Nicholas Yeo, the Founder & Actuary of Nicholas Actuarial Solutions, Debbie & Nadia, Both Analysts, Presented About Developing Applications Using R Shiny

 Nicholas Yeo, Founder & Actuary of Nicholas Actuarial Solutions, Debbie Ooi & Nadia Suharto, both Actuarial Analysts, presented at the PAI-SOA Joint Webinar, Digital Transformation & Artificial Intelligence that was held virtually. They described the processes and challenges of developing industry-grade, automated R Shiny applications for various actuarial work from scratch.

The theme of this Joint Webinar is “Digital Transformation & Artificial Intelligence.” The webinar provides a learning and networking platform for members and non-members in the Asia-Pacific region to share their experiences on how both digital & artificial intelligence impacted the actuarial profession and field.

In the presentation, Nicholas, Debbie and Nadia shared their actual experience in designing, building, and executing IFRS 17, reinsurance, and risk management applications in R Shiny. They also shared various topics, including the thought processes of designing the R Shiny application, why do actuaries need more tools like R shiny, how to ensure the relevance of R shiny tools and examples of R shiny tools built for actuarial work.

Nicholas Actuarial Solutions is a technology-focused actuarial firm. Established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2015, it is now a leading actuarial firm in Asia with 5 offices in the region. Nicholas Actuarial Solutions is the first and only actuarial firm awarded MSC Malaysia status by the Malaysian government, a mark of world-class service and achievement. In 2020, Nicholas Actuarial Solutions received the Quality Assurance Scheme (QAS) accreditation from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. The QAS mark is a clear signal of Nicholas Actuarial Solutions’ commitment to the highest standards, giving both confidence to employees and a guarantee of quality to clients. In 2019, Nicholas Actuarial Solutions were awarded Top Actuarial Firm in Asia by Captive Review and shortlisted as a finalist for Risk Solution of the Year by the Asia Pacific Risk Management Awards.

Nicholas Actuarial Solutions Sdn Bhd

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Founder of Luxury Brand Lauren Ross Design Provides Top Tips on Investing in Art

 Lauren Ross, founder of the global art and luxury goods company Lauren Ross Design opened up to share her top 5 tips on investing in art.

“The top 5 tips I would offer are these:

“1. Art has always been an emotional and visual pursuit, not only for the artist but for the viewer as well. The first stage in exploring the purchase of an artwork should be how it personally affects you. Determine what piece, if seen everyday, will invigorate you.

“2. Go at your own pace. Building a collection should not be rushed. Exposure to different artists is crucial in helping you form a better understanding of what you’re most drawn to.

“3. Find art that you love, not pieces to fill a specific space. Look for art that can stand on its own. Trying to match a piece perfectly to the interior design aesthetic of the room will remove the visual and emotional impact of choosing the right art.

“4. Art collecting is a highly personal experience. Art advisers and dealers can provide valuable and meaningful direction, however; a collector should create their own focus that represents their unique intellectual point of view.

“5. Be the captain of your ship. Embrace the journey of exploring and discovering new artists. Getting ahead of the art market takes a desire to adventure uncharted water. Remember new territory cannot be won be without risk.” -Lauren Ross

Lauren Ross Design

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Paul S. Bracy, Founder of the Dock C. Bracy Center, Delivers Remarks at the Juneteenth Flag Raising

Paul S. Bracy

Paul S. Bracy

MARLBOROUGH, Mass.June 17, 2022PRLog — The Dock C. Bracy Center for Human Reconciliation celebrates Juneteenth with Bridgewater Communities for Civil Rights (BCCR) in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

The following remarks were given by Paul S. Bracy, Founder of the Dock C. Bracy Center for Human Reconciliation on Wednesday, June 15, 2022 at the Juneteenth flag raising in Bridgewater, Massachusetts:

Good afternoon.

I want to thank the town Bridgewater, the Bridgewater Communities for Civil Rights organization, the organizers for this day of remembrance and having the honor of speaking to you.

Make no mistake this is not a minor event, and neither was the raising of the PRIDE flag. Bridgewater is making a statement of its commitment to inclusion.

June 19th, 1865, the day enslaved people in Texas found out they had been emancipated, (free from legal, social, or political restrictions). A day, a moment of celebration 2½ years after the proclamation had been announced.

This was not a congressional act, rather it was a wartime proclamation by President Lincoln as Commander and Chief which affected only the states that had rebelled against the United States. Border southern states who sided with the Union were not included in the proclamation, thus slavery continued in these states until the passage of the 13th Amendment to the constitution. The proclamation was not an apology, it was a political act.

Why it took so long in Texas, plantation owners had to decide when and how to announce the news — or wait for a government agent to arrive — and it was common for them to delay until after the harvest.

