The Gage’s began looking into building an ADU about a year ago but weren’t happy with the amount of time, effort, and cost required to build a traditional ADU. They learned about ADU Works’ seamless process to manage the ADU project from beginning to end using SI Panels (structurally insulated panels) to streamline construction from six months of work on-site to two months.

“In addition to the streamlined building process and cost savings realized by using SI panels, we were impressed with ADU Work’s commitment to sustainability,” said Cynthia. “Using solar panels to power the ADU and incorporating low VOC materials and energy-efficient appliances into each of its models. That really was a selling point for us.”

ADU Works is revolutionizing the ADU space by allowing homeowners the ability to afford an ADU without the hassles of working with local jurisdictions, staying up to code, or managing multiple contractors. ADU Works also provides project management and oversight from plan submissions through securing the ADU’s certificate of occupancy. This removes the headaches, worry and anxiety throughout the build process.

ADU Works’ build process includes pre-finishing the SI panels off site in order to keep the onsite build time to a minimum. Whereas a traditional ADU would look at an on-site build time of 4-6 months, ADU Works’ goal is to complete your ADU on-site in less than 60 days. This process means your ADU is built faster and for less money – while maintaining quality.

“The team at ADU Works has been incredibly responsible throughout the process,” said Damon. “All questions that we had along the way were researched in detail, and always responded to within 24 hours. It has been a real treat to be able to work with a team that does exactly what they say they are going to do.”

“We have been so grateful working with both Damon and Cynthia throughout this process. They have provided valuable insight into the needs of coastside homeowners, and have continuously posited an environmentally friendly focus over the past few months preparing for plan submission. We are excited to give homeowners like the Gage’s access to high-quality, no-hassle ADU’s that cost less than half the price of a traditional ADU build,” says ADU Works cofounder Conrad Kimball.

About ADU Works: ADU Works are pioneers in the pre-finished panelized ADU space – helping homeowners create new attractive dwellings on their property in less time for half the cost of a traditional ADU build. The focus is on using innovative design, collaborative processes, technology, and eco-friendly materials to bring about cost-friendly ADU builds.

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