Journey Health System CEO Guy Signor Discusses Affiliations at National Summit

 On June 14, 2022, Journey Health System’s President & CEO, Guy Signor, presented during the Mergers, Acquisitions & Affiliations Summit at the 2022 OPEN MINDS Strategy & Innovation Institute in New Orleans, Louisiana. Signor’s presentation, titled “Affiliation Without A Merger — Perspectives From Executives Who Are Making It Work,” focused on Journey Health System’s affiliation structure and operations, as well as the benefits and challenges of the model.

OPEN MINDS is a national leader in market intelligence and management best practices focused on organizations serving consumers with chronic conditions and complex needs.

“One of the key elements of an affiliation is for member agencies to always be, first and foremost, a part of the communities they serve,” said Signor. “Journey offers its members the benefits of a larger size for negotiating insurance coverage, shared employee benefit costs, employee recruitment and retention strategies, and bulk purchasing power.”

Signor’s presentation looked at how the seven member organizations of Journey Health System interact and provide clinical services individually, while sharing support services collectively through the support corporation structure. He also discussed challenges to the model, including additional communication to help stakeholders at the local level understand the affiliation concept.

“Because affiliates retain so much local decision-making in terms of the provision of clinical services,” Signor said. “It can be easy for employees or Board Members, to forget they are still part of a larger health system.”

Journey Health System, headquartered in Bradford, Pennsylvania, is a 509(a)(3) not-for-profit supporting corporation that serves the following behavioral health affiliates that deliver care to 21 counties across Pennsylvania: Beacon Light Behavioral Health System, Beacon Light Adult Residential Services, Deerfield Behavioral Health, Dickinson Center, Forest-Warren Mental Wellness Association and Stairways Behavioral Health. The Journey Health System Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from each organization.

Journey Health System functions as a supporting organization that takes the burden of managing administrative functions away from the affiliated behavioral health organizations to allow them to focus on their mission of providing excellent clinical care. The results include better outcomes for clients, families and the communities served.

Being a part of Journey Health System allows for greater efficiency in the delivery of behavioral health services. The administrative fees, ideas and innovative best practices are shared among the group of affiliated companies. Millions of dollars are saved by each affiliate through bulk purchasing power, contract negotiations, and economy-of-scale advantages. The goal is to make each affiliate organization financially stronger and more sustainable for the foreseeable future.

The numbers of behavioral healthcare mergers, acquisitions and affiliations in the U.S. were at a record high in 2021. As the landscape continues to shift in the health and human services space, strong affiliation activity will continue for mental health organizations to position them for sustainability and growth.

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Journey Health System

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“Blind Journey: Journalist’s Memoirs,” a New Book by Jack Hawn, Tells the Story of Journalism at Its Peak

Jack Hawn, author of “Blind Journey: A Journalist’s Memoirs” (Strategic Book Group; 2011), shares the memoir of a journalist’s 43-year career. The story begins with the author’s uncharted and inescapable career of becoming a journalist and how Jack Hawn’s career just happened.

Jack never studied journalism and never aspired to be a writer. In fact, he faced civilian life with a wife, baby daughter, wild ambition, overflowing optimism, unshakeable confidence—and no job after nearly four years in the army’s public information offices.


Eventually, he found work as a copy boy at a Hollywood newspaper and rose through the ranks, eventually landing a job at the Los Angeles Times, where he worked in sports and entertainment. Until his retirement in 1991, Jack Hawn covered Muhammad Ali’s title fights, boxing at the 1984 Olympics, Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., and other celebrities during his incredible 43-year career.


This was indeed a “blind journey” for Jack because he didn’t set out to be a journalist, but it turned out to be a wonderful lifelong career. “Blind Journey: A Journalist’s Memoirs” is a work you’ll keep pulling off your bookshelf to read time and time again, whether you’re an aspiring or veteran journalist or just want a book filled with aspiration and adventure.


According to Fiona I. for Readers Favorite, “…from the old newspaper days of cut-and-paste (with scissors and glue) to Lucky Strike and Camel and now-classic cars, Hawn’s book evokes memories of bygone eras, and a sense of nostalgia for times past, both good and bad.”


It captures that special time in the L.A. journalistic jungle with the author’s clear and insightful eyes that readers would be interested in reading about the early days of televised sports, journalists’ lives, people like the Andrew Sisters and boxers, readers would swoon over to read.