Probably the most important aspects of the Proclamation were it allowed formerly enslaved people to search for their family members who they had been separated from, marry, have a first and last name. However, the tyranny of racial oppression did not stop and has continued to this day.

I learned of Juneteenth in my early 30’s and the recognition of this day was called “Home Coming” a time for family gathering and rededication to gain true emancipation, free of legal, social, or political restrictions. Can there be true emancipation without atonement (taking action to correct previous wrongdoing on their part) from those who enslaved? I would say No. However, atonement can still occur today by the heirs who inherited this history and its outcomes.

The Juneteenth flag raising, the national recognition, the community celebrations, ring hollow without atonement. This country has yet to atone for the near annihilation of indigenous people, the dislocation of Mexicans who resided in the country before the arrival of Europeans, and the enslavement of Africans.

What is required is the same kind of personal commitment, vison, and persistence displayed by those who were no longer enslaved.

We can transform our society and make real what we ask our children to believe when they pledge allegiance to our flag every day in school: “…with liberty and justice for all…” We can do it.

I created the Dock C. Bracy Center for Human Reconciliation because I believe atonement can happen and true emancipation for all of us can be a reality in this country. Atoning gives us the opportunity to remove the shackles of white supremacy from both the oppressed groups and the oppressor group. We can do it!

Enjoy the upcoming Juneteenth celebration and make a personal commitment to be part of the solution. As Mahatma Gandhi said ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’

Thank you for your time and the honor of speaking to you today.

About Bridgewater Communities for Civil Rights (BCCR)

Bridgewater Communities for Civil Rights is a community-based organization dedicated to defending the rights of all persons, while fostering open communication, providing opportunities to examine issues of social justice, and advocating for the elimination of bias and racism. Visit for more informaiton.

About the Dock C. Bracy Center for Human Reconciliation

The Dock C. Bracy Center is committed to human reconciliation and the eradication of racism and other forms of human oppression. Our work focuses on healing the internal emotional and cognitive harms that have allowed racism to continue to thrive in our society. We support the efforts of many other groups and individuals by providing opportunities for learning and self-reflection so that strategies to eradicate racism ( can become more successful. Additional information about the Center can be found by visiting the website ( and by following @dcbcenter.

Founder of the Affiliate Ball and the AFFY Awards Partners with Lead Generation World, LLC to Launch the AFFY Expo

 Darren Blatt, the Founder of the Affiliate Ball and the AFFY Awards, is excited to announce his new venture with Lead Generation World, LLC, the launch of the first annual AFFY Expo.

The AFFY Expo, which is being held October 16-18, 2022 at the iconic Andaz Hotel located in Hollywood, California, is a refreshing new experiential twist on an affiliate and performance marketing trade show. Over two and half days, attendees will get an insider’s Hollywood experience like never before hosted by the industry’s own Hollywood insider, Darren (D$) Blatt, while guests network and create lifelong memories together. The most exclusive group of leaders and innovators in the Affiliate and Performance Marketing industry including publishers, advertisers, emailers, affiliates, and those in lead gen, pay-per-call, payment solutions and more, world-wide, will live out their Hollywood dreams by rockin’ out at the legendary Whiskey A Go-Go, laughing the night away at the world-famous Comedy Store, and staying at the historical rock & roll-themed and newly renovated Andaz Hotel (formerly known as the Riot House) with a rooftop pool and panoramic view of LA. Major rock bands and artists made this their home and helped solidify its place as a historic landmark in rock & roll history. Plus, attendees will find unparalleled opportunities to grow their businesses by connecting with the movers and shakers of the performance marketing industry.

“I have a passion for this industry dating back to its inception and love to give back to our performance marketing community providing events where people can not only have fun, but also create new partnerships that will help their company grow. I started the AFFY Awards about a decade ago as a way to shine the light back on the incredible people and companies in our industry. The AFFY Expo takes my passion a step further by creating our own spin on what makes trade shows productive and fun,” said Darren Blatt.

“I am very excited to partner with industry veteran and Lead Generation World, LLC Founder, Michael Ferree, who has an impeccable reputation for throwing top notch, world-class, and well-targeted trade shows, to a bring a new and fresh opportunity for affiliate and performance marketers to connect,” he continued.

The AFFY Expo’s unique format will not include sessions or speakers and instead will put the primary focus on the exhibit hall and exclusive networking experiences. This format, co-produced by the guy who brought the industry legends including music artists and world famous speakers, will give attendees from all of performance marketing more fun opportunities to generate meaningful partnerships that will result in measurable business growth. The Affiliate Ball will take place opening night of the AFFY Expo where AFFY Awards will even be presented.

