TVS Television Network Begins All Pro Wrestling Nevada Television Coverage with February 17 Tilt in Reno

 TVS Television Network will televise the February 17 All Pro Wrestling Nevada event from Sparks, NV as the first in a series of APW Nevada television programs in 2024. The card will be produced as a syndicated half hour show for broadcast, cable, IPTV, OTT, and Home Video platforms.

TVS will also include APW Nevada programming in their TVS TeleSports Digest show and their TVS Sports Showcase Show. In addition TVS will produce APW Nevada music videos to be included in their TVS Lucha Loco series.

APW Nevada is the premier wrestling troupe in Nevada and features family friendly independent wrestlers. In addition to the regular APW Nevada wrestling troupe, they also include notable regional and even national wrestlers in their events.

TVS began televising wrestling in 1975, with the very first national broadcasts of pro wrestling, with the IWA wrestling troupe. They have also televised pro wrestling from Chicago and Bakersfield prior to pacting with APW Nevada for their 2024 schedule.

APW Nevada Wrestling will be included across six TVS 24/7 streaming FAST channels that appear on the WatchYour.TV, powered by Tulix platform. This includes TVS All American Network, TVS Action Network (beginning in May), TVS Tavern TV Network, and TVS Select Network.

TVS Television Network was founded in 1960 and is the fourth oldest broadcast TV network in the USA.

TVS Television Network
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New Social Network Pitchel to Connect Startups and Investors

 In October, a new social network will be released that will allow startup owners to present their idea to an external audience and investors. According to CBInsights statistics, only 1% of startups become unicorns like Uber, Airbnb, Slack, Stripe. The reasons for such a small percentage can be different: from an unclear strategy to insufficient funding for further development.

Therefore, Pitchel’s main goal is to connect investors with startups and become a source of inspiration for users looking for new ideas and interested in trends in the startup market.

More about Pitchel
The Pitchel social network will operate in the format of a mobile application with a user-friendly interface. The main idea of the social network is to display short and interesting presentations of startups in video format in the feed of users, including startup owners, investors, and inspiration seekers.

This format of short video speeches will help startup owners explain their idea as briefly and accurately as possible, and investors will be able to view ideas in a convenient format without wasting time.

How Pitchel works
The Pitchel mobile app will work in a simple and straightforward way for users.

The first step is to download and install the app from the App Store or Google Play.

The second step is registration, which requires only an email and can be done with a Google or AppleID account.

The third step is filling out a profile and using the application.

When registering a startup, the owner needs to upload a video pitch, as well as fill in basic information about the business: goals, problems it solves, competitive advantages, etc. That is, to provide all the necessary information to the investor at the stage of familiarization with the startup.

No additional profile filling is required when registering investors or users. Only registration and further video viewing is required.

Investors can also customize the video feed by selecting startup countries and business categories. In this case, the investor will be shown only those video presentations that meet the specified criteria.

The fourth step is using the social network. Users can like video presentations they like and communicate with each other. In addition, videos that the user has liked are saved in the history, which allows you to view the presentation again and not lose them in the feed.

Key features of the Pitchel social network
Personalized experience. Investors and users who have joined Pitchel can set up feed filters based on their interests, such as startup categories or country, and see only those ideas that they may potentially be interested in.

Global access. With Pitchel, users have access to investment opportunities without geographic restrictions. Interesting projects in various sectors become available to everyone, in every corner of the world.

Support for startups. Pitchel provides a platform for startups to present their ideas to a wide audience of potential investors and receive feedback from an external audience.

User-friendliness. The Pitchel interface is designed to provide maximum convenience and speed of access to the necessary information. This includes quick registration, as well as easy profile filling and communication.

The ability to leave information about yourself before the official launch of Pitchel.

Pitchel now gives startup owners the opportunity to fill out a pre-launch form with information about their startup and get a guaranteed first placement as soon as the social network is launched. In addition, additional information about the project will be published on Pitchel’s social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

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Car Wash Gift Card Network Introduces an Industry Standard Gift Card

 90% of consumers who receive a gift card from a small business that they have never visited, say they would shop at that business and return there in the future.

The Car Wash Gift Card Network strongly believes, car washes and detail services make great practical gifts & rewards for all occasions and milestones.

Introducing The Car Wash Gift Card. Car wash gift card’s vision is simple, allow individuals and organizations to send physical or digital car wash and detail service gift card(s) to anyone across town or across the country. Up until now, if consumers and organizations wanted to buy and a car wash gift card, it was only possible from and for one specific car wash location.

