ADU Works to Build First Pre-Finished Panelized ADU in San Mateo County

 The Gage’s began looking into building an ADU about a year ago but weren’t happy with the amount of time, effort, and cost required to build a traditional ADU. They learned about ADU Works’ seamless process to manage the ADU project from beginning to end using SI Panels (structurally insulated panels) to streamline construction from six months of work on-site to two months.

“In addition to the streamlined building process and cost savings realized by using SI panels, we were impressed with ADU Work’s commitment to sustainability,” said Cynthia. “Using solar panels to power the ADU and incorporating low VOC materials and energy-efficient appliances into each of its models. That really was a selling point for us.”

ADU Works is revolutionizing the ADU space by allowing homeowners the ability to afford an ADU without the hassles of working with local jurisdictions, staying up to code, or managing multiple contractors. ADU Works also provides project management and oversight from plan submissions through securing the ADU’s certificate of occupancy. This removes the headaches, worry and anxiety throughout the build process.

ADU Works’ build process includes pre-finishing the SI panels off site in order to keep the onsite build time to a minimum. Whereas a traditional ADU would look at an on-site build time of 4-6 months, ADU Works’ goal is to complete your ADU on-site in less than 60 days. This process means your ADU is built faster and for less money – while maintaining quality.

“The team at ADU Works has been incredibly responsible throughout the process,” said Damon. “All questions that we had along the way were researched in detail, and always responded to within 24 hours. It has been a real treat to be able to work with a team that does exactly what they say they are going to do.”

“We have been so grateful working with both Damon and Cynthia throughout this process. They have provided valuable insight into the needs of coastside homeowners, and have continuously posited an environmentally friendly focus over the past few months preparing for plan submission. We are excited to give homeowners like the Gage’s access to high-quality, no-hassle ADU’s that cost less than half the price of a traditional ADU build,” says ADU Works cofounder Conrad Kimball.

About ADU Works: ADU Works are pioneers in the pre-finished panelized ADU space – helping homeowners create new attractive dwellings on their property in less time for half the cost of a traditional ADU build. The focus is on using innovative design, collaborative processes, technology, and eco-friendly materials to bring about cost-friendly ADU builds.

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ADU Works

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Works & Process at the Guggenheim Announces Spring 2022 Season

forward thinking – an exceptional opportunity to understand something of the creative process – —The New York Times Works & Process, the performing arts series at the Guggenheim, is proud to announce its spring 2022 season. Throughout the pandemic, Works & Process continued to provide opportunities for artists and pioneered the bubble residency to support their work safely…

Hong Kong – Proposed works of Trunk Road T4 gazetted

Proposed works of Trunk Road T4 gazetted


     The Government gazetted today (November 26) the proposed construction of Trunk Road T4, which will connect the Tsing Sha Highway/Shing Mun Tunnel Road and Sha Tin Road to provide a more direct road link between Tsuen Wan/West Kowloon and Ma On Shan/Sai Kung.

     Details of the proposal are set out in the Annex. The plans and scheme of the works are available for public inspection at the following government offices during office hours:

Central and Western Home Affairs Enquiry Centre, 
G/F, Harbour Building, 
38 Pier Road, Central, Hong Kong

Sha Tin Home Affairs Enquiry Centre,
G/F, Sha Tin Government Offices,
1 Sheung Wo Che Road, Sha Tin, New Territories

District Lands Office, Sha Tin,
11/F, Sha Tin Government Offices, 
1 Sheung Wo Che Road, Sha Tin, New Territories

     The gazette notice, scheme, plans, location plan, resumption plan, plan for Creation of Rights of Temporary Occupation of Land and plan for Creation of Easements and Other Permanent Rights are available at

     Any person who wishes to object to the works or the use, or both, is required to address to the Secretary for Transport and Housing an objection in writing, which can be submitted via the following means:

  • By post or by hand to the Transport and Housing Bureau’s drop-in box No. 6 located at the entrance on 2/F, East Wing, Central Government Offices, 2 Tim Mei Avenue, Tamar, Hong Kong. The box is available for use between 8am and 7pm from Monday to Friday (except public holidays);
  • By fax to 2868 4643; or
  • By email to

     A notice of objection should describe the objector’s interest and the manner in which he or she alleges that he or she will be affected by the works or the use. Objectors are requested to provide contact details to facilitate communication. A notice of objection should be delivered to the Secretary for Transport and Housing not later than January 25, 2022.

Canada – NFB works by Indigenous creators Ossie Michelin, Jennie Williams, Asinnajaq and Jerry Evans amplify culture and tradition at the Spirit Song Film Showcase. FREE screening includes two in-person premieres by Newfoundland and Labrador directors.