“Lead Generation World is over the moon to partner with Darren on bringing the AFFY Expo to life. Darren has done so much for the industry via producing and hosting events including the Affiliate Ball and AFFY Awards, Marketers Ball, Advertisers Ball and Virtual Digital Expo, and we agree with him that new and creative spin on the conference format is needed in the performance marketing industry,” said CEO Michael Ferree. “What better place to launch the AFFY Expo than Hollywood California where stars are born! Our goal for AFFY Expo attendees is that they find their own fame and success through the partnerships they create at this highly interactive show!”

The AFFY Expo is an exclusive event for only 500 attendees and 35 exhibitors. “We want to encourage high quality connections at the show and are ensuring this happens by limiting this years’ attendance levels,” said Darren Blatt. AFFY Expo attendees will be able to register for the event starting June 20, 2022 at for the early bird discounted price of $495.


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RACO Investment founder Randall Castillo Ortega discusses the funding challenges startups face

Financial expert and founder of RACO Investment Randall Castillo Ortega discusses the financing challenges most startups face and how they can be overcome.

San José, Costa Rica – WEBWIRE

Startups have difficulties with scaling, networking, understanding funding options, and understanding each stage of the financing process. These obstacles can be overcome to help a company grow. Randall Castillo Ortega is a financial expert who founded RACO Investment. He shares his insight on the financial challenges faced by startups.

Although it is thrilling to start your own business, it can be challenging and require a lot investment. Funding is a constant challenge for startups. However, having the right financial resources will ensure your company’s success. Your success will depend on having the right funding. It can be difficult and time-consuming to convince others to invest in your great idea, even if you don’t have a trading history.

Don’t ignore scalability. Founders often struggle to get funding because they don’t know how their company will scale. Funders want to know how your company will use their money to grow and how they will return your investment.

Castillo explains, “Entrepreneurs often tell funders how to grow.” Growth is the progression of existing processes. However, it requires substantial resources to support and sustain. Funders desire to see scalability. This will allow for growth and higher revenue without increasing costs.

Continuous improvement is the key to success. It is extremely difficult to go it alone and take your startup to the next stage. Many founders believe that they have to be entrepreneurs in order to succeed.

However, this is not always the case. It’s about creating relationships. It’s about building relationships. Your personal and professional connections can help you grow your business exponentially.

Although it can be difficult to connect with people due to their geographic location, there may still be opportunities nearby that could work for you. Find networking events for professionals in the industry that you are interested in to help you build partnerships and collaborations.

It is difficult to understand how financing works. It is crucial to find the right funding for your company. Each type of funding has its own process and challenges. This can help make the process easier by understanding how each option works.

There are many stages in the development of startups. The financing options available to them will differ depending on their stage. There are gray areas in between stages of development, and how startups bring their technology to market.

Pre-seed financing is used to fund your initial operations. This funding is not considered to be a formal round of funding because the goal is to help the company get up and running. The founder, his family, and close friends are typically the investors who provide pre-financing for startups.

Castillo states that the average pre-initialization funding ticket is small because of the early stage of startups. These amounts typically range between $10,000 and $250,000. It is crucial that the pre-start funding be raised in a timely and efficient manner to ensure startup success. It is difficult to convince investors to invest in startups with no real traction.

Your startup is a business, with a product and a team. This phase aims to increase the business’s value by attracting more investors. This expansion should include product marketing and product development.

Incubators and accelerators are a way for startups at early stages to expand their businesses. An accelerator works with existing companies that have a team and an idea. It helps them grow faster by improving every aspect of their operation. An accelerator’s function is to accelerate a company’s growth.

Capital inflow is the most important thing for founders once they have moved beyond the initial funding stage. Venture capital can be a round or more of funding that will help you move on to the next step. Venture financing is an investment made by a venture capital firm. It includes Series A, Series B, and the subsequent rounds.

Making sure your startup is scalable, has a strong network, and understands how funding works will help ensure you’re prepared to make that launch when the opportunity presents itself. Regardless of the technology, the market or the stage of financing, any entrepreneur who has been there will tell you that getting financing is not an easy task.

Once you are aware of the potential challenges, you will be able to tackle them head-on. Making sure your startup is scalable, has a strong network and understands how funding works will help ensure you’re prepared to make that launch when the opportunity presents itself.

About RACO Investment

RACO Investment is a financial investment firm serving small- and medium-sized companies in Panama and Costa Rica. It was founded by Randall Castillo Ortega, an expert financial adviser who has his roots in the import and export industry in Latin America. The firm has helped numerous startups find the financial support they needed to get off the ground. It has also contributed bridge loans to assist those looking to restructure or improve their operations.