Know how to Recognize Signs of Relapse

Relapse is an ever-present danger to anyone going through substance abuse recovery. If you see signs of relapse in a loved one undergoing recovery, it’s important to be able to spot these signs and take action immediately.

First Signs of Relapse

If you find your loved one missing meetings and making excuses, it’s time to check. Even those who have been sober for a long time may fall prey to relapse.

• dry drunk
One common sign of relapse is that the person goes back to their old ways of coping. You may find them acting moody, impatient or selfish. While they may be physically sober, mentally they are not.

• healthy habits fade
The healthy habits your loved one practiced, such as walking or meditating, start fading. They do it less and less. Their anger and frustration levels seem high, and it may start affecting the people around them.

• unhealthy friends
The person starts befriending people who are still active users and start acting in a manner that may jeopardize their sobriety.

• less/no focus on health
The person stops paying attention to his/her health. For example, if dual diagnosis was prescribed, s/he would stop taking your medicine. The person may even start skipping therapist’s or doctor’s appointments and/or make excuses to avoid them. The person may even become defensive and agitated when asked about progress.

How to get help

If you find yourself or your loved one exhibiting signs of relapse, you need to act quickly. A good rehab, such as Pacific Bay Recovery in San Diego, can help address the reasons the person may be facing relapse and get him/her right back on track. Those facing relapse need a longsighted approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation that can improve the likelihood of long-term success.

Do not wait for a relapse to get help. Seek a reputed rehab and help your loved one prevent relapse so that s/he can get back to the life they love.

Pacific Bay Recovery in San Diego treats individuals, not addicts. The leading rehab specializes in compassionate, customized treatment and rehabilitation for individuals struggling from behavioral and substance abuse disorders as well as those with signs of relapse. With the assistance of skilled and experienced professionals, you can go back to enjoying an abuse-free, sober life.

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