The COVID19 has forced economies to adapt to the new conditions of social distancing, and to quickly react to the problems which effects have been exacerbated by the pandemic, such as the lack of financial inclusion. This has led governments around the world to adhere themselves to the trend of adopting new and innovative financial technologies as an integral part of their systems. While countries like China, Canada and Australia had already taken a step in this direction in the last few years, in 2020, a lot more have begun experimenting with distributed ledger technologies (DLT) for various purposes and intents.

This landscape poses yet another opportunity for Konzortia Capital to expand. The Konzortia Capital Distributed Ledger (KDLC) is designed with inclusivity in mind, to cater to the necessities of all financial actors, from individual consumers and investors to companies of all sizes, industries and jurisdictions, as well as banks, governments and regulators. It is the perfect technological framework for countries looking to expand and innovate upon their financial systems.

The launch of the MVP of SBank could mean a step towards a future in which financial technologies becomes a normal part of everyday financial transactions, not just for savvy individual users but for large institutions as well. SBank’s main feature relies in granting its users the ability to carry out money transfers in real time, in any currency, from and to any country in the world. This is possible thanks to the use of cutting-edge distributed ledger technologies which enable the automation of processes like transaction settlements and verifications, potentially making financial systems much more efficient with highly liquid assets.

Konzortia Capital has many exciting new prospects for the near future, especially with how fast the world is moving towards a shift in the dynamics of financial systems and institutions. In mere months, the users of the SBank platform will be able to enjoy faster, easier and feeless global transactions with many complementary features including contactless payments, digital debit and credit cards, a chat functionality and much more. We encourage those who may be interested in becoming a part of this exciting project to visit for more information. Follow our newsletter for the latest news about the company and the industry.