Being a versatile Minneapolis hip-hop artist, BIGGA N38TE knows exactly how to resonate with the masses and it is time to explore his creations that make him stand out.

Minneapolis, Minnesota May 13, 2024 (  – Hip-hop has been spreading many wings with new styles and the contributions of emerging artists. It has been clear to the audience that rappers can speak for the masses and their emotions. Introducing BIGGA N38TE, one of the top emerging rappers from Minneapolis, US, who is making a difference with the creative hip-hop style. Taking a fair look at his musical collection shows that the rapper is capable of channelling his raw emotions through his tracks which makes them more organic and relatable. While many like to show off a swanky style, Bigga is more into an emotive and hard-hitting lyrical approach that speaks of life. 

Some of his songs like ‘SNWFLAKE’, ‘YU WHO’, ‘P1SSED 0FF’, etc show that each song comes with different shades and storytelling which make them even more unique. This Minneapolis hip-hop artist possesses a unique vocal style with a slumberous effect that makes his rapping more hooky and captivating. With an amazing flow of rhyme and lyrics, each of his hip-hop tracks creates an impactful experience. The strong bars are also noticeable in the other tracks like ‘MEUS’, ‘KIM PO$$IBLE’, ‘SAMUS’, etc to name some. 

When it comes to the musical arrangement, N38TE likes to meander to the soft digital grooves that come with bass-heavy beats. There is a head-bopping essence as well as laid-back vibes which makes hip-hop track a perfect treat for everyone. Check out his other tracks like ‘SATTELITES’, ‘THERAPIST’, ‘JUST LIKE THAT’,  and others which are the perfect example of his consistency and determination to his craft. Follow BIGGA N38TE on SoundCloud to explore his musical collection. While he is mostly busy expanding his musical arsenal, this talented rapper can be also found on Instagram. Follow him to get more updates.

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