Montreal – National Film Board of Canada (NFB)

Four National Film Board of Canada (NFB) works by Indigenous filmmakers will screen on November 22 in St. John’s at the Spirit Song Film Showcase, in a special evening of Indigenous short cinema. The free event starts at 7:30 p.m., with tickets available through the Arts and Culture Centre.

The Spirit Song Festival is a celebration of Indigenous Arts and Culture that has been running annually in St. John’s since 2013.

From the Labrador Doc Project

The Film Showcase features the Newfoundland and Labrador in-person premieres of two films from the NFB’s Labrador Doc Project, which works with Labrador Inuit filmmakers to create and share stories from Inuit perspectives.

Evan’s Drum(14 min)

Directed by Inuk journalist Ossie Michelin, born and raised in North West River, Labrador, and now based in Montreal

Press kit:

An adventurous seven-year-old boy and his determined mother share a passion for Inuit drum dancing in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. After generations of silence, the rhythm of the traditional Inuit drum has returned to Labrador, and young Evan is part of the new generation that will keep its heartbeat strong. The first-ever film on Labrador Inuit drum dancing, Evan’s Drum is a joyful visit to a family’s loving home and an uplifting story of cultural pride.

Fun fact: Also appearing in the film is Jennie Williams, director of Nalujuk Night, who is also a drum maker.

Nalujuk Night (13 min)

Directed by Jennie Williams, an Inuk visual artist and a throat singer from Happy Valley-Goose Bay, now based in St. John’s

Press kit:

Nalujuk Night is an up-close look at an exhilarating, and sometimes terrifying, Labrador Inuit tradition. Every January 6, from the dark of the Nunatsiavut night, the Nalujuit appear on the sea ice. They walk on two legs, yet their faces are animalistic, skeletal and otherworldly. Snow crunches underfoot as they approach their destination: the Inuit community of Nain. Rarely witnessed outside of Nunatsiavut, the event is an exciting chance for Inuit, young and old, to prove their courage and come together as a community to celebrate culture and tradition.

Fun fact: Nalujuk Night was named Best Atlantic Short Documentary at the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival and is making its US premiere at DOC NYC from November 10 to 18.

Three Thousand (14 min)

Directed by Asinnajaq, also known as Isabella Weetaluktuk, an Inuk visual artist, writer, filmmaker and curator from Inukjuak, Nunavik

Press kit:

Named Best Experimental Work at imagineNATIVE 2017, this acclaimed film plunges us into a sublime imaginary universe of luminescent, archive-inspired cinema that recasts the past, present and future of Inuit in a radiant new light. Diving into the NFB’s vast archive, Asinnajaq parses the complicated cinematic representation of Inuit, harvesting fleeting truths and fortuitous accidents from a range of sources, conjuring up a vision of hope and beautiful possibility.

Red Ochre (3 min)

Directed by Jerry Evans, a Mi’kmaq artist based in St. John’s

Co-produced by Animiki See Digital Productions and the NFB

Now on

Combining archival photos with new and found footage, Red Ochre presents a personal, impressionistic rendering of what it’s like growing up Mi’kmaq in Newfoundland while living in a culture of denial. The film was produced in 2009 as part of Vistas, a collaborative project between the NFB and APTN featuring 13 short films on Nationhood by Indigenous filmmakers from St. John’s to Vancouver.

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Canada – Unique works with striking imagery to match their bold creativity. NFB returns to Montreal’s Festival du nouveau cinéma (FNC), October 6 to 17, 2021.

Montreal – National Film Board of Canada (NFB)

The NFB will be back in force at Montreal’s Festival du nouveau cinéma (FNC) with six productions and co-productions. The lineup includes the world premiere of Perfecting the Art of Longing by Montreal filmmaker and photographer Kitra Cahana and the Quebec premiere of Nalujuk Night by Inuk visual artist Jennie Williams. Besides the two documentary shorts—both of which will screen in competition—the animated short Le bourreau chez lui (The Hangman at Home) by internationally acclaimed filmmakers Michelle and Uri Kranot will also have its Quebec premiere, screening in competition. The interactive story Far Away From Far Away by Bruce Alcock and Jeremy Mendes, and Otherly, a series of documentary shorts on Instagram made by multiple filmmakers, will feature in FNC Explore. Matthew Rankin’s THE Tesla WORLD LIGHT will also screen, highlighting the 60th anniversary of Cannes’ Semaine de la Critique. The FNC takes place from October 6 to 17, 2021, as a hybrid festival, with some works screening in Montreal theatres and others streaming online and available across Canada.

