Novotech Acquires US CRO NCGS, Expands Global Expertise

Novotech, the leading Asia-Pacific biotech specialist CRO, has acquired US CRO NCGS as part of its expansion program, and can now offer its biotech clients clinical services in the US to support later phase global studies. NCGS, established in 1984 in South Carolina, is a privately held CRO with a biopharma client base and a workforce of about 300 professionals across the US.

Novotech CEO Dr. John Moller said “We are very pleased to acquire such an impressive company with a strong history of quality and delivery in the United States. The company’s growth is a real credit to the knowledge and expertise of founder Nancy Snowden and the exceptional team she has formed.

“This is a strategic move to provide US-based expertise and infrastructure for our US clients wanting trials in APAC and the US, and for our APAC clients wanting US clinical programs. Clients will receive seamless service, with a unified approach to systems and SOPs well developed,” Moller said.

Nancy C.G. Snowden, founder and CEO of NCGS, said the company was excited about becoming part of Novotech operations globally and supporting Novotech’s clients with their US clinical programs. “We have a similar cultural fit and focus on excellence, so joining Novotech will be seamless for both ours and Novotech’s clients. Novotech and NCGS have a collaboration history of over a decade which will also support the seamless integration,” said Snowden.

“NCGS focuses on complex areas of clinical development; oncology, hematology, infectious disease, and CNS in both adult and pediatric populations. Our lean organizational structure and nimble operational model with highly tenured staff have been specifically designed to overcome the challenges inhibiting our industry today. We have the ability to pivot in real time as the needs of the trial evolve,” Sowden said.

Novotech serves biotechs globally, leveraging deep relationships built with hundreds of Asia-Pacific sites over the last 25 years. NCGS compliments this with a broad US site base and hundreds of investigators with relationships spanning nearly four decades.

ISMG Acquires Majority Stake in Grey Head Media

 Information Security Media Group Corp. (ISMG) is excited to announce the acquisition of a majority stake in Grey Head Media Pvt. Ltd., under ISMG Partners – ISMG’s newly formed growth unit for acquisitions, investments, and global partnerships.

Founded in 2011 by Rahul Neel Mani and Pranav Saran, Grey Head Media (GHM) is a B2B media organization, focusing on the enterprise technology and cybersecurity domains. GHM specializes in industry-focused custom events, research, surveys, and editorial content for a unique audience of enterprise security, risk management, and technology professionals.

“Intelligence and education have been the cornerstone of ISMG since we founded the company,” said Sanjay Kalra, CEO at ISMG. “The Grey Head Media team shares the values that ISMG stands for. As the needs of the global cybersecurity community continue to evolve, the ISMG team strives to be a few steps ahead of the needs of today. With Grey Head Media’s team joining ISMG’s global team, we will be able to offer a broader set of offerings to our partners as well as the technology and cybersecurity practitioners worldwide.”

The GHM team will participate in all five different lines of business that ISMG currently operates: media, events, the media marketing advisory unit under the CyberTheory brand, CyberEdBoard, and — the firm’s cybersecurity education platform.

Rahul Neel Mani and Pranav Saran will join the ISMG core management team.

“The massive disruption caused by COVID-19 has made some models obsolete, while creating countless new opportunities for growth, at scale. After establishing a strong brand in this space, this is the most appropriate and exciting time for GHM to take a quantum leap into the next phase of growth,” said Rahul Neel Mani, co-founder and editor at Grey Head Media. “With the passionate community engagement and unique approach of Grey Head Media and the immense expertise of ISMG with its global footprint, this move is an extremely positive signal to the industry.”

The GHM acquisition will provide ISMG the impetus to further consolidate its reach in the cybersecurity space, while bringing ISMG’s global resources, expertise, and strong technology backbone to bear for the purposes of short-term and long-term growth and expansion.

“As ISMG continues to grow and thrive across the multiple areas we operate in within the cybersecurity domain, the acquisition of Grey Head Media brings a sharper focus on what we do in the CIO and IT space globally,” said Mike D’Agostino, general manager at ISMG. “We believe this will be a truly symbiotic relationship for both organizations and an enormous growth opportunity for the founders.”

