Award-Winning Author, Dr. Sonia Amin, Provides Effective Strategy for Healthy Thinking

 Thoughts can be difficult to navigate at any age. Offering loving guidance to children as they sort through their thoughts empowers them to choose well in what they say and do.

In her debut book, Bax and His Bubbles – All About a Kid and His Thoughts, award-winning author, pharmacist, and mom, Dr. Sonia Amin uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to provide a simple method to help foster healthy thinking. Amin begins Bax and His Bubbles with a “Note to Grownups” giving them encouragement on how to use this valuable tool in their toolbox. She also includes discussion questions at the back of the book to open the line of communication and spur further conversations.

Children will love the delightful illustrations as well as the relatable storyline. Adults will feel equipped to have a simple strategy to remind their child of the next time they are holding onto negative thoughts or have difficulty letting go of lies they are believing about themselves or of others.

Dr. Sonia Amin is a wife, mom, pharmacist, and award-winning author in Central Florida. She has a passion to inspire and encourage everyone she meets. Some of her favorite things include snuggling with her kids, dark chocolate, and deep-tissue massages. For more information visit

Total Health Rx, LLC.

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Award-Winning Filmmaker to Teach Female Creatives How to Fund Film Projects That Tell Powerful Stories

 For Filmmaker and Creator Alyscia Cunningham, filmmaking has allowed her to share powerful stories through the lens of a Caribbean American woman. To celebrate National Women’s History Month, Cunningham will launch, “Let’s Talk BIPOC Women Creatives in Film,” a self-renowned project to teach BIPOC female filmmakers the ropes to funding their ideas for filmmaking projects. Beginning March 2, Cunningham will open registration for interested individuals to participate in a one-hour virtual introduction to funding film projects.

Cunningham has a long history of successfully navigating the film industry with over eight years of experience earning over $70,000 in funding. Cunningham used the funding to create her award-winning project, “I Am More Than My Hair,” which has been featured in HuffPost and Forbes, just to name a few. The project required an approximate $40,000 to execute. Thanks to funding resources like, IFundWomen of Color, American Express, and Women In Film and Television, Cunningham was able to place her film in over 20 film festivals, ultimately landing her project in a six-month solo exhibition inside of a Maryland museum.

“Because we’re in a new year, I wanted to use this time to help other creatives introduce new ideas to the film industry,” said Cunningham, “this project will help more creatives understand that they don’t have to have a ton of money to tell powerful stories, and how important it is to continually lend their talents to the culture of the film industry.”

To date, there are less than eight percent of BIPOC filmmakers, according to McKinsey and Company. Research shows that the barriers of BIPOC talent in film and television equate to economic fallout and are currently facing a lack of solutions for creating a more equitable, and inclusive workspace. About 92% of the film industry is led by 92 percent white film executives. On average, an independent film production cost over $250,000.

Cunningham has a passion for changing the narrative and wants to start by helping other BIPOC women access funding for their own film projects. The primary focus of the event will teach participants how to position their brands to access multiple forms of funding as a filmmaker. This will include how to obtain 501(c)(3) status through fiscal sponsorship, crowdfunding, fundraisers, and grants. The project is currently running as a pilot to gain interest in further details to successfully navigate the film industry’s landscape. For those who are interested, registration is currently open and can be found by visiting the “Events” page on Cunningham’s website

The event is scheduled to begin on March 31 at 12:00 pm until 1:00 pm. For more information, email or visit

Her House Media

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Award-Winning Album “Pop” Ushers in Fall 2021 with Frolicking Uptempo Anthem “I Like You”

 Don’t be fooled by the deceptively simply title of Ayhan Sahin’s fifth single from the award-winning album “Pop.” While “I Like You” is, for sure, a giddy, rollicking uptempo pop jewel, its lyrics are decidedly PG-13.

But first… the production… Imagine a mélange of organic guitars and driving percussion, spiced with a power house wall of background “na-na-na” and “bah-da-bah-dap” vocals performed by Sahin, with vocal arrangements by Jerri Bocchino, so full-bodied that they actually become part of the instrumentation. That is a trademark of Young Pals’ founder Ayhan Sahin – who also commandeers the vocals in this fall 2021 release.

Co-written with longtime collaborators Bernadette O’Reilly and Emre Yilmaz, “I Like You” opens with: “All alone in my room I’m sitting, All alone in the hole I retreat, All alone in my womb… And then you come along, You mysterious thing, Like a secret police…” Then things get mighty real in the chorus: “I wanna hear you, I wanna hear you whine, Anything to talk to you all the time, Cause I like you.”

The song came together – like so many creative works – in the midst of the pandemic in Sahin’s New York City base. Sahin was able to rally his chosen musicians to produce the track at his Young Pals Studio in Lower Manhattan: Mike Sorrentino on drums, Carras Paton on bass, Gene Blank on guitars and Rob Preuss on piano, with Keith Fluitt and Jerri Bocchino on backing vocals.

Sahin adds, “When Bernadette showed me the new song she started working on, I wanted to sing it because I knew what it meant to her and I knew that I could deliver it the way she wanted because I was also relating to the words myself. I am very proud of the outcome. Not only the song met with my vision but also allowed me to try as a vocalist a challenge that I wouldn’t dare otherwise.”

