Although the cover would make potential readers think that this is a book purely about baseball, it is truly a book about life.

The book is a memoir of two chapters of one man’s life. The first 17 chapters, which were part of the original release in 2012 chronicle Clouser’s coaching career and the importance that he put on teaching his players the life lessons that can be taught through the game of baseball.

The ten added chapters (19-27) are an account of the spiritual journey that led Clouser to step down from an incredibly successful and rewarding 30-year career of coaching and running a nonprofit youth sports organization. That journey led Dan and his wife Sandy to take a leap of faith and sell their house and all of their belongings to live full-time in an RV. The theme of giving of oneself resonates throughout both the old and new chapters of the book. With that philosophy at the heart of his life, Dan, his wife, and their golden retriever, Youkilis continue to give back by volunteering with various projects as they travel across the country in their RV.

The final chapter (28) is re-written with a new perspective of what Clouser’s legacy may be.

The book is available in both paperback and hard cover through Amazon and other book sellers. The original 2012 release is no longer in print, but used copies are available through various online outlets.

Dan writes extensively on his travels. His blogs can be found on his website at His podcast, The Journey of My Mother’s Son, Many Little People in Many Little Places covers a wide variety of topics and is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon, and everywhere podcasts can be found.

Clouser’s third book will be the first of his upcoming three book The Journey of My Mother’s Son series. The subtitles of the series will be Many Random Thoughts from the Road (spring 2022 publication date), Many Little People (fall 2022 publication date), and Many Little Places (spring 2023 publication date).

Also scheduled for a spring 2022 publication date will be Clouser’s first children’s book which is written from the perspective of his dog, Four Paws and Six Wheels Across America, the Adventures of Youkilis the Golden Retriever. The project will be illustrated by Rachel Wertz.

The Journey of My Mother’s Son

Dan Clouser


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