National Competition

Perfecting the Art of Longing by Kitra Cahana

(NFB, 12 min 13 s) – WORLD PREMIERE

Press kit (synopsis, biographies, images and credits):

Cut off from his loved ones due to the pandemic lockdown, a quadriplegic rabbi in a long-term-care facility in Montreal is filmed remotely by his daughter. Offering powerful meditations on love and hope, the film shows us what it means to be alive in a state of profound isolation.
The film will have its world premiere with French subtitles on Thursday, October 7, 2021, 8:30 p.m., at Montreal’s Cinéma du Musée, and will be accessible online until October 31.
Filmmaker Kitra Cahana is also an award-winning photographer whose work has appeared in National Geographic, Colors Magazine and The New York Times.

Nalujuk Night by Jennie Williams

(NFB, 13 min 7 s) – QUEBEC PREMIERE

Press kit (synopsis, biographies, images and credits):

Run as fast as you can, the Nalujuit are here! The filmmaker brings us the story of an exhilarating and sometimes terrifying Nunatsiavut tradition, plunging audiences directly into the action of a winter night like no other.
The film will have its Quebec premiere with French subtitles on Sunday, October 10, 2021, 9:20 p.m., at Montreal’s Cinéma du Musée, and will be accessible online until October 31.
Nalujuk Night had its world premiere at the 2021 FIN Atlantic International Film Festival, where it won the Best Atlantic Short Documentary Award.
Jennie Williams is an Inuk visual artist and throat singer from Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador. As a professional photographer, she creates powerful images that convey the cultural landscape and lived experience of Inuit. Her stirring photography has received national acclaim.

Les nouveaux alchimistes Competition

Le bourreau chez lui (The Hangman at Home) by Michelle and Uri Kranot

(Late Love Production/Floréal Films/Miyu Productions/NFB, 14 min) – QUEBEC PREMIERE

Press kit (synopsis, biographies, images and credits):

Inspired by the 1922 Carl Sandburg poem of the same title, The Hangman at Home explores themes of acknowledgement and participation.
The film will have its Quebec premiere at 6 p.m. on Sunday, October 10, 2021, in the main screening room of the Cinémathèque québécoise in Montreal, and will be accessible online until October 31.
Awards: Golden Dragon Grand Prize for Best Film, Int. Shorts Competition, 2021 Krakow Film Festival; Special Mention, 2021 Supertoon International Animation and Comics Festival, Šibenik, Croatia.
Last year as part of FNC Explore, the filmmakers gave an extremely popular online master class where they discussed the virtual reality component of this project, an award winner at Venice.

FNC Explore

Far Away From Far Away by Bruce Alcock and Jeremy Mendes

(NFB, 25 min)

Press kit (synopsis, biographies, images and credits):

Far Away From Far Away is an interactive story inspired by the early life of visionary Zita Cobb. Written by Michael Crummey, it’s about a young girl growing up on Fogo Island with her father during the 1960s and ’70s.
The work had its world premiere in 2019 at the prestigious International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) DocLab competition.
Far Away From Far Away will be available online in the FNC Explore section of the festival’s website.

Otherly by various directors

(NFB/POV Spark, series of short documentaries)

Press kit (synopsis, biographies, images and credits):

Otherly is a series about finding one’s place in the 21st century. Using universal themes like love, inclusion, and loss as entry points, the seven creators have crafted films that are at once timeless and yet by definition of their form, ephemeral.
The FNC will screen the four shorts in the series whose directors are Canadian: Parked: Seeking Refuge in Our Cars by Mirusha Yogarajah, Papier Accordéon by Grace An, Love Is the First Sacred Lesson by Jess Murwin and A Portrait of Tracy by Joanne Lam.
The four short films will be available in English as “stories” on the FNC’s Instagram page starting October 12 at 5 p.m.

Cannes’ Semaine de la Critique x FNC

THE Tesla WORLD LIGHT by Matthew Rankin

(NFB, 8 min 18 s) – selected to screen at the Cannes Film Festival’s Semaine de la Critique in 2017

Press kit (synopsis, biographies, images and credits):

New York, 1905. Visionary inventor Nikola Tesla makes one last appeal to J.P. Morgan, his onetime benefactor. Inspired by real events, this electrifying short is a spectacular burst of image and sound that draws as much from the tradition of avant-garde cinema as it does from animated documentary.
The animated short will screen at 9 p.m. on Friday, October 15, at the Cinémathèque québécoise during a jointly programmed special event celebrating two milestones: the Semaine de la Critique’s 60th anniversary and the FNC’s 50th anniversary.

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About the NFB

Lily Robert

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