ReverseLogix uses modern technology to streamline warehouse operations and improve overall efficiency. Retailers can count on its warehouse management module for improved processes and lower costs.

[BURLINGAME, 1/12/2018] – Technology is revolutionizing warehouse operations. ReverseLogixis using cutting-edge technology in its warehouse management solutions to streamline warehouses and create a more productive environment.

The Growing Role of Technology in the Warehouse

Warehouse operations have witnessed a major shift in recent years. Disruptive technology is taking over the commercial sector, driving a retail commerce revolution geared toward improving the overall omni-channel experience.

More than being a storage space for supply chain inventory, the warehouse is becoming a venue for value-added processes like product customization, customer collection services, and just-in-time packaging. As the new wave of disruptive technology takes over, it is transforming the warehouse into a center for automated activity.

Making Warehouse Management Easier

ReverseLogix enhances the warehouse management processes with its industry-leading technology. It provides a module that allows customers to store, receive, track, and fulfill merchandise from multiple warehouses. The technology enables customers to reduce the loss from inventory returns and turn their warehouse into a profit center.

With the module, clients can expect the following benefits:

• Hassle-free product management in separate warehouses – Clients can manage the different items located in various facilities, all in one place.
• Warehouse location management through a single system – The graphical system makes it possible to monitor the storage type and cubic capacity of different warehouses in one place.
• Easy fulfillment of purchase orders – Warehouse owners can place purchase orders using the module.
• Tracking sales order fulfillment – The module allows clients to track sales order fulfillment through a comprehensive order log.
• Accurate parts and inventory monitoring – The module accurately tracks safety stock levels to inform warehouse owners if they need to repair or increase their capacity.

About ReverseLogix

ReverseLogix is a logistics company offering a SaaS reverse logistics platform. Its software consulting and leadership experience set it apart, making it a reliable provider of logistics solutions. The services it offers include returns handling, pickups and consolidation services, warehousing, consultancy, and more.

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