Kimberly Nguyen is pleased to announce that her debut collection of poems, Here I Am Burn Me, which won the Jack McCarthy Book Prize, was published today by Write Bloody Publishing. Nguyen is proudly joining a growing number of Vietnamese-American poets making an imprint in the industry, including Hieu Minh Nguyen, Paul Tran, and Ocean Vuong.

Here I Am Burn Me is a space-themed poetry collection that examines family, intergenerational trauma, gender, and race in the context of the larger universe. Through poems that bend time and space, Nguyen confronts the sources of her pain head-on and looks towards a future where healing is not only possible but inevitable.

For more information about the book or about Kimberly, visit or contact [email protected].

About Kimberly Nguyen

Kimberly Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American diaspora poet originally from Omaha, Nebraska but now living in New York City. Her work can be found in diaCRITICS, Hobart, Muzzle Magazine, The Minnesota Review, and others. She was a recipient of a Beatrice Daw Brown Prize, and she was a finalist for Frontier Poetry’s 2021 OPEN and New Poets Awards and Palette Poetry’s 2021 Previously Published Poem Prize. She was a 2021 Emerging Voices Fellow at PEN America and is currently a 2022-2023 Poetry Coalition Fellow at Urban Word NYC through the Academy of American Poets.

About Write Bloody Publishing

We publish and promote great books of poetry every year. We are a small press with a snappy look, dedicated to quality literature that is proud to be printed in the USA. We are not a printer; we are a sweet publishing house located in Portland, OR. Since 2004 we have launched 135 titles and 85 ebooks. We are grass roots, DIY, boot strap believers who believe that great poetry changes people for the better. We believe authors should make a living and a way to do that is to create broad fan bases built from heavy touring and great looking books. Our authors are captivating at live readings and are incredible on the page to read. Our employees are authors and artists so we call ourselves a family. We publish some of the top selling, living poets in the United States.

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