Ayhan Sahin’s fifth solo single marks the finale release from the long-awaited full-length collaborative project “Pop” that features iconic artists of pop music’s timeline such as The Village People’s iconic cowboy Randy Jones, platinum selling artist Anita Ward, veteran recording artists Jerri BoKeno along with Keith Fluitt, Christi Bauerlee, and David Keeley. All songs are co-written and co-produced by Ayhan Sahin with hit songwriter Bernadette O’Reilly who has also worked for three decades in music management and Artist Development… Overall, the singles released from the “Pop” album saw critical recognition from award shows winning awards for categories, “Best Pop Song,” “Best Video” and “Best Singer.” Last but not least, Randy Jones’ single “Hard Times’” hit the Billboard Charts to claim a one month run on the Dance charts building a legendary status for Randy to be the only member of The Village People who achieved success as a charting solo artist.

Song link:

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Award-Winning Hollywood Director Premieres Highly Anticipated Film in Davidson, NC

 On October 2, 2021, award-winning film director Tiffany Rhodes will premiere her feature film, Match Struck, starring Tiffany (Collision), David Koechner (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, The Office), Julian Brittano (Green Leaf, OWN Channel), Kisha Barr (Blue Bloods, Manifest) Lacy Camp (Fear Street, Big Little Lies) at Our Town Cinema, Davidson, North Carolina.

Event: Screening and Party October 2, 2021

– Red Carpet starts at 6:15 PM at Our Town Cinemas Café & Taphouse, 227 Griffith St., Davidson, NC 28036.

– Official Match Struck Party following the screening at 9:00 pm at 158 On Main, 158 N Main St., Mooresville, NC 28115.

Match Struck: An infamous novelist desperate to redeem her career submits to her creative process, blurring the lines between fiction and reality.

Tiffany Rhodes’ work is compared to David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, and Dan Gilroy’s. She is a commanding talent and auteur. Her stories are original, powerful, innovative and thought-provoking.

With the international success of Rhodes’ films, The Blackbird Interviews and Promise Me, Collision on Amazon Prime, her fans have long speculated where and how they will see Match Struck. Rhodes and executive producers chose to screen at an independent theater in the Lake Norman area where the film was shot in 2020.

With intense and moving performances and beautiful cinematography, this is the breakout film for Tiffany Rhodes.

Match Struck compares to the story elements, cinematography and performances of Birdman (2014), American Beauty (1999) and Leaving Las Vegas (1995).

Press/Notable Sources: About Match Struck

“Riveting,” – Dody Dorn, Oscar-Nominated Editor of Memento

“…hypnotic, and she [Tiffany Rhodes] is hands down the best breakout performance of 2021.” – Yahoo Finance, September 2021

“To say, for example, that Match Struck is a riddle is true. You immediately want to rewatch. It’s a rollercoaster that is so wild it’s hard to see the details that passively build with such thoughtful intent.” – Monica Hewson, Entertainment News, March 2021

Seats are limited. For tickets and more information, see the email below. Match Struck, LLC, Clarissa Felts and Sarah Bura,

Official Sponsors Of The Premiere

Diamonds Direct

Mine by Sandy

158 on Main

Match Struck LLC

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An Award-Winning Poet Shares a Material that Will Help Parents and Educators Build Foundation for Early Childhood Learning

Children’s lack of reading and comprehension skills can be a detrimental factor toward their academic development and overall success in the future. Therefore, it is important for parents, and early childhood educators to support a child’s learning with supplemental reading materials. Furthermore
the best way to stimulate understanding of the written material, is to enable the child to translate what they learned from the story into illustrations or narratives.
These ideals are promoted by Leighton Hollar, an award-winning poet, author, and publisher. As a result, he has eight published books that are both entertaining and conducive to learning for children. One of his books, “Spirit of Thanks,” inculcates the value of gratitude while allowing children to exercise their minds through fun poetry and illustrated with brightly colored images. Mr. Hollar understands that curiosity is an important tool for learning, and children are inherently curious about the world around them. By providing a fun reading material, Hollar effectively stimulates this curiosity and allows the child to expand their comprehension.
In “Spirit of Thanks,” children are introduced to holidays that represent gratitude. Hollar wrote the book in unique rhyme scheme that’s fun for children and can easily be understood by them. He also included colorful photos and illustration inside that can help retain the attention of a child and also emphasize the message.
Hollar, throughout his career had won multiple awards at poetry symposiums and from small press magazines. Some of these awards include Creative Arts and Science Enterprises’, Accomplishment of Merit Award ’93, Poetic Eloquence ‘s Readers’ Choice Awards ’95, Poet’s Corner Magazine’s, Distinguish Member Award ’97, Famous Poets Society, Certificate of Recognition ’02, and Poetry.Com, Editors’ Choice Award May ’04.
Grab your copy now!
Buy the book at:
Spirit of Thanks
Author: Leighton Hollar
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: June 2021
Book Genre: Poetry

About the Author:
Leighton Hollar is a West Indian-American Poet who immigrated from Kingston, Jamaica to the Bronx, New York in the early seventies. He began writing poetry in the late sixties and continues to develop his craft at poetry reading and workshops throughout the United States.
Leighton; a graduate of Kingston College, Jamaica West Indies, is the author of 10 Books to date, co-author of two with Charity Ferris and the publisher of 16 under his Stallion Book Production Label. He also co-authored and published The Coming of Three Spirits under his earlier Phase 2 Productions Label. Cynthia Harris and Gabrielle Lane – Clark are the other two co-authors and kindred spirits. They are both African-Americans who grew up and hone their craft, in New York City.