In a magical crystal kingdom, we will learn the value of faith, believing, asking, and receiving. The one-of-a-kind journey of two siblings will provide an imaginary treat and a valuable lesson for every child. In the book, “The Adventures of Joshua & Katerina: The Magical Broken Ornament,” Tina Kobylinski teaches four important lessons.
The story follows a brother and sister whose names were Joshua and Katerina. Christmas was right around the corner and fresh winter snow had just fallen. With their parents’ permission, they went outside to play in the snow and build a snowman. However, a greater adventure awaits them when they found a broken Christmas ornament. Upon touching it, they were transported to a magical crystal kingdom. The real journey starts as they have to learn four valuable lessons through four fairies, in order to reach the crystal castle and ask the King to transport them home.
Will Joshua and Katerina make it to the castle? What are the four valuable lessons? Will they learn and be transported home?
Join Kobylinski as she takes every child into a lesson-filled journey. Explore the magical crystal kingdom, meet the fairies, and the King of the crystal castle. The book will certainly awaken the imagination of every child as Kobylinski’s child-friendly writing style pull them into a story that will excite their senses. Kobylinski’s word choice also makes the book very conducive to learning, especially to children who are in the early stages of learning how to read. It is also complemented by the illustrations that can grab and retain the attention of every child. However, the ultimate takeaway of this wonderful book, is the lessons it presents. It will inspire faith and trust in God for children.
Come to the magical kingdom with Joshua and Katerina. Join them as they find their way home. Grab your copy now!
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Joshua and Katerina and the Magical Broken Ornament
Author: Tina Kobylinski
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: December 10, 2020
Book Genre: Children’s Book
Target Audience: Children
About the Author
Tina Kobylinski is a mother of two and a grandmother of four awesome kids. She is also a 4½ year stage 4 Cancer fighter. She began having dreams about God desire to heal her, which in turn became the inspiration for this children’s book. God started giving her this book, and after 3 days she had written the story. She feels honored to have been picked by God to write this story. She hopes to write more books in the future and make this a series.