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The global Cryogenic Equipment market is projected to grow at a significant growth rate during the forecast period owing to the increase in demand for cryogenic equipment across multiple end-use industries such as power generation, healthcare, electronics, and others. The Global Cryogenic Equipment Market is Expected to Grow at 6.90% CAGR During the Forecast Period.

Thus, the ability of this equipment to store liquefied gases at extremely low temperatures is turning to be one of the major factors which will drive the product adoption and spur the market exponentially. The market also reports that the accessibility of a wide variety of designs such as refrigerator-cooled, supercritical helium-cooled, original cryogenic pump are spotted to meet the growing customer basics and will fuel the product adoption.

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Key Players:

Beijing Tianhai Industry Co.Ltd, Cryofab Inc., Emerson, Graham Partners, Herose GmbH, Linde Group AG, VRV S.P.A, Air Liquide, Chart Industries Inc., Cryoquip LLC, Flowserve Corporation

Global Cryogenic Equipment Market Segmentation

According to the reports by MRFR, the cryogenic equipment market is segmented on the basis of end-users, components, and cryogen. 

By the mode end-users, the market is segmented into chemical, oil & gas, electronics, food & beverages, pharmaceutical, healthcare, shipping, mining & metallurgy, and others.

By the mode of components, the market is segmented into valve, tank, pump & vaporizer and others.

By the mode of cryogen used, the market has been segmented as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and others.

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Regional Outlook

Region wise, Asia Pacific is leading the market of cryogenic equipment since 2016 and is accounted for a significant share of the market in the coming years. Also, the increasing investments are being made in the energy sector, which is gaining considerable growth in end-user industries. These are vital factors attributed to the growth of the cryogenic equipment market in this region. Another major factor for the growth of cryogenic equipment market is recorded as the presence of leading steel production companies in countries such as China, Japan, India, and South Korea.

Whereas, Europe region is also observing a significant rise in the market share owing to some strict regulations that are governing in the region over the use of inland LNG-fuelled ships. Moreover, countries such as Russia also has a plan to develop LNG powered locomotives.

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