NaXum Promotes from Within for Technical Production Manager Seats

 NaXum continues to live out its Promote From Within Core Value with another internal “jump” promotion recently. This time, it has selected Rhena May Salinas and Crismarie Lopez as its new Technical Production Managers (TPM) of Client Support and Design, respectively.

Originally an accountancy graduate, Salinas found a home for her gifts in serving others as a Customer Support Representative. She worked in the BPO Industry for 8 years before joining NaXum as a Client Champion in 2020.

It has always been Salinas’ passion to deliver excellence and exceed what’s expected from her. According to her team bio on the company website, she is a strong advocate of development and growth. With this, she constantly seeks new learnings and welcomes new challenges —an attribute she applied in her June 2022 TPM Promotion.

Lopez, on the other hand, is an IT Graduate who has been a long-time employee of the software provider. She entered the company as a Client Champ too and went on to “jump” as a UI Designer and then UX Designer.

Lopez describes herself on NaXum’s website as a driven person, always leaning in and stepping out of her comfort zone. The TPM seat is now her fourth role since boarding the company.

In her new role, Lopez serves as assistant to the Vice President of Design and owns managing the assembly line of NaXum’s Design team.

Salinas shares the same accountability as Lopez, only she is assigned to serve the Client Support Team.

Salinas and Lopez are just two of the many products of NaXum’s Promote From Within core value. In its culture, NaXum allows team members to journey around the different areas of its operations from different seats. This is to protect its employees from stagnation and help them find their true tech gifts.

To get to know the rest of NaXum’s core values, visit its company website at


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Hong Kong – SFH promotes new pathway to medical students and practitioners in Australia on admitting qualified non-locally trained doctors to practise in Hong Kong (with photos)

SFH promotes new pathway to medical students and practitioners in Australia on admitting qualified non-locally trained doctors to practise in Hong Kong (with photos)


     The Secretary for Food and Health, Professor Sophia Chan, attended a webinar jointly organised by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Sydney and the Australasian Medical Services Coalition today (May 6) to promote the new pathway for qualified doctors trained outside Hong Kong to obtain full registration and practise in Hong Kong.  Around 200 participants, including medical students and practitioners in Australia, joined the webinar.

     During the webinar, Professor Chan briefed the attendees on the details of the new pathway under the amended Medical Registration Ordinance, the promulgation of the first batch of recognised medical qualifications in late April and other follow-up actions taken by the Government to facilitate the admission of non-locally trained doctors to practise in Hong Kong.  Representatives from the Department of Health (DH) and the Hospital Authority (HA) also introduced the career opportunities in their respective organisations to the attendees.


     Professor Chan said, “Further to the enactment of the Medical Registration (Amendment) Ordinance 2021, non-locally trained doctors who possess recognised medical qualifications, subject to their fulfilment of certain criteria, may apply for special registration to practise in the public healthcare institutions (i.e. the DH, the HA, the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong) in Hong Kong. After serving for a certain period, obtaining recognised specialist qualifications and passing the assessment, they will be granted full registration to practise in Hong Kong. For non-locally trained medical graduates who possess the recognised medical qualifications but have yet to undergo internship outside Hong Kong, subject to their fulfilment of relevant criteria, they may take the Licensing Examination of the Medical Council of Hong Kong in order to apply for special registration to practise in the public healthcare institutions in Hong Kong.  They may also obtain full registration after meeting the requirements applicable to all special registration doctors.”


     “Established in November 2021, the Special Registration Committee (SRC) is to determine the list of recognised medical qualifications after reviewing programmes offered by non-local medical schools with quality comparable to those provided by the two medical schools in Hong Kong.  The first batch of the list, consisting of two medical qualifications in Australia, was gazetted on April 29.  The SRC is pressing ahead with the assessment of other non-local medical programmes and we expect that the second batch of the list will be promulgated within June 2022.”


     Medical students and practitioners who attended the webinar welcomed the introduction of the new pathway which allows qualified non-locally trained doctors to obtain full registration and practise in Hong Kong.  They opined that it will help attract overseas Hong Kong doctors to return to Hong Kong, and were eager to know more about the job opportunities in Hong Kong.  Lastly, Professor Chan encouraged all medical students and practitioners in Australia to come to Hong Kong and serve citizens in the public healthcare institutions.

Barcoding, Inc. Promotes Brian Harvey to Director of Enterprise Engineering

Long-time Barcoding employee is promoted while several other industry specialists are added to the firm

Brian Harvey, Director of Enterprise Engineering

Brian Harvey, Director of Enterprise Engineering

BALTIMOREAug. 17, 2021PRLog — Barcoding, Inc., the leader in supply chain efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity, announces that veteran employee Brian Harvey has been promoted to Director of Enterprise Engineering.

With this promotion, Brian’s leadership and influence will shape the future direction of Barcoding’s enterprise deployments and managed services. Brian’s extensive experience will bring new opportunities for organizations looking to Barcoding for improved management of their enterprise mobile technology.

With Brian’s thought leadership and approach, Barcoding will be able to support enterprise customers as they grow by providing a secure and modern mobile platform. With the expansion of mobile frontline workers happening across industry supply chains, Brian’s promotion comes at an important time.

“Brian has been with Barcoding for over 19 years and is top in our industry for knowledge around enterprise mobility management (EMM) and all things mobile device deployment. Brian has a general ability to “fix anything” and his partnership with our sales team and customers builds best-in-class solutions to even the toughest challenges. His ability to lead our mobility engineering team and grow their impact is what made this promotion such an easy decision,” said Keri Corbin, VP of Client Solutions.

In addition to Brian’s promotion, Krystal Cotriss was promoted to Lead Designer and Content Strategist. She is now responsible for strategic design and content production specifically in digital environments and new product offerings. Several industry players were also added to the firm across the United States and Canada.

