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Ampliz, the self serve database management and prospecting platform has launched a free and ready to use LinkedIn email extractor called AmpSync. It is designed to make prospecting easy and fast. It adds directly to your Chrome browser and allows you to sync up with LinkedIn seamlessly to extract vital verified email addresses.

AmpSync LinkedIn email extractor

With the need to ramp up prospecting and get verified email addresses quickly, tapping into big resources such as LinkedIn for lead generation is the best way forward. Ampliz has designed and launched the AmpSync LinkedIn email extractor. It directly syncs up with LinkedIn from your browser and you are able to get the email address of the profile you are looking at.

All you need to do is go to the Chrome app store from your Chrome browser, search for AMPSYNC and add the extension to your browser. Login to your LinkedIn account, search for the profile you want the email address for and run the AMPSYNC extension in your browser. If you are already logged into your Ampliz account, click on AmpSync icon on the LinkedIn page, you will get the profiles email address in a new tab.

AmpSync is free and all you need is a free trial login account with Ampliz, which is available on