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Natural Food or Freshly cooked food for pets in India is still an unorganized market, but carries tremendous potential. Most individuals think that unlike other startups, this requires little work and meager investment. This couldn’t be farther from the truth!

The advancements in the pet industry and an increase in the number of pets and pet owners have made it important for businesses like ours to come up with innovative concepts that are beneficial for the pets as well as their owners. Most Indian pet parents prefer home cooked meals for their furry companions over kibble. But due to time restraints and other factors are often unable to cook well-balanced and nutritious meals for their fur babies all by themselves. This is where Woof yums Yums steps in.

Pet parents need to be made aware of the benefits of the product and the ingredients comprising of their kids’ meals. A thorough research based on geographical and economic conditions, general acceptance and high level of hygiene is required to finally get into the business of providing natural pet food to your fur buddies.

It all started with a vision.
Driven by a passion and will to provide the best freshly cooked and balanced meals for our voiceless friends, we embarked on the mission to set up Woof yumsYums. Way back in the year, 2015, the idea to launch Woof Yums, India’s best professionally managed Start up to create a revolution of feeding freshly cooked food was conceived. We started with an old dog, who had difficulty in ingesting food due to his severed tongue. He was our first benefactor. And we promised to provide him free meals for a lifetime.
In the year 2018, we crossed the 300 mark of dispatching meal boxes everyday all across Delhi NCR. The demand went up to such an extent that we had to shift our office and kitchen hours backwards. Now, instead of 6am we started working from 3:30am – All because we could not delay our dispatch time, as the concept of fresh food would lose its USP.

Looking at the overwhelming response which resulted in a waiting period of one month, we sat to work out our future tactics. There were queries for franchise outlets all over India but it was noted that everybody wanted a piece of the pie without actually deserving it. Franchise module is based solely on commercials but our vision cannot be driven by turnover alone. The fire, passion and dedication always dissuaded from signing the dotted lines as luring as it might be.

What Next?
This remained the proverbial question for us and for those who believed in our philosophy (after all we had already spent considerable time since we started.)
In 2019, Woof Yums is ready for another innovation with India’s first Dehydrated Range of Fresh and Natural Food for Pets and Strays.
A lot of experimentation and research went into forming more than 30 different meals and natural supplements to suit the Indian climate. The meals are well balanced and comprise of the ingredients required to maintain good health and wellbeing of dogs.

The meals, which are prepared under stringent hygienic conditions are vacuum packed untouched by hands thereby increasing their shelf life to 6 months and retain freshness. The food tends to soften as soon as it is put in hot water.
So whether you are living in another corner of the world, or are away on a vacation, you neither have to worry about serving stale food to your fur buddy nor do you have to depend on chemically processed pet food.
The food and packing conforms to FDA regulations and is available at select stores or you can order online from our website –
In the near future we are planning to come out with a complete organic range of products and bulk packs for stray feeding.

Unfortunately in the absence of stringent laws in India, we see fly by night entrepreneurs whose sole motive is to earn. Pet parents need to be told about the ingredients and why they are necessary in a balanced meal. Unless the consumer is aware, we cannot call it a serious venture of the pet food industry.

Online industry has seen an advent in growth in every sector all thanks to multinationals! And pet food industry is really catching up with the concept. But then how many manufacturers have payment gateways for ecommerce who are? All we see is trading personally. If as an entrepreneur you do not invest in everything exclusive, it raises doubts about your dedication towards your start up.

Woof Yums has been doing its bit to emerge as a one stop solution for health and balanced nutrition of fur kids keeping India and local regions in mind.

We do not import ingredients but try to make pet parents aware of locally available alternatives and this helps us keep the cost much lower than what imported products cost.