“Grey Head and ISMG joining hands will establish a true cybersecurity resource for CIO and IT teams, while helping both entities to develop deeper specialization in their key focus areas,” said Varun Haran, managing director for ISMG in Asia and the Middle East. “Beyond this, with our shared values, community and synergies, we are excited to take the Grey Head brand into other global regions.”

Pranav Saran, co-founder and director of sales and operations at Grey Head Media, said: “Grey Head Media has carved a niche for itself in 11 years of its existence. Through our innovation and compassionate approach, we are one of the top preferred media organizations for partner OEMs to reach out to the vast, growing communities of technology and security decision makers. Combining the best practices of both organizations, we will look at scaling GHM’s offerings and launch more world-class products for our clients.”

ISMG’s strategy to extend the firm’s leadership via a “build, grow and acquire” approach is firmly underway. Each new partnership accelerates this strategy and expands the existing portfolio covering media, summits and events, education, and community, with established geo-specific and sector-specific brands, catering to all aspects of the cybersecurity ecosystem.

About ISMG

Information Security Media Group (ISMG) is a global education and intelligence company focused on cybersecurity. Each of our thirty media properties provides education, research and news, specifically tailored to key vertical sectors including banking, healthcare and the public sector; geographies from North America to Southeast Asia; and topics such as data breach prevention, cyber risk assessment and fraud. Our annual global summit series connects senior security professionals with industry thought leaders to find actionable solutions for pressing cybersecurity challenges.

About Grey Head Media

Incorporated in 2011, Grey Head Media is a full-service, B2B media organization working with enterprise technology, digital and security decision makers. Grey Head provides a neutral, trustworthy platform for the entire enterprise technology ecosystem including users, OEMs, ISVs, system integrators and others. Through its content, conferencing and research, the company provides an apt platform for peer-to-peer information sharing and learning. The core values of Grey Head include promotion of community development through continuous learning. Grey Head, since its inception, has stood firm by its core principles of transparency, independence, unbiased and ethics-based working.

Information Security Media Group (ISMG)

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Sabanci Acquires OT Security Vendor Radiflow

Acquisition will include an initial controlling stake in Radiflow with a phase 2 in Q1 2025. “We are confident that this transaction will enable Radiflow to continue its growth in the growing OT Security market,” said Ilan Barda, Radiflow’s CEO.

TEL AVIV, IsraelApril 29, 2022PRLog — Radiflow, an Israeli OT cybersecurity startup announced that it is being acquired in a two phase process by Sabanci Group, market leaders in the financial services, energy, and industrial sectors. The initial phase entails a $45  million primary and secondary investment in several installments to reach a majority stake in Radiflow. In the second phase Sabanci intends to acquire 100% stake in Radiflow by 2025.

A recent increase in demand for comprehensive OT cybersecurity solutions has allowed for Radiflow to rapidly expand across the US and Europe, doubling its sales in 2021. This growth was based on the launch of a first of its kind platform, CIARA Risk Management, which provides OT facilities with data-driven digital risk assessment by conducting breach attack simulations without having an impact on physical operations. Common in the IT world, this new digitized capability allows for cybersecurity officers (CISOs) to monitor their cyber risk posture in multiple facilities simultaneously and prioritize their security road-map plans.

Winning multiple awards and contracts from private and government organizations, CIARA has grown Radiflow’s business to protect critical government infrastructure and manufacturing facilities. “This acquisition will allow us to enhance our portfolio and strengthen our positioning in critical industries,” said Ilan Barda, CEO of Radiflow. “We are excited that Sabanci selected Radiflow to materialize its digital transformation growth plan and we are confident that this transaction will enable Radiflow to continue its growth in the fast-growing OT Security market.”

This acquisition provides Radiflow a unique position in the OT security market. By leveraging the extensive industrial footprint of the Sabanci Group, Radiflow plans to further optimize its OT security offering. Barda added, “We believe that the next phase in OT Risk Management is based on industry benchmarks and our collaboration with the Sabanci group subsidiaries will provide us in-depth insights to various industrial sectors and will enable us to continue and provide our customers leading-edge solutions.”

