Overhaul works of Aberdeen Market to be completed soon (with photos)


     A spokesman for the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) said today (February 3) that the overhaul works of Aberdeen Market will be completed soon. The overhauled market is expected to re-open in end of March.

     The overhauled market provides 142 stalls. Existing tenants who chose to continue business in the market can take part in the restricted auction to be held next Monday (February 6) to bid for the overhauled stalls at concessionary upset prices and enjoy ex-gratia arrangements on rental and air-conditioning charges. The remaining stalls after the restricted auction will be put up for open auctions for eligible persons in mid-February. Details will be announced in due course.

     The overhauled Aberdeen Market will retain the existing four-storeys layout while the interior has been newly re-planned. The stall sizes have been increased and delineated according to the types of business, to facilitate the daily operation of the tenants and shopping by members of the public. With the installation of an air-conditioning system, the competitiveness of the overhauled market can be enhanced by providing patrons with a more pleasant shopping environment and facilitating tenants to do business. To enhance the accessibility of the market, all passageways in the market have been widened, and two new accessible lifts and two goods lifts will be provided. The market will also provide public seats, a baby care room and a breastfeeding room. The number of toilets will be increased and barrier-free facilities will be enhanced.

     Other enhancement facilities to be provided in a public market for the first time include a separate air-conditioned storage room for temporary storage of pig carcasses delivered to the market in the early morning to maintain good hygiene. Furthermore, to support environmental and recycling work, there will be a Recycling Store under the GREEN@COMMUNITY network and new facilities designated for recycling of discarded foam boxes in the market.

     Another feature is a multipurpose space at the escalator lobby on the second floor of the market for holding different promotion and festive events as well as providing various information, with a view to enabling the market to play a greater role in social function and become a gathering place for residents.

     The FEHD arranged site visits today to Aberdeen Market, of which the overhaul works are about to complete, for the returning tenants, representatives of traders and relevant Legislative Council members, to introduce the modernised facilities to be provided in the overhauled market and the management arrangements.

     The overhaul of Aberdeen Market is a pioneering project of the Market Modernisation Programme (MMP). The FEHD is pressing ahead with the other overhaul or redevelopment projects under the MMP, including Lai Wan Market, Ngau Tau Kok Market, Kowloon City Market, Yeung Uk Road Market and North Kwai Chung Market.