn’t attend, never fear, you can watch the whole session here:

Finally, we went back online to discuss how potential economic turmoil may affect games business. We invited Savills who discussed the future of a physical office, spoiler, location is more important than ever when thinking hybrid work. Before moving onto Connor Broadly who discussed how businesses could use employee benefits to increase staff financial and general wellbeing. Finally, Barclays and Kriya (previously Market Finance) talked about debt management and FX.

Check out the full session here:

Thank you to everyone who attended. A key take away from this series is don’t be afraid to talk about finances. There are many companies out there to assist when you don’t know where to start or what do, certainly reach out if you need assistance or guidance. Coming soon is an Access to Finance guide from Harbottle & Lewis which will be shared widely on Ukie networks.