Sabanci Holding plans to create a digital business pillar focused on Advanced Analytics, IoT, and Cybersecurity. “We will strengthen Sabanci Group companies’ global position through the power of technology. We will pioneer projects and practices that will make a significant global impact in the ‘new economy’, particularly in digital technologies. The acquisition of Radiflow, a global player in cyber security with a proven track record, is a key step in the materialization of our strategic plan in the digital sphere. We, as Sabancı Group, are very pleased to add a global cyber security company serving in various markets with great human capital and strong partnerships in our portfolio.” said Kıvanç Zaimler, chairman of Dx Technology Services and Investment BV (DxBV), a newly established subsidiary of Sabancı Holding.

Topdawg Acquires 2,721 New Retailers in Q1 of 2022

 The pandemic has prompted a change in shopping habits and has created an opportunity for e-commerce businesses to grow and thrive. As shoppers turn more frequently to online retail, wholesale suppliers are scrambling to find the most effective ways of reaching those customers.

Dropshipping platforms are usually based on a single supplier working out of a warehouse and offering dropshipping services to retailers that want to do business with that supplier. Another frequent scenario is when a dropshipping platform offers an integration service. Still, the retailer must set up individual accounts with each supplier on that platform, creating a demand for resources to manage those relationships on both sides, the retailer and supplier.

TopDawg’s platform allows retailers to sell products at recommended retail prices while receiving wholesale pricing from the dropshipping suppliers with products listed in TopDawg’s wholesale products catalog. Retailers can also easily manage shipping and tracking on orders, with TopDawg handling all logistics and fulfillment.

In this way, TopDawg is a vital link between retailers and wholesale suppliers, making it possible for anyone to start their own dropshipping business or expand product offerings for existing e-commerce stores.

TopDawg’s dropshipping platform acquired 2,721 new retailers in Q1 of 2022, which is a 68.69% increase in the number that joined the previous quarter. The company’s growth can be attributed to its simple, automated, and transparent dropshipping business model. Retailers can sell products online without spending time or money on inventory storage and fulfillment. The TopDawg platform connects retailers to wholesale suppliers who ship products directly to customers after an order is placed on the retailer’s website. TopDawg also provides tools for integrating with popular website builders like Shopify, allowing full automation for syncing product information, inventory levels, shipments and order placement.

A key differentiator of TopDawg from other dropshipping platforms is that the TopDawg catalog comprises products made in and shipped from the USA, providing quality products for retailers with short delivery times. TopDawg’s catalog team puts a lot of energy into identifying the products that consumers want most and automating marketing processes so that retailers can spend more time growing their business rather than looking for new product ideas.

“For product manufacturers and wholesalers, sourcing products through a B2B marketplace like TopDawg’s is a cost-effective way for them to find new customers, get more sales, and expand their product distribution channel,” states Darren DeFeo, CEO of TopDawg. He continued to explain that, “For retailers, using TopDawg’s marketplace as a sourcing tool helps them find new products with less effort and provides lower operating costs than traditional methods. Satisfying the needs of both suppliers and retailers is what we strive to do at TopDawg.”

The rapid growth of the company’s network is good news for both retailers and manufacturers on the platform: by bringing together thousands of retailers and dropshipping wholesalers, TopDawg is creating a network effect that helps members connect faster and grow their businesses more quickly.

The company’s growth coincides with the increasing adoption of dropshipping platforms among e-commerce retailers. More and more e-commerce brands are turning to third-party logistics providers for help with storage, shipping, and customer service as they continue to grow rapidly in recent years. has been a leading dropshipping company since 2004. Over this time, TopDawg has built an extensive network of dropship suppliers that list their products in TopDawg’s product catalog, with over 300,000 wholesale products that can be dropshipped to the USA and worldwide.

Their goal is to provide retailers with the best quality products at affordable prices. What sets Topdawg apart from other dropshippers is that it provides members with a user-friendly interface designed around dropship business needs and the ability to quickly search and filter for products that match the retailer’s niche. Furthermore, the website’s integration and order placement services allow members to automate order processing. Customer orders are submitted to the supplier within seconds of being placed and carrier tracking is received immediately upon the supplier’s acceptance of the order.

With minimal start-up capital needed, dropshipping can be a viable option for anyone who wants to start or grow an online business but do not have access to high-capital investments like warehouses or inventory.

