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July, 2018 – When it comes to outdoor heating options, you have so many to choose from that it may be a little overwhelming to make a decision.

Read on to understand more about the different styles, fuel types and options available.

Patio Heaters

Patio Heaters are an interesting way to bring warmth to your outdoor spaces. The most popular patio heater styles are the free-standing, the wall mounted and the table tops.

Freestanding Patio Heaters

The Floor-Standing heaters are a new revolution in outdoor heating. There are different options that run on propane, house-hold electric current or . These patio heaters do not produce harmful emissions or toxic residuals. Many can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are designed to heat a large open space and can be easily moved around, for example, the Alta Floor Standing Halogen Patio Heater and the Fire Sense powder aqua blue coated heater.

Wall Mounted Heaters

Wall mounted heaters are a good idea if you want the heater to provide warmth yet stay out of the way. Check out the heavy duty Black Steel Wall Mounted Infrared Patio Heater from Fire Sense. It operates at 90% heating efficiency, and runs on regular household electric current, making it significantly less ex pensive than propane heaters.

Table Top Heaters

Table top heaters are portable and great for decks, screened porches, patios or any outdoor space where heat is needed on a chilly day or evening.

Hanging Heaters

Perfect for overhead heating, hanging halogen patio heaters run on regular household electric and prove significantly less expensive than traditional gas patio heaters. This heater is perfect for over-head heating.

Space Heaters

These compact and portable yet sturdy heaters are perfect to keep next to your recliner or atop your patio table. These heaters can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Fire Pits and Bowls

Fire pits and bowls are yet another classic way of adding light and warmth to your patio or outdoor space. Fire pits are unique, attention grabbers that quickly attract everyone’s attention as they warm up around it. They come in wood-burning and gas-burning options.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Fireplaces are classic additions to an outdoor area. They bring warmth along with the awesome crackle of an open fire. Nothing beats the feeling you get while watching the flames, toasting marshmallows and cuddling with a loved one next to a fireplace. You can choose from wood-burning, gas and electric outdoor fireplaces.

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