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Market research veterans along with the bunch of top industry analysts have teamed up to launch India’s first AI driven knowledge sharing platform and a robust network of top-rated industry experts called – “ExpertsConsult”.

The platform enables global companies to unlock knowledge and industry insights to make smarter and accurate decisions. The platform allows users and knowledge seekers to swiftly connect with industry experts while using ExpertsConsult’s proprietary software and tech algorithms. The robust and vast network comprises of highly experienced industry experts who are registered via 3 step validation protocol which adds a strong layer of authenticity and secure knowledge Sharing.

Being a technology-driven platform it uses advance techniques such as “Artificial Intelligence” to search, find and secure right industry experts for knowledge seekers. The system evaluates more than 30 data points to obtain the most accurate match and eliminates any manual intervention.

ExpertsConsult promises to offer the most innovative and enhanced experience of knowledge sharing such as: 1-on-1 consultations, video and virtual consultations, expert surveys from niche audiences and roundtables covering both, expert webinars, and seminars (virtual). ExpertsConsult will soon enable users to have complete access to their own expert network and will launch other smart search features (later this year). Advanced screening options and smart features will allow users to find and onboard an expert of much faster than other existing players.

To be one of the best, one has to partner with the best and that’s exactly what ExpertsConsult offers – “Innovation, future of knowledge sharing and quick, reliable insights to build and transform businesses in a whole new way”.

CEO’s note:-

Knowledge Sharing is the key to be informed and smarter decision making whether it is inter company or within an industry. ExpertsConsult’s platform is designed to bridge the gap between information seeker and an expert in a few easy steps. We are not only focused on making sure we get the right and most knowledgeable industry expert for your consult but also compensate them adequately and quickly for their time. The platform is continuously fuelled by a large team of head-hunters that are constantly looking for top industry experts and opinion leaders to join the network.