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Houston, Texas (June 26, 2018) – Professional Protection and Investigations (PPI), Houston TX, is revolutionizing the security landscape in America. Having provided security for some of the top companies and influencers in America; managing over 300 executive/ dignitaries protective details, PPI has positioned herself as the go-to security company in the United States and one of the top security companies in Houston TX.

PPI is a licensed private security company founded and operated by two former career police officers with experience spanning decades. The company is regulated and licensed through the Texas Department of Public Safety, has dedicated herself to guaranteeing the safety of the lives and properties of the clients. With adequate experience honed from encountering real world scenarios and a dedicated staff of professionals trained to sense potential threats and effectively nullify them, contracting PPI would guarantee protection.

Never has there been a professional security services in Houston, TX that has gone about their operations with as much serenity and effectiveness as PPI. The excellence of PPI’s operations is further illustrated in the range of services they offer. Some of the key components of PPI’s services include Executive, VIP protection, security, patrol services, private investigation, security consulting, and intelligence capabilities.

Furthermore, PPI provides both armed and unarmed security guards and services and in a world far immersed in the digital age, brands have been hugely impressed by PPI’s social media investigators in Houston TX who have seamlessly adapted to the contemporary age, and are employing a range of technology to sniff out potential threats for its clientele.

Companies and individuals doing business in America have been gobsmacked by PPI’s services as a service far exceeding their expectations. Many have been so satisfied with the quality of PPI’s services that they have taken out time to gush about the company on testimonials and security reviews. PPI has gained a plethora of referrals from their very happy clients, who have never felt safer doing business in America.

An impressed client, Luke B. perfectly elucidates PPI’s quality of service describing it as “smooth, responsive, attentive and professional”.

About Professional Protections and Investigations:

Professional protections and investigations is a liscensed private security company in Houston Texas that specializes in security, protection and investigative services.

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