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The traditional Indian Wedding Garland or the varmala is a symbol of exchange and acceptance. The flowers strung together bind the couple as they step into matrimonial life and kick start the wedding ceremonies.
Beloved as bridal blooms are to marriages owing to their sacred and cultural significance, they have increasingly become a prime focus for a well-coordinated aesthetic. The varmala is not merely functional in completing a ritual; it is the center of attention and a statement. Couples want to stay abreast with the latest trends and pick out floral festoons that beautifully complement their wedding attires.
The wedding varmala is an important choice to make and should be shopped for with a few considerations in mind. Opt for those that are comfortable to don for extended time periods and select flowers while being mindful of strong fragrances and allergies and irritations. It is advised to go for nn-fragrance blooms if this is an issue.
Evergreen as fresh flowers are, let’s look at a few of the up and coming trends in wedding garlands that are quickly becoming popular.
Textures add an intriguing element to the appearance and colors are a great way to do so with frilly blooms like carnations and hydrangeas. Spray-painted flowers can help attain gorgeous gradients to create a Wedding Garland that is simple yet chic and would definitely be a contemporary hit.
Ombre here refers to creating a gradient by choosing the same variety of flowers in different colors or different blossoms of similar hues. Such stylish varmalas are ideal for a perfectly color-coordinated appearance. It could take the shape of a velvety Rose Garland in different shades of pink or carnation or Orchid Garlands that are available in plenty of vibrant varieties whose contrasts would guarantee a few head-turns.
Alluring in its minimalism, a monochromatic fresh Flower Garland steals hearts as well. Amidst luxuriant and flamboyant wedding ensembles, you can strike a fine balance by opting for a festoon in blooms of only a single color that either match your attire or stand out in stunning contrast with it. While red rose ones remain a classic, do consider pink and white rose ones, blue or purple orchids or carnations.
Green Garlands
Tufted with leaves of traditional significance like tulsi, green garlands are another fresh and minimalist option to consider. They may be accentuated with a few rose petals or some gold or beaded embellishment. Jasmine flowers are most commonly mixed with greens to make sober wedding festoons of ritualistic significance.
Faux Florals
Flowers fashioned out of tissues and glittering fabrics and ribbons are also a key element of varmala making. Their range of colors and versatility opens up various possibilities of design and combination.
Petite blooms like mogra or jasmine can be knotted in a similar fashion as Thai garlands to create interesting shapes that stand out in rustic beauty. These garlands can be embellished with pearls and rose petals and the pastel color scheme lends an elegant, princessy look.
Beaded garlands with minimal floral accents are easy to wear and very stylish. The beads also facilitate color coordination and blend with virtually any kind of blooms. Floral veni encasements along with embellishments of beads or luminous pearls are an absolute hit to create varmalas that embody the spirit of the exuberant desi wedding.

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