Car Wash Gift Card Network’s Mission is two fold, make the giving and receiving of car washes and detail services as gifts across town or across the country easy and help our overall industry grow in the gift cards share. This helps the car wash location selling the gift card, serve their customers for something that couldn’t do before and earn a small share. It helps the redeeming car wash service provider, acquire and retain new customers and most of all, it makes it easy for consumers to redeem their car wash gift card at their favorite car wash location or mobile service provider.

“We strongly believe car washes make great gifts for all occasions. Our vision is simple, make car wash gifting easy and allow customers to use their gift card at their favorite car wash anywhere,” said, Aftab Jiwani, CEO & Founder of The Car Wash Gift Card Network.

According to the 2019 small business gift card study, conducted in the spring of 2019, originally commissioned by First Data, now Fiserv, 90% of consumers who receive a gift card from a small business that they have never visited, say they would shop at that business and return there in the future. The study further found that 74% of consumers regularly buy gift cards from small businesses.

Car wash owners and operators are invited to be part of this exciting car wash industry network at no cost. Furthermore, Individuals and organization looking for gift and reward ideas, that are useful and practical, visit the car wash gift card website.

Car Wash Gift Card Video

Car Wash Gift Card Network
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Hitachi: Demonstration Operation of Optimized Performance Enabling Network for Volt/Var(Q) (OPENVQ) of Power Transmission Network Commences in Thailand

New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) and the Ministry of Energy of the Kingdom of Thailand (MoEN) are carrying out a demonstration project with the aim of achieving low carbonization and enhancements in power system operations. Hitachi, Ltd. (Hitachi), contractor of the project, and the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) jointly installed optimized performance enabling network for volt/var(Q) (OPENVQ) and commenced its demonstration operation in February 2023.

Fig. Image of OPENVQ system

In this demonstration operation, the OPENVQ system was linked to SCADA used to monitor and control the power system in the regional control center operated by EGAT in northeastern Thailand. And we already confirmed that the loss of power in the transmission network had been curbed and approximately 1,000 tons of CO2 emissions had been reduced by operating those advanced and efficient power systems in the period from February 21st through March 10th. Future plans include registration of the project with the joint committee of the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM), and issuance of CO2 credits through TPE (third party entity) verification based on the results to be monitored until December 2023.

On April 26th, an opening ceremony was held at the head office of EGAT in Nonthaburi attended by all the parties concerned from both countries to celebrate the start of the demonstration operations.

For more information, visit

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SNS Network to Supply Apple Products and Accessories to Kumon Malaysia

SNS Network Technology Berhad (Bursa: SNS, 0259), an ICT system and solutions provider, is pleased to announce that the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, SNS Network (M) Sdn. Bhd, has signed a collaboration agreement with Kumon Education (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. to supply Apple iPad products and accessories to Kumon Malaysia’s students and parents.
Kumon Malaysia is part of the largest established after-school enrichment programme in the world with over 4 million students currently enrolled across 50 countries and regions. The collaboration agreement covers over 200 Kumon learning centres and can benefit more than 37,000 students in Malaysia.

As part of the agreement, SNS will create and maintain a portal from which Kumon Malaysia’s parents and students can access while also undertaking all services related to the supply of Apple iPad products and accessories.

Managing Director of SNS, Ko Yun Hung said, “This collaboration enables Kumon Malaysia to gain access to a range of Apple products and accessories offered by SNS in a seamless manner and also allow us to better serve and communicate with parents and students through the dedicated portal. These products will enrich students’ after-school learning experience, providing them access to tools to stimulate their minds and enabling them to interact with each other.”

General Manager of Kumon Malaysia, Atsushi Hasegawa said, “The supply of iPad products and accessories through the collaboration with SNS is part of Kumon Connect feature launched in January 2023 to encourage students to enjoy the learning process together online. We believe that digital learning is increasingly an important part of the entire learning process for students and we would like them to have a great head start.”


SNS Network Technology Berhad is principally involved in the provision of ICT products, services and solutions. The Group’s core business activities are the sale of ICT products comprising hardware, devices and related peripherals, as well as the provision of ICT services and solutions and; provision of device repair and related services, as well as sale of broadband services.

Under ICT services and solutions, SNS offers JOI(R) smart classroom framework, which integrates and combines a broad range of features to support effective teaching and learning and, Device-as-a-Service (DaaS), a subscription-based service. DaaS offers customers bundled ICT products comprising devices and services according to their requirements.


Kumon Education (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is part of the largest established after-school enrichment programme in the world with over 4 million students currently enrolled across 50 countries and regions. Kumon Malaysia was formed in 1997 and is the country’s largest after-school enrichment programme providing learning of Mathematics and English through the Kumon Method.

SNS Network Technology: 0259 [BURSA: SNS],

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