Notable new hires since May include Christopher Doyle who joined as Director of Operations in Baltimore to improve efficiency and accuracy. Dave Jennings, formerly of Brinks US and Dunbar Armored, has joined as a Senior Support Specialist to expand Barcoding’s capabilities in their StayLive Services™ offerings. Steve Schauer has joined as an IoT Systems Engineer, bringing more robust capabilities for the IoT and RAIN RFID team. Most recently, Coleman Devlin and Doug Gourley joined the firm as Enterprise Account Managers with Coleman expanding Barcoding’s presence in the Mid-Atlantic, and Doug, residing in southern California, expanding Barcoding’s reach on the west coast.

“We’re excited to see our team grow and know that Brian’s experience and leadership will be an incredible asset to our Barcoding team,” said Shane Snyder, president at Barcoding. “As we continue to guide clients through this new era of automation and innovation, we’re inspired by the energy, commitment, and experience each of these individuals brings.”

About Barcoding, Inc.

Barcoding is a supply chain automation and innovation company that helps organizations be more efficient, accurate and connected. With extensive subject matter expertise in data capture, labeling and printing, and mobile computing, we are trusted to build and manage solutions for some of the best IT and operations teams in the world. Founded in 1998, Barcoding is headquartered in Baltimore, Md., with offices across North America (Chicago, Houston, Seattle, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver). For more information, visit Promotes Author Braxton DeGarmo’s MedAir Thriller Series

 Looks That Deceive – MedAir Series, Book 1

Can Lynch Cully find the serial assailant whose victims remain alive but unable to communicate?

Rescued and Remembered – MedAir Series, Book Two

Coming back from the dead isn’t easy… When you have to save the one who saved you.

The Silenced Shooter – MedAir Series, Book Three

Tired of federal gridlock? Can you trust the federal government anymore?

Wrongfully Removed – MedAir Series, Book Four

What would you do to protect your family? Would you stand up to the government?

A Zealot’s Destiny – MedAir Series, Book Five

Who is trying to eliminate the British Royal Family? And why? After all, the monarchy is largely ceremonial and symbolic.

Kidnapped Nation – MedAir Series, Book Six

Will the people elect the status quo? Or is a major presidential upset in the wind?

The Khmer Connection – MedAir Series, Book Seven

What do you do? Where do you go? …When the devil is right on your heels.

Resurrected Trouble – MedAir Series, Book Eight

Lynch Cully and Amy Gibbs have returned home, leaving the worst behind them in Southeast Asia. Or did they?

Book one, Looks That Deceive is available free at the following online retailers:

About the Author:

Braxton DeGarmo spent over 30 years in Emergency and Family Medicine, both in and out of the military, before retiring to focus on writing in 2014. Many of the incidents in his books are based on real occurrences, people, and experiences in his own life, such as learning to escape a water crash in a helicopter. Human trafficking, medical kidnapping, government corruption, and other social injustices have become the premises used for his stories. And the technologies described in his books are all current . . . and possible.

Authors Website and Social Media Profiles:


Linked In:



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Canada – Minister Ng promotes benefits of Global Trade and Gender Arrangement at OECD

Reinforcing international trade policies that promote growth and prosperity for all businesses, communities, and economies will be key to ensuring an inclusive and sustainable economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

June 9, 2021 – Ottawa, Ontario – Global Affairs Canada

Reinforcing international trade policies that promote growth and prosperity for all businesses, communities, and economies will be key to ensuring an inclusive and sustainable economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, the Honourable Mary Ng, Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade, participated in a public panel discussion hosted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to discuss the benefits of the Global Trade and Gender Arrangement (GTAGA) between Canada, Chile, and New Zealand.

Signed on August 4, 2020, and open to other countries seeking to join, the GTAGA is increasing women’s participation in trade and contributing to broadening efforts to improve women’s economic empowerment. The arrangement highlights Canada’s long-standing commitment to gender equality and recognizes the importance of mutually supportive trade and gender policies.

During the discussion with her GTAGA counterparts from Chile and New Zealand, Minister Ng raised the importance of building knowledge and understanding on the issues, barriers and challenges faced by women in trade. She highlighted how the arrangement, with its wide range of co-operation activities, allows for innovative and responsive tools to create and advance opportunities for women exporters.

As chair of the Ottawa Group on WTO reform, she highlighted the GTAGA’s potential to bring countries together at the WTO to put more inclusive trade policies into practice and ensure everyone benefits from international trade and investment. 

“We hope that the leadership shown by Canada, Chile, and New Zealand in ensuring that our trade policies and practices support opportunities for women in trade will be an example to the world. The Global Trade and Gender Arrangement is an important step forward. We want all WTO member countries to join in this arrangement so that women around the world can access and benefit from the global marketplace.”

– Mary Ng, Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade

The OECD is an international organization whose goal is to shape policies that foster prosperity, equality, opportunity, and well-being for all.

Canada, Chile, and New Zealand are advancing inclusive trade initiatives through the Inclusive Trade Action Group (ITAG), which was established on the margins of the 2018 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders’ Summit.

On August 4, 2020, ITAG members developed the stand-alone Global Trade and Gender Arrangement, which commits each participant to advancing an inclusive approach to trade and addressing the barriers that women and all genders face when participating in trade.

Studies show that by advancing gender equality and women’s participation in the economy, Canada could add up to $150 billion to its GDP by 2026.

Minister Ng leads Canada’s Women Entrepreneurship Strategy, a $5 billion investment that provides access to financing, networks, and expertise to help more women start businesses, scale up, and access new markets. In place since 2018, the strategy has been providing women entrepreneurs and business owners with support that will ensure a better and more inclusive economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alice Hansen

Press Secretary

Office of the Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade