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Marshal Islands, 14, May 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol DEUS Finance has announced the launch of combined Stake & Yield rewards to its DeFi ecosystem. The development is expected to transform the DeFi protocol and provide a new type of earning opportunity for DeFi users.

New reward product launched for DEUS ecosystem

The Stake & Yield system offers a novel dual-reward mechanism that allows users to optimize their earning potentials on the DEUS Finance ecosystem. This adds a new strategic option for users to increase returns on their capital.

The Stake strategy is similar to the previously used staking system where stakers lock liquidity for rewards. Stakers can choose to lock supported tokens (sDEA, sDEUS, TIME, sUNI, and BPT) in the DEUS Vault for a share of trading fees on the DEUS trading platforms. The amount of reward received is proportional to the amount of capital staked in the vault.

The Yield strategy allows users to borrow the ETH value of staked tokens and stake on external farming protocols like Yearn Finance. This allows users to easily access capital that otherwise would not have been available to maximize their earning opportunities. The amount of ETH that can be borrowed is based on the current value of staked DEA, minus slippage.

The new Stake & Yield strategy combines the features of those individual products to offer a uniquely optimized reward system. Users deposit and stake their tokens in the DEUS Vaults, providing liquidity and earning interest from trading fees. The ETH value of the staked tokens can be borrowed and withdrawn from the DEUS treasury and used to farm on external protocols.

This way, users can increase their risk/reward and expand their earning opportunities without additional capital. DEUS finance will initially allow users to utilize the yield strategy on leading farming protocol Yearn Finance. Yearn is regarded as one of the safest platforms in the DeFi space and provides users multiple options for earning yields with their capital.

DEUS also revealed plans to add new strategies in the future and increase potential earning opportunities for users. The DeFi protocol also noted that it was considering adding support for Alpha Homorra and Alpaca Finance for its Yield strategy.

DEUS Finance has additionally deployed a flexible new Vault Exit System that will allow users to enter and exit vaults without affecting the collateral system. This provides a mechanism whereby users can exit the DEUS Vault before the 6-month lock period expires. When a user activates the Vault Exit, a set amount of sDEA/sDEUS from the user’s stake is burnt daily, enabling the staker to claim their equivalent daily value in DEA tokens right away.

Currently, the Exit Vault process takes 90 days to complete and supports single token Vaults (sDEA/sDEUS), but the DEUS team is working on reducing the turnaround to just 14 days. DEUS Finance will extend the functionality in the coming months to enable users to convert their BPT tokens to sDEA.

About DEUS Finance

DEUS Finance is a next-generation DeFi platform that supports the tokenization of real-world assets on the blockchain. DEUS allows anyone to trade cryptocurrencies and real-world assets like stocks and commodities on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can trade stocks like Tesla, AMC, and Gamestop and swap tokens on its trading platforms. DEUS also has vaults and staking dApps where users can stake their liquidity provider tokens for rewards. Over $72 million have been locked in the supported vaults, and DEUS finance has a TVL of $237 million. To learn more about DEUS Finance, visit the website and medium.