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TeraByte is proud to announce the launch of a new version of its leading drive image backup software. Version 3.34 includes various fixes, updates, and enhancements. Also, TeraByte Drive Image Backup and Restore includes now the new makedisk version that supports Unicode.

Why a drive image backup?

When manually backing up your folders, it’s easy to assume that everything of note is kept in a specific location, such as the My Documents folder on Windows computers. Unfortunately, there’s often no way of knowing whether you’ve backed up everything important, since some programs save data to other locations by default. Furthermore, if you only back up your personal files, you will still lose all your programs and settings if your hard drive is ever rendered inoperable. Creating a complete byte-by-byte copy of everything on the drive is the only surefire way to be certain that nothing gets forgotten about.

Creating a complete clone of your hard drive isn’t just good for backup purposes. It’s also extremely useful if you’re replacing your old hard drive and don’t want to spend hours manually reinstalling Windows, all your programs and personal files. Similarly, if you’ve brought a new computer, you can simply clone your old hard drive and get right back to where you left off with nothing more than a few tweaks to your hardware drivers. If you’re provisioning dozens or even hundreds of new computers in a typical business scenario, then it’s easy to see why drive imaging can be incredibly beneficial.

About TeraByte

TeraByte Unlimited, established in 1992, has provided a wide range of computer services, including sale of hardware and software, consulting, repair, network installation and custom programming for the IBM PC and IBM midrange platforms. In 1994, TeraByte Unlimited began development of the BootIt line of multi-boot utilities, which continues to be an industry-leading product. Today, TeraByte Unlimited’s primary purpose is to continue producing the best software solutions available.

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