Order a copy of Jack Hawn’s “Blind Journey: A Journalist’s Memoirs today through Amazon


Journey of My Mother’s Son Podcast Host Releases Second Book

 Although the cover would make potential readers think that this is a book purely about baseball, it is truly a book about life.

The book is a memoir of two chapters of one man’s life. The first 17 chapters, which were part of the original release in 2012 chronicle Clouser’s coaching career and the importance that he put on teaching his players the life lessons that can be taught through the game of baseball.

The ten added chapters (19-27) are an account of the spiritual journey that led Clouser to step down from an incredibly successful and rewarding 30-year career of coaching and running a nonprofit youth sports organization. That journey led Dan and his wife Sandy to take a leap of faith and sell their house and all of their belongings to live full-time in an RV. The theme of giving of oneself resonates throughout both the old and new chapters of the book. With that philosophy at the heart of his life, Dan, his wife, and their golden retriever, Youkilis continue to give back by volunteering with various projects as they travel across the country in their RV.

The final chapter (28) is re-written with a new perspective of what Clouser’s legacy may be.

The book is available in both paperback and hard cover through Amazon and other book sellers. The original 2012 release is no longer in print, but used copies are available through various online outlets.

Dan writes extensively on his travels. His blogs can be found on his website at His podcast, The Journey of My Mother’s Son, Many Little People in Many Little Places covers a wide variety of topics and is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon, and everywhere podcasts can be found.

Clouser’s third book will be the first of his upcoming three book The Journey of My Mother’s Son series. The subtitles of the series will be Many Random Thoughts from the Road (spring 2022 publication date), Many Little People (fall 2022 publication date), and Many Little Places (spring 2023 publication date).

Also scheduled for a spring 2022 publication date will be Clouser’s first children’s book which is written from the perspective of his dog, Four Paws and Six Wheels Across America, the Adventures of Youkilis the Golden Retriever. The project will be illustrated by Rachel Wertz.

The Journey of My Mother’s Son

Dan Clouser


Reviews copies and interviews available.



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Author Irma J. Thames Brings to Life a Story About a Girl and Her Journey of Faith and Patience in Her Book “A Journey for Naomi”

In this children’s story, Naomi and her family learn a lesson about faith and understanding when they believe in God’s power to bring about miracles in a very trying time for their family. Naomi’s father must move to California to work, so the entire family needs to be relocated. This means they must experience many new people, places, and circumstances. Naomi wants a fifth birthday party more than anything. She wants to be a princess with a dress and castle. However, her family is moving away on the same weekend she turns five.
To help her cope with moving, Naomi’s mother reminds her about God and explains that they need to have faith in His plans for their family. God has a very special surprise in store for the little girl. This story teaches patience, trust, devotion, and thankfulness to children through a relatable story. 
Read the book to follow the story of this inspiring and enlightening narrative. Buy the book at:
A Journey for Naomi: Faith, Patient & Development
Author: Irma J. Thames
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: February 2021
Genre: Children’s Book Christian Based
Target Audience: Young children, teens and young adults
About the Author
Irma J. Thames is a native of Alabama; she is a wife, mother and grandmother. She believes that the love of a natural and spiritual family will help guide a young child at an early age through life journey. She hopes as this book is read, children all over the world will use their incredible imagination that God has given them to see this story unfold without pictures on a page.

‘The Poet and I: The Journey Within’ Will Be FREE to Download For Five Days (23/08/21)

) at:

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About the Author:
Jeff Hainbuch was born in the United States, but has lived most of his life in Toronto, Canada. In pursuit of shaping young lives and making a difference, he dedicated the first twenty-five years of his career to teaching in some of the most challenging neighbourhoods and environments. In 2020, as twists in the road led to unexpected places and opportunities arose for a new career filled with spirituality and ink, Jeff turned his attention to the dream of writing his first novel. ‘The Poet’, a narrative fiction, was birthed in a changing world, and teaches a belief that perhaps we all have a guardian angel and that finding a little bit of magic along the way makes all the difference when navigating the challenges of living an examined life. Now an accredited Chopra meditation instructor and huge supporter of mindfulness and self-care, Jeff is planning his second book, and continues to pursue his ultimate roles of passion as motorcycle rider and father to three wonderful boys.