About TopDawg

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, TopDawg is a B2B dropshipping company that connects retailers with wholesale product suppliers. It was founded in 2004 by a group of e-commerce and distribution industry experts. In 2017, the company expanded with a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform that offers an easy, convenient, and profitable way for online retailers to access wholesale products that can be dropshipped to their customers in the United States and worldwide. TopDawg’s continuously improving services have made it one of the industry’s favorite dropshipping platforms. To learn more, visit


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EC Healthcare Acquires Veterinary Business, Further Consolidate the Pet Service Industry and Increase Market Shares

EC Healthcare (the “Company”, which together with its subsidiaries is referred to as the “Group”, SEHK stock code: 2138), the largest non-hospital medical group in Hong Kong*, is pleased to announce that the Group acquires 75% equity interests in a company operating veterinary hospital in Tai Po (the “Target Companies”) from a registered veterinary surgeon in Hong Kong (The “Seller”) for a total consideration of HK$15.75 million in cash. Upon completion of the Acquisition, the financial results of the Target Company will be consolidated into the consolidated financial statements of the Group.

The Target Company principally provides veterinary services in Tai Po with four registered veterinary surgeons. According to the unaudited financial information for the seven months ended 31 October 2021, the profit after taxation of the Target Company was approximately HK$2.6 million.

The Target Company guarantees to the Group that the aggregate audited net profit after taxation for the three years after the completion of the acquisition should be no less than HK$10,500,000.

The Group has been engaging in the veterinary business since 2021 and actively seeking opportunities to expand. The acquisition will provide the Group a new source of income and clientele for its existing businesses, achieving synergies between both sides, and further diversify the Group’s business portfolio. The Target Company has a long-standing history in providing veterinary services in Tai Po, whichwill help the Group to consolidate its business capability in the New Territories of Hong Kong.

Mr. Levin Lee, Executive Director and Chief Finance Officer of EC Healthcare said, “In light of the tremendous but fragmented market of veterinary services in Hong Kong, the Group aims to build a leading and influential brand to consolidate the market, and promote the corporatization of the veterinary business in Hong Kong. We believe this acquisition will help the Group expand the veterinary business layout and service capability, and further increase the veterinary market share, thereby consolidating the Group’s industry leadership as an integrated medical and healthcare group. Looking ahead, the Group has been developing an enclosed healthcare ecosystem focused on satisfaction of customers and creating more value to further consolidate the healthcare market.”

About EC Healthcare
EC Healthcare is Hong Kong’s largest non-hospital medical service provider*, leveraging its core businesses of preventive and precision medicine, and committed to developing medical artificial intelligence by integrating its multi-disciplinary medical services. The move, which is supported by the Group’s high-end branding and quality customer services, is aimed at offering customers safe and effective healthcare and medical services with professionalism. The Group is a constituent stock of the Hang Seng Composite Index and the MSCI Hong Kong Small Cap Index.

The Group principally engages in the provision of one-stop medical and health care services in Greater China. The Group provides a full range of services and products under its well-known brands, including those of its one-stop aesthetic medical solutions provider DR REBORN which has ranked first in Hong Kong by sales for years, primary care clinics jointly established with Tencent Doctorwork, chiropractic services centre SPINE Central, New York Spine and Physiotherapy Center NYMG, health management centre re:HEALTH, a vaccine centre Hong Kong Professional Vaccine HKPV, a comprehensive dental centre UMH DENTAL CARE, a diagnostic and imaging centre HKAI, an oncology treatment centre reVIVE, a day procedure centre HKMED, a specialty clinic SPECIALISTS CENTRAL and NEW MEDICAL CENTER, obstetrics and gynaecology specialist ZENITH MEDICAL CENTER AND PRENATAL DIAGNOSIS CENTRE, specialists central, a paediatric center PRIME CARE, cardiology center HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL CARDIOLOGY CENTER, PathLab Medical Laboratories, a professional hair care center HAIR FOREST, Ophthalmology Center VIVID EYE and EC Veterinary Hospital and Imaging Center.

*According to independent research conducted by Frost and Sullivan in terms of revenue in 2019 and 2020

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